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Christine Rains is hosting a blogfest Aug 7-Aug 9th, to celebrate the release of her book, Fearless.

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Christine asked us to answer this question, "What was your childhood monster?"   I bet most of us would say the Boogie Man.  My son was scared of  this image he called Spot. I'm saving that story for my book, lol.  My daughter was scared of what was beneath her bed, but for me it was all about the


     When I was four, I was scared of the Sandman, but at age five the real monster appeared.  My Mom had a vanity, with a huge mirror and bench in her bedroom. I loved to watch her put on her make up.  She would let me use one of her tiny Avon sample lipsticks, blot some powder on my nose and let me have a spritz of her favorite perfume.  One afternoon, she was getting ready, to go with my Dad to a wedding. He was still at work. Mom had a tiny closet with a green curtain, for her special clothes and shoes. I loved trying on her high heels.  My favorite pair were her black, patent leather heels with a bit of bling  I went to grab them, when I saw my Dad's shoes sticking out.  His shoes were pointed out, not in. What were my Dad's shoes doing in Mom's closet?!  "Mom, why are Dad's shoes over here."  She wasn't paying attention to me. She was busy powdering her nose.  I couldn't see anything other than his shoes. Mom's dry cleaning bags bulged out of the closet along with tulle, taffeta and full skirts.  I yelled, "Look!"

         "What is wrong?" she asked with her brow furrowed.

         "Why are Dad's shoes in your closet?" 

         "I don't know....that is odd."  She went back to her vanity, to do her eyes. I knew something was wrong.  I had the feeling I was being watched.  It looked like someone was in those shoes and they were in my Mom's closet.  I was scared. "Mom is Dad home?"

          "No, not yet, it is almost time.  Ellen, I need to get ready, why don't you go get your dollies."
I had to walk past the shoes, to go get my dolls.   I ran into my room, ran back with my dolls and sat on her bed.  The shoes looked like they had moved.

         "Mom, the shoes moved."
        "Ellen, you are imagining it. Come here and let me put some powder on your nose."   I hugged my Mom and sat in her lap.

 I grabbed her arms and said,  "please look in the closet." She went over with me and I kicked the shoes feeling brave.  I heard a moan...then hands reached out of the closet like Frankenstein and the shoes started to move.  There wasn't a face,  only darkness.  "Mom, mom....   I grabbed her tight.

          "Larry, that is enough." my Mom scolded.  It was my Uncle Larry, my Mom's brother visiting us from New Hampshire.  He had stopped at the Texaco station and saw my Dad.  Dad had given him the house key, so he could surprise my Mom.  Larry loved to tease and play practical jokes on everyone, but especially my Mom.  Larry had let himself in, while we were doing errands in town.  Mom knew he was coming, just didn't know when.   He scared the you-know-what-out of me.  Yes, genetics did pass the clown gene on to me, but my antics never involve hiding in a closet or underneath a bed.  Uncle Larry did make a huge impact on me. Let's just say all of my closets have doors, no curtains for me. 

 What about you, what was your childhood monster?  Did he or she haunt you for years? Are you still scared?  Do you kick shoes, like me and 

You can visit here to read others who are participating in the bloghop!   Congrats Christine :D


What a terrible trick to play! He would've been dead at our house, because I would've grabbed my baseball bat and just started swinging.
Ella said…
Alex-I know right...I'm sure my Mom got even. She never imagined he would do that! He was 17 and full of himself. I am sure my Dad had fun with him~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a hilarious story!!!!! OMG! I remember when I was five or six, and was going up the stairs, when a woman-monster appeared. My mom had a bandana around her head, covering her hair rollers, and had taken the opportunity to put on a mud face mask. What I saw was someone who looked like Aunt Jemima, only really scary, and she was pursuing me up the stairs......she was telling me it was her, but I was too terrified to listen............I was afraid climbing stairs right up till I started freaking out my OWN kids by playing tricks on them involving the stairs.........hee hee.
Oh my goodness what a naughty Uncle!
That sure stayed with you as a scary childhood memory. Glad he wasn't a real monster.
Siv Maria said…
Yeah, closets are creepy! What a nasty Uncle uncle you have to make them even creepier! e was lucky your Mom did not smack him. I would have.
Christine Rains said…
Yikes! What a way to give a kid a scare! It's a little funny too. Thanks for sharing your story with us and for helping to promote my novella. :)
Mina Lobo said…
LOL, what an awful trick to play! (Funny, but still awful.) I hope you were able to get him back for that at some point! :-)

I also have a thing about closets - can't go to sleep unless the closet door's closed!
Some Dark Romantic
M Pax said…
I would have been screaming my head off, Ella. I'd be wary of closets, too.
Mary said…
My childhood bedroom had a walk-in closet. I remember one time sleep walking and ended up somehow in that closet and was not able to find my way out. I can still feel that sensation of grabbing articles of clothing, TRYING to somehow to get out. I was very scared.
S. L. Hennessy said…
The closet is the universally scariest place on earth. I swear, EVERYONE was terrified of it and the monsters inside. I'm going to build a house one day with NO closets, just so I don't have to worry.
nutschell said…
What a nasty trick! No wonder you were terrified of closets. I would be too!:S

LTM said…
OMG, Ella! That would've scared the poo out of me! He was probably trying to scare your mom and not you. Backfire! :p

My monster from childhood? Bette Davis. :D LOL! <3
Guilie said…
What a wonderful--and creepy--story! My dad was a prankster, much like your Uncle Larry; this is definitely something he'd have done, haha, but I was somehow spared :) Thanks for sharing!
Jessica Salyer said…
OMG. How scary for you. I Hope you got him back. :)
Melissa Bradley said…
OMG that is so mean, but so awesomely ingenious. Of course, at my house I would have sicked my little toy dog Iff-Iff on him. Iff-Iff could handle any monsters. :)
Oh man, that would have been terrifying! Messed up, yet a bit funny. I'd kill my brothers if they did that to me.

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