Fireflies in a Jar

Kerry over in the Imaginary Garden gave us a beautiful prompt.  We are to write a poem based on prose or poems we may have collected that move us.  Kerry keeps her in what she calls a Firefly Jar. 

 © Kerry O’Connor

I use to gather quotes and write sentences that moved me, tuck them in my journal. I even saved  fortune cookie sayings, too.  I collected words that made me sigh and gasp with wonder, words that  touched me so much, I wanted to captured them, contain them. Yes, like Kerry said, "fireflies in a jar that have the power to shine in the dark." 

  One year, as a poor college student I made a gift, such at this for a few close friends.  Two of them were like me and got it-loved it.  I put collected words and thoughts in  special tins.   I also included fragments of things they loved, lavender, lace maybe a sample of their favorite perfume, memory cards and recipes.    I do think a lot of our memories are sensory.  One friend had tucked her tin in the basement.  I remember the day I saw it and how sad I felt.  She saw my eyes go in that direction and gave me this long spiel about how her Mom had moved it.  I didn't believe it, but what saddened me most was she really didn't get it. If she had opened the tin and read the poems, the fortunes and the notes, she would of treasured it.  I had cut out cards and attached sentiments. I had stapled  tickets, ribbons,  little keepsakes or tokens,  on note cards.   I wrote on each card  "remember when..."   She never opened it.  It wasn't just words I had collected,  I had collected memories we had shared together. 

Here are a few of my firefly snippets that inspired me and I will write a few words about them:

"It is lived out in words, and spaces between the lines are like breath, a life formed as one word comes up behind the other, joins sentences that curve and change and turn back to face me on the page." in the book:  The Keepsake by Kirsty Gunn

What do you think of when you read this?!
I think of writing and how a memory will appear and change my words. It will grab hold of me and shake me...

Memories touch me
some days are calm and serene like the rested sea
others like volcanoes erupt for no reason
The people who get me are
 my ebb n' flow(most of you are online)
they keep me calm and are quiet in my thoughts
their waves touch my own and soothe me
I attempt to wave back and wonder
did I touch them? ~eEe

(I'm skipping the fire n' the acid
we all know what heartburn looks n' feels like~)

 Love is space and time measured by the heart.-Marcel Proust

Boundaries and barriers change
when the landscape of love appears
mountains move and the sky is pure blue
it is as if the stars twinkle brighter
the world is more vibrant
true love never dims the view.
It may fade as time marches on
but never goes away....
like a dull dime
one can polish n' shine~eEe

Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.
William Shakespeare

What do you tend your soul with?
Words perhaps illuminate your view
when there is a drought
when  the flood gates open
do you allow your seeds to breath
adjust your vision
to grow
and transplant 
when needed....~eEe

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.   -Anais Nin

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Diabetes came and put me in a coma
Thyroid came and put in a fog
Surgery came from a car accident
Cancer came and gave me courage
Hope was found in blogging
 Art(mixed media, poetry, music, writing, painting, photography)
 held me together and kept me sane ~eEe

�The journey of a thousand miles must begin
with a single step.� 
-Lao Tzu

Find your path and make plans for detours, 
there will be many!
Follow your GPS: Gifts, Passion, Spirit
  it will guide you~eEe

The Prosperous Heart: Creating a Life of "Enough" by Julia Cameron and Emily Lively

"You can incorporate adventures, big n' small, into your everyday life."-Julia Cameron


embrace the quiet

see what direction

your soul

leads you in

 and go...~eEe


Today, hubby n' I went to go get Iced coffee. We frequented our favorite home improvement store. I bought cleaning supplies, so he thinks, lol. Ok, some for cleaning, most are for crafting ...ssssshhhh!  Don't tell!

We ran a few other errands and he said he was getting hungry.  I suggested we go get picnic like foods and sit at the waterfront.  I went to our favorite grocery store. I bought drinks, a Chicken Panini for him, a Buffalo Chicken wrap for me, some Summer coleslaw and Granny Smith apples. Summer slaw is your basic Coleslaw with minced Green onion n' Cucumbers diced fine. I grabbed some plastic forks from the salad bar. As we approached the waterfront- was happy, because it wasn't busy. 

