On The Fence

 * Photo is from here.

Do you know who lives here?  What do you think of this fence?  Spooky-huh!  Years ago, okay a long, long time ago, when I was in college I was dared to go here.  The setting was as you would suspect spooky, just like the author's books.  Honestly, I still get freaked out thinking about it.  A car full of friends and a dare on a night with fog thick as pea soup.   Not just any night, it was the spookiest night of the year, Halloween.   What better night for college kids to be daring each other-it was harmless. We weren't doing anything illegal.  I can see my self  approach his house.  This is the front, you can't see the massive hedges and how long the fence goes around.  It looked like a scene out of the Omen movie. I mean the first one. I won't go into the graphic details, but if a dog had barked I would have leaped over the fence, onto the hedges.  When I approached, there were bushes cut to represent animals, like Disney, but not friendly animals.  I mean, now when I think about it Tim Burton and this guy should be besties.   It is ironic that today over in the garden ,the prompt is fences.  And I end up talking about this man.  Strange because he n' my Mom share the same birthday, strange because my Mom's name is Shirley Jackson(yeah, the author). Strange because today is their birthday!   My Mom isn't the author, but she shares the same name.  A few years ago...I bought her a Shirley Jackson book. :D    This is all rather weird...

Another clue did I tell you before I flew to Alaska, I was reading this author's book and it mentions Pensacola, FL in the book.  This is where I was living at the time.  Then I arrive in Adak, Alaska and I'm given the grand tour.  I see it...I can't believe my eyes-a burial site for pets.  I was reading that book, before I left Florida.  His books seem to give me clues to the next place I am going-freaky!!!! 

On the fence
do I dare
go there
no I naught
I'm so distraught
college frat girl I'm so not...lol

Okay, not really!  I went to a business college, commuted and still worked at the theater
I can do better ;D

The fog sets the scene like a movie
do I dare
I proceed with caution it is midnight and I am where?
This can't be really
the house is gorgeous
Mr. King is this a dream
your books always make me scream
I sleep at night with the windows tight
and don't dare journey there
to your home
all alone
I feel eyes watching me
although it is so dark
I feel like I'm in a movie
any minute tick tock and
I will turn and run
this isn't fun
wrought iron spiders with webs
gothic beauties that dance in
 light's glare
it is my friends driving to get me
they saw a light come on in the house
I didn't dare 
go there
knock on his door
but I so loved his home
the setting so fit the man
the mood
he lives up to the horror n' dream
he really does enjoy
making all of us scream!

I think I have an issue, it started this week with Dr. Seuss I have rhyme-itis!  I need a cure-I know


That was Stephen King's house? No wonder he writes horror.
Happy birthday to your mother!
How cool is that?! His house alright. You must have been soooo scared that Halloween, I would have stayed in the car ;) xoxo
Mary said…
Ella, I just love that fence AND your poem. It does look like a perfect Stephen King fence. Did you take that wonderful photograph?

That would be some wild place to visit on Halloween...but I don't blame you for not going and knocking on the door!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh that fence and fog too? Eek! I enjoyed your post very much.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This was a lot of fun to read, Ellen. I just love the architecture of the house, and that gate is really cool.
Daydreamertoo said…
LOL...I must have warped mind.. I thought at first it was bats on the gate and therefore it was Batman!!!! LOL
Then when you mentioned pets, realised it was Steven King.
Really, really enjoyed this Ella. I wouldn't want to go there either!
Great poem :)
Laura Maria said…
I really enjoyed reading this. Yes it looks spooky, but beautiful as well. Your first poem had me laughing.
that's a delightful looking house, Ella!
"fog thick as pea soup" oooh, I don't know which I love best, fog or pea soup :)
Mystic_Mom said…
Your use of words is fascinating and clever! Happy weekend friend:)

xo, abby
Mama Zen said…
I love it! I would probably be a full fledged Stephen King stalker if I lived close enough!
Kay L. Davies said…
Whew! Scary stuff, Ella. I've never read a Stephen King novel or seen one of the movies, and am quite happy about it.
Happy birthday to your mom, though. You are, I'm sure, a gift to her.
kaykuala said…
There's somehow an eerie feel. Wonderful process note and verse, Ella! Thanks for sharing!

Brian Miller said…
ha rhymeitis....you have to be careful with that...i think they have medication...smiles...

i love me some king....and your first verse made me smile thinking of all the college sorority girls in horror movies making bad choices to go into places like this....the second is cool too, i like how playful you are with your voice...addressing mr king directly...gives it a very natural feel...
Laurie Kolp said…
That is a cool fence/ house. When I started reading this, I just knew it was Stephen King. His books... well, that's another story. Have you read On Writing? That's wonderful.

