Poets United

 Poets United prompt #107 is Sound...I hope you can hear my poem.  I fear the scent might be stronger than the sound!


Midnight Buffet

Long shadows lurk
in the garden at midnight
a feast for the day
a buzz of aloof energy
waits in the dark corners
to celebrate
owls swooping n' whooooting
tales of their favorite hunt
crickets chirp the day's gossip
toads croak their love songs
the dancing wings of wild detectives
search for their midnight snack
they sip the delicacies of moonlit nectar
the gossamer wings of day have nestled in
flossy, silky blankets
they hum among their hushed cousins
tranquil beauties surrender to the Lunar glow
the perfumed night is revived by an early morning shower
slosh n' splattered leaves drink remaining
liquid jewels
beetles n' bugs splash and play in their 
favorite pool:  
a puddle of mud  
recycled run off floats n' cascades
into the compost garden
 Preying Mantis swoons n' opens wide
 bog wood's moldy musk is vile and attracts
other guests to visit their vacant hotel
a feast of mushrooms is on display
for the party 
all are invited to the 
midnight buffet~


We are under a severe storm advisory! I will be back to comment and make the rounds~


Sherry Blue Sky said…
You have captured this scene so well, and draw the reader into its mood much like the mantis to its web......what a wonderfully rich offering of sounds and all the teeming life of the pond at night.
Yes, storms just passed through here and on the way to you!
Fun poem, Ella. You let your sense of humor shine.
Heaven said…
Love the nature sounds here ~ I like the midnight buffet ~
SaraV said…
The mantis swoon, that is perfect! You painted such a beautiful detailed picture. I love it:-)
Dennis Go said…
Such nice imagery! Awesome.
Elizabeth said…
Ella, this is alive with sense imagery. I used to go fishing with my Dad in the evenings, also did a lot of camping years ago. I can hear, see, and smell your poem. Thanks for the delicious spread of memories,

Wanda said…
Hope you survived the storm. I got caught in a down pour while out of town for a meeting the other day.
Mary said…
I enjoyed this, Ella. And yes I could indeed hear it.
Lolamouse said…
A delicious midnight buffet! Something for all the senses!
Anonymous said…
this is a feast for the senses, Ella! the sounds... the scents... the beautiful and vivid imagery!

Daydreamertoo said…
It is a whole other world which opens wide while we are mostly sleeping. I love all of the life you've mentioned through this. It is what happens through the night, isn't it.
What a fabulous look at mother nature in the darkness, by moonlight. :)
De said…
Love all the sounds here, Ella! Excellent!