A Gift For YOU

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and well wishes~ I'm still sick, better though!  I think the worst part is no appetite. I really could careless about eating, which is bad. I need the fuel to fight.
So, not me...I love food. If I wasn't diabetic, I might have been a pastry chef! 

I wanted to have a give away when I reached my magic number 555. I have a thang about 3s and 5s. I still will do a give away soon, but for now. I thought I would give all of you a gift.  I feel blessed n' fortunate to be part of the blogging community and to know YOU!    They are like an elixir to the soul-people who aren't blogging are missing out~

Your gift is a photo~

  So right click and Save :D

This is the table I took the photos on.  It doesn't look special, till you close and get another look~ 

Hope you all are staying well! I have to run errands. I haven't been out n' about for awhile. 

Thank you for being YOU!
I will do some major catching up this evening!
I know I have missed a lot~
Take Care :D


Mary Ann Potter said…
How beautiful, Ellen. What a lovely gift! I will most likely use the photo as part of a collage or ATC, and I'll be sure to send you a photo of my work. Feel better. That's an order. I already did my praying, so that takes care of it all! 8-)
Unknown said…
Thank you for the lovely gift of this beautiful photo. You have one of the brightest spirits here in the blogosphere and you always make me smile. Glad you are feeling better. I'm still sending thoughts and prayers your way. Hugs!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Glad you are improving, kiddo. Awesome how close-up you see such beauty. You have an artist's eye - lots of people dont give wet leaves a second glance. Your photos show us why we should.
Glad you're on the mend. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I find the images of fall so pretty. I was wondering, what kind of camera do you use?
Susan Kane said…
I haven't checked in on you (or anyone for a while--long story) for a while. I hope you are recovering, seeing a light where there once was none.
Kay L. Davies said…
So sorry you're still sick, Ella dear. I know how it feels, and it's no fun, not even a little bit.
Hope you didn't wear yourself out running those errands. Baby steps, remember, baby steps until you're well.
Wanda said…
Oh sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Thanks for the lovely gift. I have been wanting to get out with my camera and capture a few ordinary beauties.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Hope you get better soon and get that appetite back! :-)
Ink in the Book said…
I'm happy you are feeling better and that my little "gift basket" helped:)

Thanks for the gift in return! I'll be posting it on my blog:)
Mary said…
What a beautiful photo, Ella. Hope you are doing better each day....no fun not to feel good day after day!
Sorry you are so sick! (Promise I won't catch it.) Photos are beautiful and gift enough.
Ella said…
Thanks everyone! I have autoimmune issues-so, when I get sick, there isn't a lot of meds I can take. I guess I have to go to the Dr.-ick!

Alex-Thank you~ :D I hope you don't~

Mary-No fun is right! Thank you~

Ink-You are sweet~ I loved the Raspberry chapstick ;D

Carrie-Thank you! I know right-this is popcorn season, lol.

Wanda-I hope you do, such a wonderful time to do just that~
You're welcome :D

Kay-Thank you! It was nice to go,
but took longer than I had planned~
Take Care-yes baby steps ;D

Susan-I hope you are okay! Thank you...I'll be by to visit~ I know I have missed a lot~ Thank you :D

Cynthia-Thank you! I know I love this time of year. I own a Canon Rebel XTi. I believe hubby found it on Amazon. I have had it for a few years. DSL rocks~

Sherry-You always make me smile!
Yes, I try to give everything a second or third chance, especially wet leaves :D Thank you~

Melissa-Thank you so much~ You have a generous spirit and I love how vibrant you are :D

Mary Ann-Thank you! I can't wait to see what you do-how fun! My art part of yours-love that idea :D

Maude Lynn said…
Feel better soon, Ella!
M Pax said…
What a beautiful photo, Ella. You have a spectacular eye.
Renee said…
Get better soon! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks for the beautiful photos.
Ella said…
Renee-Thank you! I hope you are doing well~ I'm better, thanks ;D

MPax-Thank you! I had fun gathering and arranging :D Yes, I'm part chipmunk~lol

Mama Zen-Thank you! I'm trying...nutrition therapy tomorrow!
More vit C and soup ;D
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, it has definitely been a while, How are you feeling now will have to catch up. Photo is lovely. Blessings, Amandax