Love this, Ella.
cool...it was so good to read your rhyming words.......loved it...
Helen said…
Delightful poetry ... I would LOVE to spend just one night in this awesome house!!!
Susie Clevenger said…
Wow! Stephen King's house..it fits him perfectly. Love your rhyme-itis. I never seem to catch that. lol
Kim Nelson said…
So cool, Ella! I would not have guessed Stephen King... but when you tell the truth, I realized it can be no one else.
mshatch said…
I love Stephen King. No authors have given me the creeps more than him and Bram Stoker.
This is great! I stopped by a couple years ago for a photo-op and had to restrain myself from leaving a copy of my manuscript under the gate. I know they value their privacy.
Ciara said…
That picture really does say a lot about Stephen King. :) He was born to write horror.
Wanda said…
The fence looks like a giant spider's web. Creepy. Nice poem.
Ella said…
Wanda-It is! There is also a 3 headed dragon~ King doesn't disappoint~ :D It is creepy good~

Ciara-It does, doesn't it! I wonder before horror became his genre. Did he try his hand at something else? ;D

Milo-I can imagine! I so wanted to knock on his door, but not at midnight. I was tempted to go back and tell him about my dare. I relived it several times. Me actually knocking, a car load of friends seeing him open his vaulted door and letting me in! I think he would of enjoyed the idea and maybe it would of been a book?!
Yeah, we both can dream! ;D
My brother has met him and Kirstie Alley all due to basketball! grrr~

MsHatch-Yes,I understand. I remember the first book my friend gave me and said "read this". It was Carrie. We later went to the movie together. I do remember seeing a vehicle at a book store in Bangor, ME one day and thought he was inside. The plate said, KING on it and there was a sleeve with a hand hanging out of the trunk. I didn't see him, but maybe it was his wife of kids having fun?!

Kim-I know right! My 7th grade Math teacher is his cousin. One day we asked him if he was related. He said he was (he was so odd, we knew he had to be).

Susie-lol, I know so spooky and so living up to the hype! My daughter said it isn't itis. She is taking this medical type course. Right now they are studying terms! You know I have never had it before, but my son had it once. I hid Dr. Seuss books for awhile, it got so bad. He was little, ;D

Gautami-Thank you! I was being silly-no seriously I think I had issues after the Dr. Seuss poem!

Helen-I know right!!! I almost had a chance to stay in a haunted lighthouse, but the timeline didn't work out. Hubby was in WinterHarbor, ME at the time. I so wanted to.

Sreeja-Thank you! I wasn't planning on this one. It just came to me, lol

Laurie-I had a copy, but couldn't find it. So, I recently purchased the Kindle edition~ :D Thank you~

Brian-Thank you! I think after spending yesterday shopping with teens, I am cured. I might need a cure for OMG and other txting terms! LOL-oops! ;D

Hi Hank-Yes, Eerie Ella that will be my new blog! No, I am joking~
Thank you so much!

Kay-Thank you, you are sweet! You would prefer the books over the movies~ Cujo scared me to death~

Mama Zen-I know right! I so hoped I would run into him somewhere. I never did... Maybe when I go home! ;D

Abby-Thank you! Happy weekend to you :D xo

Mystic Mom-Yes, he is very cool!
There are other photos online and it shows the property, at different angles~ :D

Dezzy-:D You do not have to pick!
I know I wonder what the decor inside is like?!

Laura-I was being silly! I do not want to think about Dr. Seuss anymore. I thought Stephen King would be a great diversion. Scare the Seuss out of me, lol Thank you~

Ella said…
Bren-I love that! Someone had a Batman type car, when I last lived in Maine. The kids went crazy when they saw it! I love your thoughts~
Thank you for sharing! :D

Kerry-I know, it is gorgeous!~ There is another house, not in this neighborhood that is also well know. It has the gothic stylings of this one, but it is called the Hippy House. The owners painted it purple-a lavender house.
It was our half way point to Bangor,lol.

Sherry-I know right! Very spooky to think about~ :D

Mary-Can you imagine?! I so wished in a way it could of happened. My friends would of freaked out! "Mr. King can you help me play a prank on my friends?" No, one can't do that at midnight and hope for a good reaction! I was just thrilled to see the home :D

Kristin-I think we drew straws. I was the lucky, unlucky one ;D
I felt lucky to actually see it, the fog added the perfect back drop to this home~ So scared!!!

Alex-I know right! He really lives up to the hype ;D I wonder what inside looks like?! Thank you! :D
Teresa said…
This is awesome! So wonderful for the prompt and the season!
Hannah said…
Ella!!! Crazy serendipity in your opening...I'd have been riddled to know the "why's," behind all of these coincidences....as far as the rhyme, I think it is good to get it out of your system from time to time...let the word matches climb and climb until then you find you're out of your mind!! Lol JK SSTT!! 1111 and a rose to you!!
Ella said…
Thank you Teresa! I so love this time of you, don't you?! ;D

Hannah-lol, yes I think I was goosed by Dr. Seuss tee,hee! YOU are cute~
@>----!!!! SSTT
Becky Shander said…
Cool, spooky fun. And how interesting with the connection to your Mom.
Margaret said…
Waaay Cool! He not only writes with imagination, he lives in imagination!

any minute tick tock and
I will turn and run

Just too cute!
Ella said…
Margaret-What a wonderful way to live :D
Thank you~ I love what you shared!

Becky-I know right! Yes, he truly does not disappoint :D
LTM said…
Wait--is this Stephen King's house! That's awesome! What a fun entrance! And LOL! What a fun way to go w/the fog and all. omg, I miss silly scary HS days like those. Too much fun!

Thanks for the memories, <3
Ella said…
Hi Leigh! Yes so scary n' fun~
I need to go home, soon! It is almost Halloween, lol~
Crazy fun~ <3 555