There were 16 sailboats on the water, with just enough wind to glide them along. It was beautiful like a ballet performance on water.  There were two other boats guiding them.  It was a sailing school having a lesson.Seagulls sat quietly on their posts at attention.  Two other people approached the water's edge. I hoped nothing loud would show up. It was a beautiful blue day and the breeze reminded me of being back home, by my bay.  The two other people had found their spots.  The young gal was sprawled out on a park bench. She was journaling and listening to her Ipod. The other soul, a man carried an old Bible. He sat overlooking the water, deep in thought.  I shut the radio off, I wanted to embrace the quiet stillness of the moment. Let my memories dance and glide, like the sailboats.  They tilted, turned and spun around-one almost tipped over.  I wished I had brought my camera, but we did not plan to do this. I  know if I had, I would have wanted to take a lot of photos. I like to do this alone or with my daughter who embraces my art dates.  The art of taking a deep breath, let your attention go, like a kite to where it wants and be free to see things in a new way.  I am thankful for this moment as I knew the others were, too.  Time out for our souls-do you add adventures into your everyday life?   

Do you have certain quotes, phrases that you collect and save?  You know the ones that touch you....
I would love to know!  I have many, but these are the ones that I found first, when I was looking. Do you keep fireflies in a jar? 

Thank you Kerry! I love this prompt~


Helen said…
Ella, if we never had these thoughts, emotions, questions running through our minds ... we will now. This is amazing.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh what a feast I had in here. It is not surprising to me that many of your fave quotes are my faves too. But Ellie, the words you wrote are just as beautiful and wise. Especially inspiring are the challenges you have met and conquered. I know what you mean, too, about online friends "getting" us, often more profoundly than the people in our lives.

I am sad that your friend put a gift from your heart in the basement. Can she possibly not have even opened it to discover the treasure within? Wow.

This is a wonderful post, with much to think that you two had a picnic at the shore. Sigh. Loved the sound of the sandwiches too. There is always such good food on your blog. Before I die, I MUST experience a piece of your amazing cake! FedEx maybe? hee hee. Way to write, kiddo!
hedgewitch said…
So many reflections--and so many whom we think we share so much with are really just ...there and gone, not really interested in anything but the facades. Your friend and her unopened tin speak volumes about the human heart, as do your many scraps, poems and reflections gathered here to glow inside the firefly jar for all of us. A lovely, and meaningful response to the prompt, Ella--enjoyed it much.
I get you Ella! So would my wife - she would've loved one of your jars. It's those little moments in time, the simple things, that move her. Very sorry your one friend didn't get it.
Netty said…
Loving this idea especially with all your beautiful inspiring. This has also given me an idea for something else, thank you. x
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, I can imagine the heartbreak when you spotted your special gift had never been opened and loved. Your post reminded me, though, that art and writing are often solitary pursuits. To answer your question, I do keep a collection of special quotations and ideas. I copy them in an old ledger that I call my commonplace book. I write them with special black gel pens, and I make sure that I include the original source if one is quoted. I love it. Sometimes I just get it out and read what'a already there. If I see something in a book, I write it out right away.
Kim Nelson said…
Your fragments look like pages torn from my writing journals! These bits and pieces add up to the development of our values and goals, don't you think?
Grace said…
Thank you for sharing these fragments and snippets of your life Ella ~ I treasure them as its from your heart ~
Susie Clevenger said…
You always amaze me with your words and art. So sad your friend didn't open the tin and know the precious gift you gave her.
Anonymous said…
Very pretty thoughts here - the GPS is intriguing! And I know what you mean about the picnic though if you'd brought your camera, perhaps would not have been so nice. Thanks for sharing - take care. k.
Mary said…
Beautiful words here, Ellie. How sad that your friend did not treasure what you gave her & did not even open it. Wow, I didn't know about all the challenges you overcame. A few, yes...but all of them, no. You are amazing.

And, in answer to your question "Did I touch them?" I would say....yes, you indeed did. No doubt at all.

