Have you seen a rainbow?

I hope where ever you are there is a rainbow, in your view.  It is raining here, dismal and gray, but I welcome it with open arms.  My garden is sighing with relief.  How is it in your neck of the woods?

"A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won't come true. "
"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. "

"A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning."~ James Dickey

Life is a bit crazy lately....  Hubby has two weeks off.  Lots of running around, errands and frequent trips to home improvement stores.  I'll return and try to play catch up...I miss blogging and visiting YOU!   Thank you for all your kind comments, I will return the favor....

*Card above is made using poems, old ephemera and Washi tape.


Anonymous said…
I do like Ray Evans' quote. Its so true. Bt I'll avoid being hit by lightning. It almost happened to me once. Hit right in front of me and I actually couldn't see anything except white for about ten seconds.
Janelle said…
I love the card and all the lovely cooling colors that you used. We could really use some rain here. We are having drought this summer which is a bit unusual for Michigan.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Your card making seems to be the perfect antidote to a rainy day.
Arlee Bird said…
Not much rain here in Los Angeles, but I guess that's also why we don't have all that much humidity. We were having some great weather while the East and Midwest was going through torture. We can't complain too much. But I do like the rain.

Tossing It Out
Johanna Garth said…
Beautiful. I saw a perfect double rainbow this spring and it absolutely made my day.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Such a beautiful collage, and I love the quotes.........
Just don't go stand in the rain hoping to be struck, Ella!
Wanda said…
Nothing quite link the a sky kissed by the beautiful color of the rainbow.
Snap! we've both written about rainbows today.

Anonymous said…
Glad to know you've had some rain. And that your garden's thirst was quenched.
Linda H. said…
It is raining here, too. The other day we had a hail storm. It seems to flip flop between hot and muggy and heavy rain. A bit crazy.

I like the card. Great idea.
LTM said…
Just so long as that rain behaves, right? :o) we need rain here so badly. I think we're getting some this weekend. *fingers crossed* <3
no matter how many rainbows I see, I'm still in awe and still smile to their beauty.
Mary said…
Ha -- don't I wish for a rainbow! We are in a serious state of drought here. No rainbows in the near future. I love the cards you make...I envy those who receive such treasures from you.
Ella said…
Mary-Email me your address and I will send you a card! A surprise one :D I wish I could send you rain and a gorgeous rainbow~ Thank you @>----

Rick-Me, too! When I lived in Alaska I saw three in one day~ I never get tired of seeing them, never! Thanks for stopping by :D

Leigh-Yes, it must behave and be a kind, gentle rain! :D <3 555
Fingers crossed~

Linda-I know, same thing here! I would really like to have something in between~ Thank you :D

Becky-Thank you! I hope you see a dragonfly, soon. My daughter saw a baby one today, so tiny n' cute~

Yvonne-It is because we both share the same birthday?! :D I love that we did this~

Wanda-You should try writing some poems~ :D I think you have a poetic eye~

Alex-lol, I'm not playing that game ;D

Sherry-Thank you! Raindrops keep falling on my head, lol Are you singing, yet?! ;D

Johanna-How wonderful! It is magical when you see them, but a double one, how fun :D

Lee-Yes, you do have great weather, most of the time! I understand...a rainy day gives one a bit of time out. :D I'll send you rain, if you send me cooler weather... lol

Kerry-Thank you! Yes, it did add some cheer :D

Janelle-It seems crazy in most places~ I hope you get some rain :D
Thank you~

Stephen-How scary! I met a man that was struck. He said, it happened twice... How frightening for you~ I'm happy you are okay! :D
Yes, I like Ray's quote, too~
Melissa Bradley said…
I love the quotes and all the summery images. However, I am winter born and much prefer temps that are 60 and below. I wish I could wear jacket, jeans and sweatshirt all year round. And my boots. I do love my hiking boots.
kmckendry said…
Great quotes. I wish there was rain here. My garden is drooping and begging for rain.
nutschell said…
that's a beautiful card! I love all the colors and the quotes too. :)
Ella said…
Hello nutschell~ Thank you!
I'll be by to visit you soon~ Great name, by the way ;D

kmckendry-Thank you! Yeah, my garden is again parched. I think the whole country is craving rain~ I'll do my part and do a rain dance ;D Let's hope it works, lol

Melissa-I'm from Maine, I wilt and droop in the southern humidity. Fall is my favorite season, but down here in NC, it is more like a New England summer. I am thankful when we have a long fall. I enjoy walking and biking, when it is cool! I totally understand how you feel ;D Thank you~
M Pax said…
Enjoy the time with your husband.

It finally got hot here. Since we often get patchy rain, we often get rainbows. haven't seen any yet this year though.
Ella said…
Hi Mary! You live in a beautiful area...how wonderful~ Maybe today ;D
It is Friday the 13th!
Jo Murray said…
I can certainly relate to that... it seems to have been raining forever here.
Ella said…
Hi Jo
We had showers the other day.
I wish we could send the rain to who needs it most.
Hope the sun is shining on you, today : )