First Wednesdy of the Month

It is that time of the month, for another edition of  Alex's IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group).  Be sure to visit Alex Cavanaugh, he is a author and super Ninja blogger  ;D .   Go here to join in  or visit others. Some writers share their experiences, their feelings and what it is like to be part of this gathering.  It is a great group of talent n' support and you know you are not alone in this battle!  All creative types struggle and here we can share.    Thanks Alex!

I'm late today, a force field of imagination beamed me elsewhere.  Sorry, about that, but I am here now, lol 

I want to share my Twilight Zone experience, with you.  Last week I did a prompt on Poets United, it was for Sound.   I shared a poem by poet Theodore Roethke.    He is well known for writing sound into his poetry.   I was looking at books a few days ago on my Kindle.  I decided to load a sample of this book,  The Right To Write:  An Invitation And Initiation Into The Writing Life by Julia Cameron.  This is what the Introduction said:

"In Decmber 1067, under the baleful gaze of a gargoyle high in an upper cranny of Georgetown Library, I came across a line from the poet Theodore Roethke.  He wrote, "I learn by going where I have to go." 

My eyes bugged out of my head, 'huh?'   I read it was late, was I seeing things. Was I asleep in bed with my Kindle on and dreaming this? you hear the Twilight  Zone show soundtrack playing....

 We all dance with shadows and ideas, don't we...  I mean when we write, we all enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

I want to share some other findings I have discovered in this book.   The author shares it is our birthright to write. "We should write, above all, because we are writers whether we call ourselves writers or not."

In school she shares about how we go through "transitions".  She states that sorting starts to happen in know you get a paper that says on it, "Well Written".  Okay, maybe you didn't...maybe you read your story to a friend and they loved it.    Or maybe you had the paper that said "You stray from the topic a bit here"  try to "Stick to the point."   It is the innovative word choices, combinations, with fee associations, that allows our words to sing.    She states,  "Academically we are inclined to a rather pedestrian prose denuded of personality and passion, perhaps even a bit elevated in tone as if writing is something to be done only from the loftiest of motives, a kind of distillate of rationalism trickled onto the page."   (Wow, that says it all....)

She thinks:  "In our current culture, something much less healthy is afoot. Writing is not forbidden, it is discouraged. Hallmark does it for us."     She thinks it becomes an antihuman activity...what do you think?    "As a result, most of us try to write too carefully. We try to do it "right." We try to sound smart. We try, period. Writing goes much better when we don't work at it so much. When we give ourselves permission to just hang out on the page."    She mentions writing should be comfortable like your favorite pajamas....   What do you think?  We should indulge ourselves first and tweak you write this way or do you struggle?   Do you remember those "transition days"....

I haven't only glanced at this book, but I love this view:

"Left to its own devices, writing is like weather.  It has a drama, a form, a force to it that shapes the day. Just as a good rain clears the air, a good writing day clears the psyche."   She says the best way to do this is just to begin where you are...

Do you think writing is like weather?   Have any rainbow moments lately?  How is your weather, I mean writing these days?  


Don't work so hard at it? I can do that!
And now we have both entered another dimension called the Twilight Zone...
I love to write in my pajamas, and like my words are my favorite pajamas . . .that's the way I write in the mornings. The evenings are for tweaking.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Interesting post, kiddo. I enjoyed it. Given my decreased faculties, I dont work at writing these days - I do miss the kind of inspiration I had when I was younger, when my writing flowed rather than hobbled (same as my body!), I guess I am just grateful to be writing anything at all:)
Melissa Bradley said…
I love, love Julia Cameron. I have this book and the Artist's Way. She is so insightful.

It doesn't matter if you're late, it matter only that you were here today with your awesome supportive attitude and brought us these thoughts. Great post!
Mary said…
Ah, I agree that we should write because we ARE writers, whether or not we call ourselves writers. I have begun to call myself a writer. It is a leap of faith for believe. But I am; and we all are....because we write! I enjoyed this post, Ella.
i've gotten away from just hanging out on the page. i do better when i write like a first grader.
Myrna R. said…
Good post and good source. I love Julia Cameron. She inspired me to write more freely. You've inspired me to reread some of her books.
Daydreamertoo said…
This made me smile... How is your weather?... LOL
Mary Ann Potter said…
I spent 37 years teaching high school students the value of literature and writing, and here comes Julia Cameron with everything I always wanted to tell them! Loved this post!!!
Mama Zen said…
I totally agree with her about about academia turning our writing pedestrian. Learning to "write like a lawyer" in law school nearly destroyed me as a writer.
Allison said…
Well that is a good simile! It's been rather stormy for me lately, but hopefully things will clear up soon.

Allison (Geek Banter)
Ella said…
Mama Zen-Ouch! I too Bus Law was fascinated. BUT, if I had trouble sleeping that was the book to grab!
I didn't!

Mary Ann-Yes, she sees to be able to cut through the fog and guide you!
I love how she goes right into your intuitive thoughts and grabs you! :D
Thank you for sharing! I wanted to be a teacher...

Daydreamertoo-It is a bit foggy, but I'm hanging in there...and you? ;D

Myrna-Thank you! I am glad...she is a gift~ I haven't finished The Artist's as far as Art Date. It is time to go back to that book :D

Michelle-I think we just have to dance on the page..let the thoughts come and spill it. Then we can move on and get to the good stuff :D Thank you for sharing!

Mary-Thank you! Yes, you are... I think we just have to remind ourselves. WE may not ever be on the bestseller list, but we have a voice! :D

Melissa-Thank you! I hope the weather is wonderful in your world ;D

Sherry-You are modest! Your writing is magic~ Your interviews are insightful and so fun to read!
Give yourself some credit :D
Age has nothing to do with it~

Tyrean-I love your comment! Yes, words are pajamas...very cute~
I write when I can and finding summer is kicking my butt~

Alex-Yes, I can hear the music!
I know there is some truth in there, but we know writing is work!
M Pax said…
I got a lot of comments on my papers about being 'too creative'. lol I think we need to write a lot to get good at it, and writers should stay away from 'the rules' when trying to find their voice.
Ella said…
Hi Allison-I agree :D
Lately it feels like it is thundering and hailing at my house, lol

MPax-You know you are right, write lol
I was always a good girl...Now I just want to break rules, lol
Ink in the Book said…
At this moment, my writing is taking place under the rainbow. I've been struck with a flash of lightening creativity and really writing with raindrops. You know, the real big, fat ones that are fun to watch and neat to feel.

Wow. That was one long sentence. See. I told you so:)
Nice post! I'm Talynn from over at Ink in the Book dropping by to say HI from the ISWG:)
Arlee Bird said…
Yeah, the weather analogy is a good one. I need a good writing rainstorm that ends with lots of rainbows.

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