Think Tank Thursday

* Image via Vicki Sheehan

On Poets United,  I featured artist Vicki Sheehan.  I think of her art as 'Visual Poet' :D

Vicki gathers items to tell a story. She lays everything out and  starts putting pieces together. She sometimes does this for several weeks, before coming up with the final arrangement.  Next she glues or sews everything together.  She always use originals and everything she uses is really old.  She feels it keeps the piece more authentic. Sometimes she will just use a small piece of something, telling just a  piece of the story. She says, "It makes it more mysterious."  You can read more of the interview at Poets United.

Here is another piece of her art:

My poem combines the two art forms.  I love Vicki's art, if you remember I purchased one of her journals. In the center was a handmade paper butterfly :D

You can visit her Etsy shop, to see more of her lovely creations!  She also makes amazing leather journals!

I found this quote while I was gathering my words I thought I would share:

"To learn about the invisible, look at the visible."-Talmud

Tucked in a fragile book
a torn faded letter
a wave of emotions rise
was there love and happiness?
sepia clouds offer visions
like a portal from the past
what desires, what longings, what strife
once sparkled jewels, starched linens and crisp pages
now faded pearls

I look for clues 
in the old paper, crumbling n' dry 
flourished words portray
their flesh, their voices, their laughter
they reappear like gray ghosts
another yellowed letter
caresses my soul
 words like feathers 
glints of silver pink light
their fate 
now lies in my hands 

 a labyrinth of their memories
seep into mine

like a treasured map 

I arrange these talismans
 they cast their spell
Elizabethan patterns of
a sunken garden
like a tour you are
invited to see...
hellebore leaves, tassels and delicate knots
outline the mood of
elegant restraint

a veil of gauze illuminates
the faded leaves of reverie
these delicate offerings
like hands
touch me with
their parched images 
a silhouette of obscure stars
I sew n' glue 
arranging their torn edges
the threads of yesterday
allowing them 
 once again

This was an easy n' difficult write for me.  Easy because the words came quick, difficult because their were too many.  I think I could of written three poems. I found it hard to decide what to edit.  Great subject, I might just share another poem later on!  ;D

Thank you Vicki for sharing your art with us at Poets United!

  I enjoyed interviewing YOU~


Melissa Bradley said…
Beautiful art, beautiful poetry and beautiful spirits. A combination to brighten this grey day here in Chicago.
E.J. Wesley said…
You should definitely share the other poem, too. :-D
Bittersweet with overtones of nostalgia. Very nice, Ella!
Mary said…
Ella, I love the way you arranged everything in this post. Most of all I really enjoyed your poem. When you collect old things and arrange them,you really DO look for the clues from the past, don't you? I really like that the threads from yesterday have a chance to 'dance' again. They have a second life. We all should have this option!!
Susie Clevenger said…
So beautiful Ella...You collected, arranged words into a written visual I could imagine in my thoughts.
Ella said…
Mary-Thank you! I can see you dancing and yes, I wish we all could have a second life~ (hugs)
I know I bought this Gabardine black dress once, it looked like 'old Hollywood'. I wondered why the woman parted with it, for a $. It was magical to me to imagine the parties that dress attended ;D I even asked her if she was sure. I wore it and felt glamorous or as my daughter would say fabulous, lol. I do think there are a lot of stories in clothing and poems! :D

Alex-Thank you Captain Ninja ;D

EJ-Maybe I will save it for my book, ;D

Melissa-Thank you! I am sending you sun for tomorrow~ ;D I loved your post! Someday I'm visiting you! You are my kinda gal~

Ella said…
Hi Susie, you must of jumped in while I was commenting!
Thank you, I enjoyed gathering thoughts and words~ I think I could write a book on this art form and the prompt Timeworn! This means a lot~ :D
Shelly said…
Making a craft to tell a story. Cool idea.

Hugs and chocolate,
Grace said…
I like the texture and images here Ella...starched linens and pages now faded into pearls ~ sewing and putting them together, allowing them to dance ~ Lovely prompt Ella ~
rch said…
Very vivid descriptions and wistful dreams mix together nicely in this one.
Kim Nelson said…
What a sweet poem, Ella, describing the thoughts and dreams the ensue when we look at another's memoirs and scraps through wondering eyes.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Sweetness, memory, appreciation - all these things are evoked by the art you featured and the poem you wrote! A beautiful post!!!

