Photo Tour

Today it finally happened, two prompts on two different poetry sites. I was scrambling this week, to put these together.  One is about a quote that I found and loved.  I thought I would share a few photos with you. I'll be back to share the poems~

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
"Coco Chanel

I wandered downtown to take some photos, while my daughter was at Colorguard practice.  A four hour practice-yeah, they are dedicated!  I walked, into the corners of the city.  Downtown oozes history and charm. It takes you away to another time and place.
Everything is fashion! It was so fun to point and shoot, at whatever attracted my attention. This mansion is downtown, a few buildings from the library. It is across from my favorite watering hole, coffee shop Muddy Waters.   It is just so stunning and you can see the glorious Southern charm and imagine life,  long ago.  The house dates  ca. 1913.  It has a Neo-Classic style. A lot of buildings have Greek influence.  Now, I want a Mint Julip, a sweeping gown and a fan~  It was built by William B. Blades, a wedding gift for his daughter Ivey.  Lucky girl!

*More info HERE, it is part of a 3 story building~
This was a store, I use to frequent. She sold the most amazing candles. The Scent of the Sea was my favorite! 

 I do love this old cabinet. The shop owner was told it stayed with the building.  She used the draws to hold her candles and other unique treasures.

This building is called The Center. The building was established, in 1897.  It was an Opera house, in its day. It is now used by a theater company called The Center Players.  Supposedly it is haunted, it is listed on  The Ghost Walk.   I have yet to make it to this event.  It is in October, maybe this year I will go.

 No clue, I just liked it, lol   

 I wonder what life was like when the Wright Brothers stopped by! :D

 This is an old hotel supposedly haunted.  It is sad to see the the windows boarded up. It is close to my favorite watering hole, Muddy Waters.  It is just across the street. Come on...

Muddy is having a make over!  It has a European feel inside, big cozy blue couch and chairs. I will take more photos, next time.   I'm having a Sugar Free Liquid Brownie. I wish you could join me...
They go above n' beyond in the flavor department. Red Velvet Coffee is a local fav.  The menu is written out in chalk and there is always new coffee creations, for each season.  I love Starbucks, but  this place caters to being creative.  And the view is filled with historic charm and you never know you might just see Nell Cropsey.  She didn't live far from here. Maybe I'll take you on the Ghost Walk with me.


Vicki Sheehan said…
nice pictures Ellen! i'll meet you at Muddy Waters sometime...sounds good :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Loved walking around town with you - a lot of history there of a more elegant time, when things were made well, of quality materials.
kaykuala said…
How nice! Lovely pics you have here, Ella! It takes great talents to produce quality pics

Kerry O'Connor said…
Beautiful architecture!
E.J. Wesley said…
Beautiful photos Ell!
Johanna Garth said…
Gorgeous and I both love and agree with the Chanel quote!
Amazing photos! You know how to see and capture beauty in all things.
Ella said…
Alex-Thank you! You are sweet~ :D

Johanna-It is a great quote, isn't it! Thank you~

EJ-Thank you! It was my art date. I go once a month and try to get inspired. It works :D

Kerry-It is fascinating to go downtown. It looks like you walked into another era :D

Hank-You are kind! I just love to play with light n' shadows :D
Thank you~

Sherry-I know it is very elegant, not all of it, but I tried to share some of the unique :D
Glad you walked with me, lol

Vicki-Someday! Let's do just that ;D
Mary said…
Fascinating pictures, Ella. I think your post shows us that if we look carefully in our own environment we will see beautiful things. Loved being with you as you walked.....
Ella said…
Mary-Thank you! I enjoyed your walk, too~ I think it is about seeing things with fresh eyes and getting close, lol.