What a creative post this was! Love your short poetry. So much to reflect on tonight.
Hannah said…
Oh, Ella!!! You're such a gift, truly and surely a sweet creative soul sistered gift.

I'm so sorry about that friend who never got you...I feel sad that she never got to know you...she'd have been blessed.

You, my friend have wisdom that shines in the deepest of inky black nights.'ve floored me with the profoundness of your thoughts here, Ella.

I especially love this:

"allow your seeds to breath/adjust your vision to grow and transplant when needed..."

Yes, so true..when we reevaluate we can the idea that we can outgrow our "pots..."

You inspire me and yes, I do go on adventures...solo or with boys...someday I'd love to adventure with you!!

((HUGS)) Ella!! 1111and a rose!
loved your presentation inspired me to keep one...
I've seen the idea over at Imaginary Garden and it is really creative and lovely!
Kerry O'Connor said…
This entire post was just lovely, Ella. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, favourite quotes and firefly poems with us - I feel full :)
Ella said…
Kerry-Yeah, I over did my jar~ lol

Dezzy-I saw you over there, how nice~
It is a wonderful idea to captured cherished thoughts and those words and memories that take our breath away! :D

Sreeja-Happy you joined in :D

Thank you! Someday we will go on adventure! We will start at your favorite cafe. Yes bring your boys! We will paint the town with chalk drawings of Toads and beautiful words! ;D 1111 ((hugs))
We might to string fortunes and quotes in trees! Save those fortune cookie sayings~

Mary-Thank you! I was fortunate to have the cancer caught before it became an issue. So, I didn't really walk on that path for long, but enough so it snapped me to attention... This is when I started submitting my art! Yes, we all are on a journey, with many potholes and detours, but there is also a lot of wonders to be seen~
:D @>-----

Manicdaily-You are so right! When I bring the camera, things do not unfold the same way. My art dates are usually alone or with my daughter. She has recently discovered she has the creative gene ;D Yeah, I think GPS will be the title of my book, that I am working on... Thank you!

Susie-Maybe she did open it?! Some people just do not see the beauty in the ordinary moments! I think poets, bloggers, writers and all artists do~ I know you do
Thank you~I look forward to your next chapter ;D

Grace-YOU have a profound gift!
@>----- I look forward to your book~

Kim-This is a profound way to view this!~ Yes, I think you are right~
Thank you! I loved seeing your handwriting and what you shared!
Keys in the form of fireflies!

Mary Ann-This is what I use to do! I have also cut out visual images that inspired me, too...
I have to start another one! It is a lovely way to capture what moves us :D Thank you for sharing~

Netty-Please share with me when you get it finished~ I know it has inspired me to finish something I started~ :D Thank you!

Alex-Thank you! YOU know you should make her one~ It could be a journal and write some of your favorite memories you have shared together! What a lovely, romantic gift for an anniversary! You would win the Best Husband award ;D Think about it...she would love it! The best gifts from the heart are sharing ourselves and our memories! Oh, I so hope you do this Captain~

Joy-Thank you! I think blogging and sharing our world is a gift~
Thank you Joy for sharing your talents~ I am in awe of your work~

Sherry-Thank you! I am thinking how I am going to mail you cake?!
lol I do think artist have a different view of the world~ WE know when we have found someone who sees like us! It isn't common in our everyday world~ I love that you are teaching the children around you this view! It is a powerful way to live :D What is your favorite cake?! Oh, yes still need to share the Doughnut muffins...

Helen-Phew,good to release them... No wonder I am dizzy, lol
All these thoughts flying about!
Thank you, you are sweet~

Margaret said…
Everything is beautiful here... but I can't stop thinking about the gift that was never opened! I honestly can't think of a better treasure to receive.
Margaret said…
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Ella said…
Margaret-Thank you! I know it still bothers me~ I thought this person really got me, guess not!
Archna Sharma said…
This is a beautiful post, Ella. I love the piece about the boundless heart. Also, the passion and hope and spirit.

My girlfriends and I gift this way and I think it is the most delightful way to share. You seem like a priceless friend. Thanks so much for visiting my way. :)
Scriptor Senex said…
What a great post - thanks.