Down n' Out

I have found this past week to be trying. We all have weeks, moments when we are over wrought, burdened by life.  I  had a week, such as that.  I fell down the stairs that lead into the garage, last Sunday.  I was gathering trash and had on flip flops.  Yes, I flipped and then I flopped landing on concrete. I couldn't get up and hubby had to carry me in the house.  Frozen peas and elevating my ankle became my world.  Then my daughter got bit, nicked by a dog, she is okay.  It was tiny cut, not deep. It was one of those take your breath away moments.  Then our AC fan stopped working. I noticed on Friday, our house felt hot. I went to check and the temp was up to 80.  Our thermostat was set on 75.  I had to call the AC company to come out and look at the unit.  We are still under warranty for parts, but you know labor co$ts.  So much fun.... We were told they couldn't order this certain fan, till Monday.  We have to wait till the part comes in and then they will be back.  I figure if we are lucky Thursday or Friday our home will be cool again.   I kept trying to get online, but my ankle would swell.  I thought about hubby's lap top, but he was on it.  The heat, the pain got the best of me.   I wish it was just my ankle that I sprained, but my back is bothering me.  I have missed blogging and catching up~  I kept busy, when I wasn't icing up I worked on some art projects.  Every time I attempted to get online...the computer seemed to lag, it was too hot.  It was 88 in my house, the only cool place was in the Frog.  We have a window unit up there, the rest of the house is central air.  Everyone slept in the FROG...nothing like a crisis to bring the family together, lol.

It was also time to celebrate my son's birthday. I was not going to use the oven no way, no how.  Yes, we bought an ice cream cake and celebrated!  I'm better, still swollen, but better and missed all of YOU!   I hope everyone is  doing well...  I will be trying to catch up and visiting you!  I really miss all of you!  My family just doesn't get it. I try not to talk about all of you anymore.  He just gives me that "get a life look".  I can't thank you all enough for sharing your world with me and allowing me to share mine~ :D


Susie Clevenger said…
Oh my what a time you have had. Hope this week will be much better! I know the "look" I get when I talk about my toad friends, but I keep talking. :)
aprille said…
Dear Ella,
Things will start looking up when your weather finally cools.
But at times it all seems too much, doesn't it?
Love the butterfly on that marvellous wood grain.

Ella, really sorry you hurt yourself! And the AC goes out at the same time. Figures. However, it is supposed to be cooler this week in our area, so you should catch a break.
Glad your daughter wasn't really hurt.
And happy birthday to your son.
Now, go prop up that foot!
Mary said…
Ella, it sounds like a week from H. With the AC out, it undoubtedly felt like H as well. Worst thing is your hurting ankle and back. I hope this week the hurting goes away. I love the picture of the butterfly. Hope this will be a better week.
Renee said…
Owwwww! Lousy week! Beautiful photo, looks like hope with wings. I wish I lived closer, I'd bring you dinner or you could come over and enjoy the AC. Glad the kids are OK, I hope you have a full recovery soon! Missed you too. I know, my husband calls them my "imaginary friends". :-)
Wanda said…
Oh Ella, sorry to hear about your fall. Wishing you a much better week. :)
Ellie Garratt said…
Ouch, you have had a tough week. I hope you are starting to feel better and that it cools down soon.
septembermom said…
What a tough week for you Ella. I hope this week is better for you and your family. Hopefully the cooler weather will arrive soon too. Take care!
Christine Rains said…
Oh my, what a rough week. I hope this one is better. Rest up and stay cool.
Cherie Reich said…
Aww! What a week you had! I'm glad you're doing better. :)
oh, lord, that sounds like an awful week, Ella! Hope everything is better now.
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, so sorry to hear of your fall, hope your feeling better and that the ac is all sorted now and you can all enjoy a cooler environment. At the very least you have been able to continue with your creativity and sometimes these trials give us a new perspective on things. Virtual hugs coming your way, Amandaxx
Ella said…
Hi Amanda-Wow, I was thinking of visiting you and here you are! :D
I've been over doing it. Birthday stuff and all...makes it hard to just lay down. No AC unit, but it has a fallish feel this morning! It feels great~ I'm okay, could be better, could be worse~ Thank you!
You are sweet~ @>-----

Dezzy-Yes, thank you! I'm getting there :D I am learning to respect the wisdom of body. When it says you need ice, I'm listening ;D
How are you doing?!

Cherie-Thank you! Excited for you about your book journey :D

Christine-Thank you! Good advice ;D

Septembermom-It did! Thank you~
There is a fallish feel in the air today! Hope you are doing well :D

Ellie-Thank you! Yes, I am hopefully the AC will be repaired before the warm front arrives later this week! Fingers are crossed, not toes, lol ;D
How are you doing? I'll be by...
playing catch up today!

Wanda-Thank you! I have missed visiting your wisdom :D I will be by to see what I have missed~

Renee-How sweet! Thank you, that would be wonderful! :D And I could see that amazing studio of yours!!! I need to smarten more flip flops for me. I'm such a klutz~ Thank you Renee, my imaginary friend, lol

Mary-Thank you I am hopeful! I stopped taking pain the fog has lifted. I hate the way they make me feel~ Yes, I hope you have a good week~ :D

Alex-Thank you Captain, Ninja, I mean Doc, lol I'm trying to behave, but I find it difficult to sit still for very long... :D

Aprille-Thank you for your wisdom and email ;D I do love seeing the butterflies enjoying themselves~
Yes, hope to see things looking up!

Susie-Thank you! Yes, It doesn't stop me, either. I just am more selective with what I share ;D
I'll be by, soon!
Susan Kane said…
I am so glad the day ended when it did! You poor lady! I hope the A/C was fixed so you all could feel better.
Scriptor Senex said…
I know that 'get a life' look. But to me, all of my blogging friends are my life nowadays. For the almost housebound the blogging world is a Godsend.