A Poetic Challenge

Mama Zen over in the garden asked us, to pen a poem in 25 words about our power image.  Yikes...

Mama Zen summed it up like this:

A power image is an image that a writer returns to time after time.  It's part art, part personal mythology, and part creative shorthand.  It's a thing, a sound, an angle of light; it's anything that a writer imbues with a greater meaning than it would ordinarily have and adopts as a signature symbol.

I went with my first thought.


 Stars align above n' below her
a symphony of swirling blue
draws my attention
her salty tears swell
n' tug at the lull of my heart

 What is your power image?  What symbol do you return to  again and again?!   I would love to know yours~


Mary said…
Wow.....love the 'symphony of swirling blue' both in your words AND the image!
Great words with that image!
My power image... my guitar? Because music is a powerful force.
This is lovely image....loved this....and the picture is an amazing one....
Ella said…
Sreeja-Thank you! I'll be by to visit you! I know isn't the photo grand ;D

Alex-Music is a wonderful force and one of my fav. I had a hard time picking, no pun intended, lol. I went with what I had written most about. I love that music is your power, but so are your words and Ninja skills! ;D Thank you~

Mary-I know, I think I will use this image again, when I can go long. Twenty-five words was hard!
Thank you! :D
Kerry O'Connor said…
I thought the words 'stars', 'blue' and 'salty' were especially powerfully felt in this poem.
Margaret said…
Lovely pairing of words and image.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Beautiful words.

I took a photo of sunlight streaming through mist that would qualify as a power image.
Helen said…
Instinct, first thought rarely lead us astray ... wonderful!!
PattiKen said…
Lovely. The salty tears work beautifully with all that blue.
E.J. Wesley said…
Beautiful words and photo, Ella. Hmm, power image... probably anything with fall foliage, rain, snow--basically weather--in it. Those inspire the heck out of me. Does that count? :-)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Well. I love:
Mr Turtle in your header photo
the glorious image, full of ocean blue
your poem which is FANTASTIC.
Especially "salty tears" and the lull in your heart
In short: everything about this post!
Mama Zen said…
That's just perfect, Ella!
kaykuala said…
"Stars align above n' below her"

There is power apparent here. Lovely thoughts Ella!

Shelly said…
My power image....Starbuck's.

I loved your poem.

Hugs and chocolate,
Susan said…
"above n' below her
a symphony of swirling blue"
I love that you watch a woman swirl the sea and sky with her music--and she could be you or Mother Earth--but the power image as the making of beauty even through tears moves me greatly!
Anonymous said…
Such a great image and so interesting to have the stars aligned while the blue swirls - also love the idea of swell of tears like sea. k.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Impressive! You captured so much in so few words. Nice, nice, nice! And that photograph makes a lovely presentation. My power image - the night sky and the way it indicates the passage of time. Stars and moon. If it's not directly in my work, it's always "there" in the atmosphere and mood.
Marian said…
yep, that's you, all right, Ellen. i just love this. and i love the photo, too. xo
Kristin said…
This is SUCH and awesome photo!! So unique and striking. Lovely poem and I love your new baby turtle / header shot too!
I don't know if I have a symbol - well, maybe a star? I do use them a lot in my art ;)
Good luck on the cleaning - I'm about a full day away from being done, but unfortunately my motivation is hiding ... xoxo
Day Dreamer said…
Excellently done! The picture fits the words well!
Tania A said…
Such amazing imagery! I too am drawn to the sea, so I really loved this little piece.
Ella said…
Tania A-Thank you! I think the photo really brought it home~ I grew up by the sea!

DayDreamer-Thank you so much :D

Kristin-I love your new profile pic :D I love stars! The cleaning has been halted for a bit. Cleaning for company now...then Monday back to the drawing board, lol I hear you~xo

Marian-Thank you! :D I remember finding a lot of star fish at different times. I walked many nights to the shore! Beautiful...

Mary Ann-Oh that is beautiful...I can see that ;D So well said!

Manicdaily-I miss my favorite spot~ It is has been three years, since I was there! ;D Thank you~

Susan-Thank you! I think of the ebb n' flow of the waves as the symphony! The stars above at night and finding the starfish during the day! I miss my salty seashore home ;D

Shelly-I love your answer! lol
I have to admit I love that place, too~ When I was playing Ninja Stylist(Thanks Alex for my new nickname. I had to go to Starbucks first! Hugs n' Coffee to you :D

Hank-Thank you :D I enjoyed yours, too

Mama Zen-Thank you! I loved your challenge ;D

Sherry-Thank you, so much~ I loved yours, too. It so fit you WildWilderness Woman :D

EJ-Heck yeah! Those so count~ I love autumn/fall...my favorite! Great answer :D

PattiKen-Thank you! The photo so helped~ ;D

Helen-Thank you! I so agree...we just have to listen and go with it~
Thank you~

L.Diane-OOh, that sound wonderful!
I so agree :D I would love to see it someday~

Margaret-Thank you so much~ :D

Kerry-Thank you! They so express my heart felt home :D

i really like that post .... keep it up
Scriptor Senex said…
What a fantastic image and you penned appropriate words for it.