I felt as though I was thumbing through an old heirloom of great memories....

Best Wishes,
Ella said…
Eileen-I was reading yours, while you were reading mine ;D
Thank you! I wanted to push the boundaries of what one could see!
Have a wonderful time in France~ATB

Mary Ann-Thank you so much! I so wish you would join in! Vicki does inspire one to look beyond~ Thank you! You are so sweet~

Kim-Thank you! I wanted to open the view to another period in time~
:D I love your wondering eyes thoughts...yes, we need to keep them wide open, so we can embrace the beauty in life! You are too kind!

Rch-I like that..yes, I did try to capture a dreamy like view! Thank you :D

Grace-Thank you! I tried to combine all Vicki shared with us. I
wanted it to have an old world appeal~ :D

Shelly-I shared a 'Visual Poet' for a prompt~ I thought it would inspire amazing poems ;D
Hugs, chocolate and *$ for you!

Wanda said…
Bittersweet memories of days gone by. Well written.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh THIS was a poem par Excellence! One of your best, kiddo. Loved it and there isnt a word or line that could be cut - they are all needed. Just lovely, and what beautiful "visual poetry" Vickie two must have fun discussing your art as you are both so good at what you do.
Laura Maria said…
You gathered words and pasted them together to make a creation as beautiful as Vicki's. I love the feelings this evokes, longing, mystery, desire (to make the past come to life again) and wistfulness. Great writing Ella and thanks for the prompt.
beautiful, Ella!

love the prompt, i'll be there in the next day or two.

aprille said…
You really showed how a tactile link with the past an suddenly burst into life for us here and now.
Well done you, both the interview and this reflection on it.
Anonymous said…
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Rashmi said…
Beautiful poem Ella...
I love the last stanza the most....
"I sew n' glue
arranging their torn edges
the threads of yesterday
allowing them
once again

Susan said…
"I arrange these talismans
they cast their spell"

On you and then on us!

(Thank you for visiting and commenting at my blog.)
Ciara said…
Beautiful art. It has a 1920's or Steampunkish flare to it. Love it!
Melissa Bickel said…
Beauty and Elegance in these lines of poetry here. I love looking through old/worn letters of age. Even if they weren't a part of my history I love to think whoever wrote them found what they were looking for.

Vicki Sheehan said…
Ellen, i saved your poem for last. it really is so beautiful! i love
"words like feathers offer glints of silver pink light their fate now lies in my hands". you really went above and beyond - thank you so much. i met some lovely, talented people. poets are a friendly bunch! you will crack me out of my shell bit by bit :) thanks again!!
Ella said…
Vicki-It was a pleasure to have you be part of the process! YOUR art inspired beautiful poems~ So happy you participated~ It is an unique experience to have your art inspire others. Poetry is such a profound way to express one's soul, as is your art! ;D

Melissa-I love that thought Melissa, how beautiful~ I so hope you are right~

Ciara-It does have that type of feel~ I so love that time period~

Susan-Thank you, so much~ You are so clever. I love your turnaround~

Rashmi-Thank you! I wanted it to feel the images as one created~ I am glad you liked it!

Anonymous-I'm not quite sure how I helped you, but good luck on your endeavors :D

Aprille-Thank you so much, this means a lot~ Thanks for the other info you sent me, as well~ :D

Dani-Thank you! I would love to hear you take on this prompt~ :D

Laura-Thank you so much! We do see worlds within when we write poems~
:D I wanted to connect the images of history with the hands of the artist! This means a lot... :D

Sherry-Thank you! You are always so gracious n' kind! Vicki is a generous soul and I'm so happy she agreed! I knew she would enjoy the process~ WE do share the voice of creating~ :D

Wanda-Thank you! One hopes there was some sunny moments~ I think whenever we feel our lives are hard, we need to watch a different time in history~ It makes one appreciate the now~ :D
uneven steven said…
I like the way you visually centered your poem and broke up the lines. Added an extra layer to your poem:-)
Ella said…
Thank you Steven : ).