In the Garden

Small Copper
© John Edwards

Kerry over at RT  introduced us to John Edwards.  John's photography was featured for the Sunday Challenge.  John offered some of his beautiful photos, for our poetic inspiration.  I selected this one!
Thank you Kerry n' John~

In a pasture of delicious yellow
 Small Copper dances
 among a coverlet of  Oxy-eye-daisies and  Devil's Nettle
enjoying her fragrant morning tea
leaves turning yellow with veins of bronze n' gold
their edges curl among the faded buttercups
sounds start to stir on the forest floor
the scent of green
moss n' pine
light shadows dance
like a puddle
of watercolors
blending and pooling 
as the orange glow rises over
horizon's altar
old trees sigh as the morning
hymn is sung
Infusing spirit
of the divine 
offerings of silver light are made
 Question Mark appears...
service begins
 she folds her wings

In the garden,  Mary gave us a prompt:  Neighborhood.  Being a military spouse, I have lived in many neighborhoods, at least seventeen.  I had to go with my childhood one, it is my favorite. It is where   I lived the longest~   I have written many times about my home...this one is a bit different ;D

Sky's bounty kisses the breezy blue sea
along small coastal town where
white washed picket fences outline
the boundaries of old colonial charm
Sea captains homes stand tall and proud
on outskirts of town

My street was white washed and proud
only two houses changed their coats
to yellow and blue.  
Pots of red trailing geraniums outline the street
my yard had the tallest Maple trees
 my home was
the hang house.

Baseball, bikes and playing store 
was what we did
 when we weren't at the shore
a treasure map of dotted sea glass n' drift wood
Finding baby crabs in tidal pools
always racing to the shore
to the edge of the wharf

Neighbors like anywhere
one vacuumed his lawn, everything neat as a pin
a few elderly gossip ganders always
in the know
a solitary man that gave out money on Halloween
A few teachers that gave out lessons 
whenever we knocked on their doors
I rode my bike, walked dogs,
 walked uptown to library, mail, store
always on the go
knocked on doors to sell 
Girl Scout cookies, 
collect $ for cancer
and collect items for Sunshine baskets
My children call my childhood home, their home
where we embraced the magic of the sea
swung on the porch glider, chased lightening bugs
went to the shore at least twice a day(even when it snowed)
and always having a tea party
Barbie Tea, dog bone tea, Nannie Nonnie tea, 
Tea n' the sea



Mary said…
Ella, the poem you wrote about your childhood neighborhood is beautiful. I loved the rich details you included: home colors, Maple trees, games you played, the neighbors, and (of course) the wonderful seashore. How nice that your children also call your childhood home home. From your poetic description, I can understand why.
Fireblossom said…
I like your descriptive poem about the moth and her surroundings. It made me smile. And I like the blue water and flower box in the following photo.
Susie Clevenger said…
What a beautiful poem about the moth. You wrote such details of where here wings flew. Your neighborhood sounds like it was a delightful place to grow up.
PattiKen said…
Both these poems are so lovely The Neighborhood poem sounds so idyllic, and so different from the one I knew as a child.

My favorite phrase in the garden poem is this: "as the orange glow rises over/horizon's altar/old trees sigh as the morning/hymn is sung"

That is so beautiful.
Marian said…
wow, in one morning i feel like i have a much better picture of you somehow :) very beautiful!
Susan Kane said…
Lovely, so lovely!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Each poem is a beauty in its own right - the intricate details of the butterfly - I love the final image of the wings folded in prayer, and all the colourful images of what made home home.
Grace said…
Love the details of both poems ~ The first one, wings folding in prayer, and the second one of carefree yet lovely childhood memories ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
A lovely meditation on the butterfly - you know a lot of plant names! But of course I loved the sea poem best, envying you that childhood at the shore............when I lived on the ocean I walked it twice a day too in all weathers, even wild windy storms - it was so exhilarating!

Sigh.......I always so enjoy when you write about your childhood memories...
M Pax said…
I loved 'copper dances'. You write such lovely poetry. You reminded me of playing store with my brother and sister when we were oh so very young. Hadn't thought of that in years.
You are so visual with your words. Wish I had your talent.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Beautiful writings, Ellen! I especially loved the colors you remembered. Childhood is often colored by memory; you colored the neighborhood with such memorable imagery!
kaykuala said…
Wonderful write Ella.It takes that poetic talent to record so much in detail of the butterfly. Your neighborhood experience had been so varied in many places. All the richer in inspiration and info that you had lavished here for us. Thanks for sharing!