I think my power image is a 9 inch by 6 inch painting of a girl's face by Silke Powers. She sits above my desk and inspires me when I need it.
scarlett clay said…
Love the image and your words. You're such a talented poet, I'm so glad you post your poetry. My image is the butterfly...but I don't want to say much about it right now because I'll start crying. You know why.
Poet Laundry said…
Nicely done Ella :-) What a stunning image. Love 'tug at the lull'...captures perfectly the whole idea of the water, the blue, and the heart in this.
Yes as others have already commented "symphony of swirling blue" is powerfully evocative -can see why you would return time and time again :)
Tarang Sinha said…
Really nice picture and words!:)
Anonymous said…
that image of stars aligning "above and below" is brilliant - the links are there within and without and this is beautifully expressed. I also like the observational commentary on another, as if you are stood outside yourself, or incredibly close to someone else: kind of left open to the reader. I love that.
Anonymous said…
I like the lull of her heart, and the simplicity of this - it goes with the image.
kaykuala said…
her salty tears swell
n' tug at the lull of my heart

That spells perseverance. It creates a perfect power image I would think. It spells for me too! Nicely Ella!

Mary said…
Beautifully expressed, Ella. Isn't it amazing what one can express in less than 25 words when one must? Indeed the 'symphony of swirling blue' expresses so much.
Laura said…
absolutely beautiful Ella... I remember this photo. I think my power image is an autumn leaf caught in weeds with a single drop of water dripping from its center where a heart was torn by nature... it is as though the heart of all being is soft, open and crying for the joys and suffering in the world. http://www.shinethedivinecreativityisaspiritualpractice.com/2011/11/keeper-of-sacred-memory.html ... look at the fifth photo:-)
rch said…
Excellent write and the sea is a great power image, I am fond of clay as a representation of earth and its spirit but also as the frailty of humanity that can be shaped into beautiful art with passion and a bit of skill.
Heaven said…
I see you had a makeover in your blog ~ I like short and crisp image of the sea ~ That is my power symbol too ~
Judy Roney said…
Beautiful scene you paint with spare words. Love this.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this, the poem and the image. The sea lives in the middle of my soul, too........I so relate to "salty tears swell 'n tug at the lull of my heart." Hopefully it is the lull between waves, and a new big one will swoop in and bring you a load of paint brushes.......artist ones, not dock-painting ones!
Kim Nelson said…
the brevity of this piece suits you, Ella. I like it very much. we feel her in your well-chosen words.


A poem with great depths of thought. I liked the effectiveness of the image. Setting a modd of both good and disturbing..

Best Sunday Wishes,
WabiSabi said…
You've described my touchstone too! Often when I need to shed some salty tears of my own, I go down to the sea! You've said a great deal in your short poem!
Ella said…
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Ella said…
WabiSabi-Thank you! The ebb n' flow of the tide calm one's heart! I love that you shared this with me :D

Eileen-Thank you! I love that you said depth ;D Happy Sunday to you!

Kim-Thank you! :D Yes, I wanted everyone to see their own moment of this encounter~

Sherry-Yes, that would be a wonderful gift, lol! I love that you shared n' offered that idea :D
Yes, we both could use some lull between those waves~ Thank you!

Judy-Thank you! I think nature really does give us many wondrous gifts :D

Rch-I loved what you shared! I think of human, as clay too. We are always trying to recreate ideas, moments in time and build new memories :D Thank you for sharing!!!

Laura-I went and looked, it is amazing! I love your power image and your Lorax Laura view :D You have such a way with words ;D

Mary-Thank you! Yes, swirling blue does give us insight and opens memories! I just hope more happy than actually blue~

Hank-Thank you! I think many of us are drawn to the sea, the moon n' stars! There is so much magic in the world, when we look ;D

Hi Poetry Diary-Thank you! I loved the image and felt drawn to it :D

Cheesewolf-I loved thinking of the stars above and below and their connection to blue. I hoped it would add more wonder. Thank you! I did want to drawn the reader in, to form their own connection~ :D

Tarang-Thank you so much :D

Pearl-I loved the blue you shared, too :D Thank you~

PoetLaundry-Water always has soothed and lulled me. For me this is my childhood home, I walked to the shore, every day I was able~ Thank you :D

January 27, 2013 at 8:51 PM

Susan said…
I love this poem still, and love that you wrote it. Tell me what book it is in and I will buy it . . . .
Ella said…
Susan-You make me smile! I will now have time to work on a book!
Those two Wednesday prompts did me in...one is good, two-too many~
I hope to get one finished...
YOU are so kind :D

Thank you!!!
this is gorgeous, Ella!

Ella said…
Thank you Dani <3 !