Playing in the Garden

I am behind in the garden... trying to play catch up!  I have had it with summer, it feels like a damp blanket left out at night, mildew has set in.  I can't wait for autumn to arrive. Down here in the south, I call autumn, New England summer. ;D

The Sunday Challenge introduces us to poet and photographer, Teresa! She is very talented...I chose this photo to also go along with Marian's music prompt, Sinead O' Connor. 
The song featured was The Wolf Is Getting Married~


                                                           © Teresa ~ Razzamadazzle  

I am combining Teresa's photo with Marian's prompt:

Waiting and watching
I lick my wounds of distrust
Today the heat plays with my
half transformed thoughts
Talisman of memories arrive
the black n' white view 
now blurred into years
It took time to mix the paint to gray and 
find touches of sepia
I'm now split by the wonder of  my faded landscape
the Harvest moon dances with
 the horizon's black inked canvas
the silhouettes of youth remain
embers glow bright as the cabinet of wonders
allow me to hunt my path
the one I first encountered
I was mislead by a down wind
I waited on my haunches for others
to see their destined star
now I can follow mine~

Hannah challenged us to write a poem embracing snow and ice !  Great idea :D

Kerry inspired us to try a form of writing called  Zuihitsu (随筆)it  is a genre of Japanese literature consisting of loosely connected personal essays and fragmented ideas that typically respond to the author's surroundings. The name is derived from two Kanji meaning "to follow" and "brush", and thus works of the genre should be considered not as traditionally planned literary pieces but rather as casual or randomly recorded thoughts by the authors.

I combined the two and came up with this.   I use to live in Alaska, when you drove to the mini mart this was my view. It is a mountain range that looks like (a)The Sleeping Lady.   There is a legend about her, you can read it here.   The short version is about a young woman named Susitna. Her soon to be husband, Nekatla went off to convince invaders not to disturb their peaceful land. He never returned. She fell asleep while waiting. Her people didn't want to wake her, when they discovered he and all the others had died trying to keep peace.  They sewed a blanket of flowers, to cover her. She still remains a sleep waiting for her love to return to her.

Sleeping Lady by wrangell

( I wanted a  white, gray, blue photo...I have one somewhere. I couldn't find here is a glorious view).  My poem reflects more of a somber one~

Sleeping lady lies dormant waiting for wispy clouds to gather, while you remain sleeping.
A few stars wink in her bruised horizon. The purply black blanket starts to spread and reveal
the midnight sun’s embrace. Her silhouette outlines the silence, a distant bell clangs like an echo in the fog.  Her face is lifted toward the sky, her eyes wide awake. She waits and watches for her love Nekatla to return, but her heart knows the truth.  Her hair now a gray robe tangled with termination dust. The edges of her Aquamarine gown have faded. Her flowers have wilted and hang their droopy heads, bowed in silence.   Soon she will wear a sheer permafrost gown. She hears the eagles, hawks and a green heron wail. She moans with them.  Her breath is becoming more crystalline as the Harvest moon will make its appearance tonight.  Her brain a bit damaged from  a lightening strike. She now hears the land's constant hum. She misses her love, but she must now protect the land. She worries about her cousins and what happened during the Portage Quake. They now stand like gray ghosts. Her hands remain in prayer position hoping this will not happen again...


Kay L. Davies said…
Your poem is beautiful, Ella, perfect to "marry" the two prompts. Good work!
Ella said…
Thank you Kay! :D
Yes, playing catch up...I'll be by to visit you~
Mama Zen said…
Beautiful work, Ella! I love

"It took time to mix the paint to gray and
find touches of sepia."
Unknown said…
My garden is full of thistle as tall as my 13 year old. I really have to get out there, its just been too hot.

Beautiful poem
I'm ready for winter!
And the second piece is really powerful.
Daydreamertoo said…
Oh, I so do not want the arrival of winter. Early autumn yes, but, winter.. no, no, no. I do feel for you though if you've had enough of the heat. It's been 28c here this past couple of days, and that's plenty hot enough for me.
Loved all of this Ella. The story of the Sleeping lady is very romantic, touching. Your prose is darker but full of lovely imagery.
Both pieces and pics are wonderful.
Grace said…
I like your painting of the sunset....and the second share is such a lovely story of waiting for her love, protecting her land with prayers ~
Mary said…
Oh, I would never wish for autumn to come. I savor every day of summer, even when it is very hot and very dry here. You wrote both poems well, combining prompts in both. I especially enjoyed learning about 'the sleeping lady.'
The way you describe summer as being over is so perfect. I know that feeling!
Anonymous said…
The two poems really work well together. I have to say I am really ready for winter as well.
Hannah said…
"Today the heat plays with my
half transformed thoughts
Talisman of memories arrive"

LOVE this, Ella!! We chose the same image from Teresa! I got my lucky # 11 commenting spot, too!! ;)

Oh, your image is breath-taking and I love the legend!!