Mama Zen said…
The imagery in that first piece is just breathtaking!
Anonymous said…
the first poem is so magical!

and the second is so inviting!

Love them both!

sunny said…
lovely post Ella
Your mystical nature poems always make me smile. You have such a yellow light about you ... you radiate joy.

I love this:

"old trees sigh as the morning
hymn is sung
Infusing spirit
of the divine
offerings of silver light"
Kristin said…
"enjoying her fragrant morning tea" = my favorite line! Beautiful way with words (as always) - you are such a mulit-talent!
Thank you too for your sweet comment last week - I've just returned from vacation, so sorry it has taken me so long to respond! xoox
LTM said…
SO gorgeous! I think my favorite lines are these:

light shadows dance
like a puddle
of watercolors
blending and pooling

Thanks for sharing! Love the pix~ <3
nutschell said…
lovely poems, and I enjoyed the beautiful pictures as well!

Old Ollie said…
Ella you are always honing your skills! Tight poems EE!
Ella said…
Ollie-I also smile when I see you have paid me a visit! :D
Thank are you OO!
I will be by more often...I love your wisdom~

Nutschell-How are you? I stopped by the other day, but had trouble commenting. I will try again...
Thank you...I can only take credit for one photo :D

Leigh-Thank you! I will come see how your journey is going. I know you are busy! <3 555

Kristin-Welcome back :D
Thank you! I hope your get away was wonderful~

Flipside records-You are too kind~
I wish for a sunny disposition~ I have an artist's personality. When I create I'm sunny, when I'm unsure I'm a bit blue~ Thank you so much! :D

Sunny-How are you? I'll be by...I am so behind visiting. Summer has been crazy, this year! I hope you are doing well! Thank you :D

Dani-Thank you! I hope you will stop by PUnited will be a surprising challenge. I think it will inspire a lot of different poems! I hope you will join in ;D

Mama Zen-Thank you! Funny how ideas just fall into one's lap. This is how that came about, okay sort of ;D

Hank-Thank you! Yes, I do think we poets see beyond the ordinary! ;D
I loved your interview,you have a wonderful family!

Mary Ann-Yes, it was quite colorful! lol Thank you so much~
I loved the art you shared :D

Alex-Thank you ;D I wish I had a few of yours, wise Ninja~

MPax-I am so happy to hear my words gave you a wonderful memory~
I loved playing store! I had to do something. In my neighborhood,there were a lot of boys. The only two girls other than myself were tomboys. I was an entrepreneur. I made fudge, cupcakes, popcorn and mini sandwiches. I even sold baseball cards, lol Then everyone wanted to help me at my store. Each week I had a different employee! ;D

Sherry-I think I could just write a book about the shore, lol It is still my favorite place on the planet, so far ;D There is no place like home! Thank you so much

Grace-Thank you! I enjoyed revisiting my memories~ The butterfly photo really was a great prompt for poetry ;D

Kerry-Thank you! I love butterflies and their symbolism!
I know they say home is where we hang our hat, but for me it is where my heart remembers and still resides~

Susan-Thank you so much! :D

Marian-lol, You made me smile...
I don't know about that, lol
Thank you!

PattiKen-Thank you so much! :D
My childhood was unique between the shore and a movie theater.

Susie-Thank you! Yes, I lived near uptown we called it, lol We lived close to a huge town wharf(not that photo). It was magical, to me :D

Shay-Thank you! It was fun to play with the image! Yes, the photo is on a other side of the wharf. It is a private beach, which the locals think is theirs when the summer people leave. ;D No one should own the beach...

Mary-Thank you! They both were fortunate to start school, where I went and grew up. We were lucky and I feel blessed they could be part of the magic and also call it home! Thank you for the prompt :D
Scriptor Senex said…
That final image was my fvourite too. Despite photographing thousands (literlly) of butterflies I've never thougt of that image. Thank you, John
Elizabeth said…
Ella, I really like the folded wings of the butterfly seen as a prayer. So much intense imagery you share,

Ella said…
John-Thank you! I love butterflies and our they dance in our memories~
When I found the Question Mark one was when I decided to go on this path~ Thanks for sharing your gorgeous images with us~ :D

Elizabeth-Thank you! :D I will visit you more often~ You always inspire!