In the Garden

Somehow both my prompts are linked to coffee n' tea. What does that say about me?  ...

First let's go to the garden, where I used the Coco Chanel quote:

 "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. "Coco Chanel

This building makes me swoon, every time I see it.  Sorry, too much traffic downtown yesterday to get a great photo.  Here you can see the whole building.  And here are a few of my photos:

I love the color and all the detail. I had to do some research first before writing my poem. I do this frequently, which means it take me longer to write poems, but hey I enjoy learning something new.

The Mesker Brothers Iron Works of St. Louis, Missouri, and George L. Mesker Company of Evansville, Indiana  specialized in ornamental sheet-metal facades and cast iron storefront components.   They had catalogs and shipped by railroad,  to any interested building owner. Their  product lines included embossed sheet-metal panels and cast iron, but also entire storefront to be assembled,  tin ceilings, fences, skylights, and freight elevators.
“Meskers”, as they are called, are found across America. Their companies were based in the Midwest. This type of structure is plentiful in Illinois' history.  Galvanized steel and cast iron can survive neglect and lack of maintenance.  There is a site called Got Mesker.
I love that!  You can see other building and their locations!  You might want to check out and see if any Mesker sites are in your city!   When time permits,  I will go check and see if this building is listed. They try to track where this type of architecture is found.    

I found out a lot of the features of Mesker are flower related.  Their style is considered Italianate Revival, with influences of Palladian. The Fleur-de-lis is native to the French Saint Louis.  There are also motifs with influences of  Roses, (Rosettes) and Morning Glories.  Some structures have Dolphins.   I could go on and on...but I won't.   This building use to be a drugstore and above it a hotel.      Here is a DRESS I thought would equal the pairings of this style.  I wanted to find fashion that corresponded.   Didn't dare link it with copyright issues and go PEEK HERE!  There is a tag sew in this dress that says Louise.   Gown was made in 1725-1755.  Building was designed in the late 1800's.   Fashion perhaps did influence this style?!

Ironed pleats of silk 
placate the mood
Louise Mesker graces the dance floor 
in a lovely cascaded sky
dusk blue rosettes kiss
the Morning Glories awake
sashes of cornice crown the vision
of parapet
lutestrings transform
the day to night as
she twirls in an
open aired vision
it glazes her figure
clouds of lace
appear in bodice
layers of skirt's Bo peep style
and sleeves
Her influence will affect the future's front
her dress
will make men swoon and
show her hand in structured style
art sculpts architecture
we wonder what influenced
who, when
n' why? 
Do we thank Saint Louis or Louise~

My other poem will be posted later on my other site  Ella's Font


More great photos!
And if your poem describes a beautiful statue, then it's awesome.
If it doesn't, then it's still awesome, and I'm just clueless.
Marian said…
how fun, this fashion! great photos, great works, really good and witty. yay!
Tamara said…
Okay, that was great. I loved how you tied the dress/fashion of the time into the poem and the architecture. I'd have never thought about it that way, but one does seem to influence the other.

And I loved the dress. I wouldn't want to wear it every day, but--I will admit--I wish I could afford to buy it just for Halloween. haha.

Loved the poem!!
Susie Clevenger said…
Love the photos, the history, and your have created a delightful trio. I too wonder who to thank for the architecture.
Brian Miller said…
cool pics...was just in st louis this summer on my way to vacation...i love old buildings though and haunting downtowns to find them....who influenced who...and intriguing question to think someone on the dance floor might have...smiles.
Cynthia said…
Nice pics...reading about the durability of cast iron makes me wonder if that's why its cookware is so widely used. I wonder if you can fry an egg on one of these buildings on a hot day.
Helen said…
I found this fascinating as I was raised in Illinois right across the river from St. Louis. Many family members still live there!

The sheer descriptive elegance of your poem is a great contrast to the story of the cast iron!!
Kateri said…
What a beautiful old building and I agree the dress matches it well.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Fantastic detail and quality work in those old buildings, unlike the corkboard wonders they put up nowadays that cost a kazillion dollars. Great photos......your poem let me see her, with her swirling skirts and puffed sleeves........
Ellie Garratt said…
I agree with the Chanel quote. Fashion is all around us.

Stunning photographs. It's easy to see why you like the building so much!
Green Speck said…
Beautiful pictures, and well complimented words :-)
Daydreamertoo said…
I love anything to do with history. This tells so much about the builders mindset as well as showing a unique style. Your poem with the dress and elegance are perfect for that time Ella. You did your research on it and, it shows in the elegance of your poetry. A lovely post.
kaykuala said…
Great pics! You cleverly weave in fashion to the classic architecture and the poem. Not many can nicely jive the differing elements in an elegant way! Nicely Ella!

