Green Gift Wrap

Now I want to show you how green I went, when I wrapped my Mom's birthday present~

* But, first the window needs to be filled in!

I think a photo would look nice, here as well!

*I love Tim Holtz's tape!  I think every gift should come with a WISH!

I grabbed some frozen food paper bags when I was shopping.  I usually cut them open and use them outside when I apply spray paint.  Chalkboard paint and Washi tape are my latest go to products.

Elmer's tape is available where they sell Elmer's glue, at least this is where I found it!

You can find paper flowers in your local craft store.  I bought these ages ago. It is cheaper to invest in a paper punch and make your own.   I made a bunch when my brother and his fiance were getting married. 
I took just a few paint chips from my favorite home improvement store.
I am kind of well known in my family for using produce bags.  I use them for tags, as ribbon. I have been known to give orange bags with samples of Hot Chocolate n'coffee and individual wrapped Biscotti.  My family laughs at me. It all started when I ran out of ribbon one year, during the holidays.  I didn't have time to go get ribbon, so I stretched a produce bag and cut it.  It looked great on the package!  

I didn't plan on these colors, then I looked at the art I had made it and it matched!  
If I didn't have Washi tape I probably would of glued on ribbon to make it look pretty.  
Have fun being green! ;D


Mary said…
Beautifully done, Ella. Such painstaking work. I would not have the patience, but the outcome is just lovely.
Ella said…
Mary-You would! You don't have to do it all at once. One day just make tags, save them and use them as needed! :D Thank you~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I have never in my life seen an envelope so beautiful - such care and attention, such an eye for beauty - it is stunning. Your mom will LOVE it! You are a true artist, kiddo. I figure my envelopes look great when all I do is color in three balloons on the front. I would not have a clue how to do what you do. The envelope is as much a gift as its contents. Do you then box it to keep it intact? So the mail service doesnt rip it?
Netty said…
Loving your terrific use of envelopes with fab results, x
septembermom said…
Very cool Ella! You took such care and showed such creativity. Well done!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Loved this! You're so creative. I enjoyed the video of Kermit almost as much as the artwork!
When it gets closer to Christmas, I'm bringing all my gifts to you for wrapping.
Jo Murray said…
Well done!!! You put so much into your wrapping. I'm sure it is sooooo appreciated.
Lynette Killam said…
Oh, this is gorgeous, Ella...just the kind of thing I tend to do! When I send out mail art, I stamp and decorate my envelopes like mad. I also made a few envelopes from old ledger paper, that turned out really well!

You've got to like recycled envelopes...:)
M Pax said…
Wow, gorgeous. If I received a gift so beautifully wrapped, I'd never open it.
Grace said…
Well done Ella ~ it turned out so beautifully ~
mshatch said…
wow. I am totally impressed.
Janelle said…
This is a great idea and very creative. Your package looks better than mine do when I use traditional supplies.
Don't live to be judged for what you haven't done. Live to be judged for what you have done.
Brian Miller said…
that is absolutely cool....i would love gifts with such artistic and personal touch....
Ella said…
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Ella said…
Hi Brian-Thank you :D so much~
It is a fun challenge!

Pakistan-What a beautiful sentiment, yes I agree :D

Janelle-I doubt that, you are so clever n' creative! I was just pushing the envelope, lol! Thank you~

Mshatch-Thank you! I'll be by :D

Grace-Thank you! It was fun to see what I could come up with :D

MPax-You are cute! Thank you...yes, you would, lol

Lynette-I would love to see some time! I have heard you make amazing cards~ :D Thank you~

Jo Murray-Thank you! It was fun~
I hope my Mom appreciates it! :D

Alex-lol, You are funny~ Yes, I would wrap them Ninja style! ;D
You do know what that means right?!
I would print out copies of your book covers and wrap your gifts~
The tags easy boxes of Hot Tamales...everyone would know these gifts are from YOU!

Mary Ann-Thank you! I know you are, too :D I love Kermit and his song~

Septembermom-Thank you so much~
You are sweet! :D

Netty-Thank you! It was fun to use exactly what I had on hand~

Sherry-Thank you so much! I toss everything for her in a box! I had to insure it, this time. Mother's Day I had an incident with someone opening her box and stealing items.
It was sad :( I think she will be very happy~ I always mail her a rose and an elephant ;D
Thank you Sherry~
Scriptor Senex said…
Wonderfully creative! I love those tapes you use.
Ella said…
Hi John-Thank you! They really do add a lot to the look of plain paper ;D
Hank hendricks said…
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