"A few stars wink in her bruised horizon. The purply black blanket starts to spread and reveal
the midnight sun’s embrace."

This is magical!! I love the use of bruised!

So great to read you tonight...enjoyed every word!!
Tori said…
the talisman is especially potent

great poem and combo of the two prompts (wolf hunter and picture!)
Kerry O'Connor said…
These are two brilliant poetic responses to greet my Sunday morning, Ella!
I love the narrative voice of the wolf in your first poem, and all the phrases that bring him to life: the lick of wounds, waiting on haunches, to call of the harvest moon. It is really a most original way to look at living and aging.

Your prose piece on the sleeping lady is just gorgeous. What a beautiful sight to have as the backdrop to normal life.

I also like your header quote: Oscar Pistorius is an inspiration (despite whatever controversy may surround his participation).
Mimi Foxmorton said…
wounds of distrust.....

Nicely done!

Collage Pirate
Anonymous said…
Both are beautiful poems. And what a lovely picture. The regaining of trust is well-conveyed, and the metaphor of the mountain so beautiful. K.
Two gorgeous poems. Like many others, I love the line in the first one mixing the paint and finding touches of sepia. Very nicely done!
hedgewitch said…
All of this is deep and lovely, as summer water, icy snow. Enjoyed it all, and I am so with you on summer--it's become almost a physical pain. ;-)
Wanda said…
Great job on both poems but the first one really speaks to me. It makes me think of how things happen in life to make us become disillusioned.
Susie Clevenger said…
You have worked well combining prompts. The poem really spoke to me..I waited on my haunches for others to see their destined star
now I can follow mine~I encouraged and watched my girls pursue their dreams now I am pursuing mine.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautifully done, kiddo! I especially love "I lick my wounds of distrust"........and the waiting for others to follow their stars so the writer can follow hers. The Alaskan sunrise is sensational. Wowzers!!!!
Ella, these were each magical in their own ways. The "termination dust," which I looked up, was a harbinger of things to come, too soon, I'm afraid, after this blazing summer in the Midwest.

Great writes in two different styles! I linked prompts, as well, and hope you come visit. Peace, Amy
Ella said…
Hi Amy...I will stop by!
Today has been one of those days...
Thank you so much :D

Sherry-Yeah, I'm tired of being on my haunches, lol Thank you! ;D

Susie-Yes, this is exactly how I feel! :D My youngest is too young, still...but the time is coming~
I followed my Navy husband around, sacrificed my career, I didn't want strangers raising my children(never lived in one place for very long). It is my turn... ;D
I am glad you could relate! Thank you :D

Wanda-Thank you! Yes, it is like a dance that keeps changing and we don't always know the steps...

Hedgewitch-Thank you! Yes, this is how I feel! It threatens rain every other day, but never rains here. I'm tired of feeling like a wilted bloom, lol~

Mary-Thank you :D Yes, it takes some time to blur the paint, I mean the edges, lol

Manicdaily-I love your name, ;D
Thank you! Yes, there is a lot of hidden meaning in my words. Okay, not so hidden, lol

Hello Mimi-Thank you! ooh, a collage pirate(what fun)
Ella said…
Kerry-Thank you! So much inspiration at the Olympics, but Oscar's story exemplifies the human spirit! He is amazing!!!

Tori-Thank you! I love that word, ;D

Hannah-You are on a roll with lucky 11 ;D Thank you! Yes, I loved the bruised coloring to enhance the mood!
So happy you liked it :D SS

Teresa-Yes, I think it is time for a change... No, don't want winter, yet ;D I loved your photos for the prompt~ Thank you...

Karen G-Thank you! Yes, I have had enough! My spirit is dancing today, it is finally raining here, woo-hoo, lol. It has threatened our area for days, but always rains elsewhere! :D

Mary-Thank you! I like summer, but I love fall! Summer here is hell, for me. I don't have roots in humidity, lol Enjoy the heat Mary, while you can :D

Grace-Thank you! I love the legend of the Sleeping Lady~ Alaska was captivating... :D

Bren-Thank you! I thought dark would fit the mood, better~ It is a wonderful place to visit! YOUR country is beautiful, too :D

Alex-Winter? C'mon Ninja's can kick better in the fall. They do not have to worry about ice and falling on their bum, lol Thank you :D

kmckendry-Sounds like Maine! Thank you! There is time...hang in there!

Mama Zen-Thank you! :D I love your takes on the prompts later! Your poems have magic in them ;D
Margaret said…
The first poem grabbed me with this lines: It took time to mix the paint to gray & the silhouettes of youth remain... so MUCH in those lines.... just love it (perhaps one needs to be over 40 to REALLY appreciate them :)

And the second photo and poem is lovely! ...Soon she will wear a sheer permafrost gown ... what an image :) and I can see her hands, folded in prayer. Thank you for education me about her!