Exquisite.....loved the pics and the poem is so well you wrote this!
True poets,digging up stuff and giving inspired writings. So is your poetry,Ella and the photos tell a story too if not enhancing the theme of your poem.
Teresa said…
This is amazing! You've truly showcased the fashion of this building perfectly.
Cheryl Klarich said…

My imagination is captured! :)
Kristin said…
You often make me sigh . . . such beauty in everything you do - and to say that you have a way with words seems trite but it's true! AND those photos (in my favorite color) should be framed! xoxo
Lolamouse said…
I love the details on old buildings. It's such a shame when they are just brick and mortar with no style whatsoever. Your poem made the building sound as lovely as the dress in the photo!
Mary said…
What I especially loved was that photo of the building looking UP! Wow, quite impressive. I enjoyed your poem about Louise Mesker. You made her 'fashion' come alive with your words. One never knows who is going to have the most influence in the world of fashion. Nice post all around.
M Pax said…
Cool photos and beautiful building. I love the old architecture. The buildings had so much character. You're poem is more beautiful than the photos. A wonderful homage.
Kay L. Davies said…
I love the way your words bring images to life, Ella. Louis or Louise? I don't know, I just know it is beautiful.
Margaret said…
Your first photo is amazing. I NEVER thought of a dress having an impression on an architect... but why not! The hat was really something.
Arlee Bird said…
Love that building. The photo looking up makes me dizzy to look at it. Those old buildings had a lot of style.

Wrote By Rote
you aren't old enough to know, but the 1960's were a total fashion integration between clothes, music, architecture, art.... a magical time!

love the information and your post and your poem is delightful!

sunny said…
Hi Crystal,your post is lovely,i like it waiting for you on my blog
Laura said…
oh Ella this is wonderful...I love the imagery of the building as a woman dancing. Now I have to look up your links...fascinating!
Ella said…
Hi Laura-Thank you! I just was amazed the Saint Louis and then finding this dress with the Louise name tag in it~! I had to go there~ :D Nice to see you visit! I'll be by~

Sunny-I dropped by...your blog is gorgeous~ :D

Dani-How do you know I wouldn't know?! Okay, I was born in the 60's, so I didn't get to be part of magic in that creative way~ Thank you so much ;D I loved what you shared~

Lee-So sorry about the dizzy part!
I know it is amazing to see in person~ I'll be careful about the pigeon view, lol. You are so right...lots of style :D

I'll be right back...
Ella said…
Hi you said, "why not?" lol Who knows what inspires what, but we do know something inspires everything~ Thank you, so much! :D

Kay-Thank you! I found it intriguing this aligned~ It was kind of magical to find the name connection! I had no idea ;D

MPax-Thank you so much! It was a history lesson I hadn't planned on, but enjoyed learning more about :D

Mary-Yeah, I had fun making her up, by combining both of the art forms. The dress did have a tag with Louise on it?! Who knows...
Thank you!

Lolamouse-Thank you so much! I do think fashion is everywhere! I know you know, this too~ :D

Kristin-I know I love this color, too~ It has a magical feel about, when you see this building. It is vacant right sad~ You are too kind! I can't wait to see of your gorgeous art :D xo

Cheryl-Thank you so much! It does give one a lot of ideas! ;D

Teresa-Thank you! It was fun to learn more and how it all entwined together! Surprising...

Echoesofthehills-Thank you so much, what a lovely way to put it :D

Thank you Mama Zen! :D

Sreeja-Thank you! It is intriguing to be inspired about one's city and learn something new~ :D

Hank-Thank you have a way of saying the nicest things ;D

Bren-Thank you! Now, we have this and green in common! ;D I found it had to go this way, the more I discovered~ :D @>------

Green-I love your name! Thank you so much! ;D

Ellie-Thank you! Yes, I do think it has a royal look about it. It has a romance of that time period~

Ella said…
Sherry-Thank you! I am happy she found a way to visit us ;D A fashionable ghost of sorts, lol

Kateri-I know it is a dream isn't it :D

Helen-I hope you will take photos and share them on your blog, sometime! How exciting to live where there is so many unique buildings~
Thank you! I am thrilled for you :D

Cythnia-You know it, lol! Actually in the south, you do not need an iron building. You could cook in my mail box, lol ;D

Brian-Thank you! I know how fun...! I hope you had a great time while visiting~ I know it is like the question which came first the chicken or the egg? Okay, not exactly like this, lol ;D

Susie-I know right! I now know a bit more~ It is fascinating! I loved your church photos ;D

Tamara-How lovely that would be! You would be the talk of the town, lol :D I know it does make one wonder...

Marian-Thank you! It was fun ;D

Alex-Clueless Ninjas are dangerous!
You aren't clueless, but mislead on the dance floor, by a ghost. I'm afraid, lol. It was about a dress owned by Louise who inspired the Mesker Bros to build this building. They said they were inspired by St. Louis...mmmh, I think Louise ;D Thank you, you are fun~
Hannah said…
WOW!! Ella, you went to town, literally! Ha ha! This post is interesting and extensive!! Great angle I think of the building and I love the dancing fashionable magic involved in the poem.


Sorry, I'm so late to write for your challenge, Ella! I felt bad for missing it...Warm smiles to you!
Ella said…
Hannah-:D Smiles to you~
It happens....I am behind, too!
Off to gather words for your prompt!
I love your idea :D !!!! <3
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