Hallow's Edge

Today over at Poets United, the poetry prompt is WICKED!   I immediately thought of the Wizard of Oz.  I had a love, hate relationship with the witch, when I was young.  I hated how she scared me, but I was intrigued by her make-up and laugh.  I can do the laugh...and maybe when my cold is gone I will shock you someday and post a vimeo.  It will be a hoot, since I have a New England accent with some southern drawl.   But for now my pretties, it is just a poem....

Green with envy
I see you
digging your grave
with a spoon
like a troll
a bowl
of Mint Chocolate madness
piling it high
ice SCREAMED later
when I had
to burn 
off the
glycogen horror
of my evil
so wicked gooooood
I cackled as
I climbed aboard my
indoor bike
riding past the midnight
in the chill of sweet memories
I would 
do it
I did it for a slutty brownie
and I would
do it for you
my wintergreen cousin
kiss me
Before I turn into a 
plump toad!

Do you like my freckles? ...Picmonkey made me over.  You want to see what my daughter made?  You will remember I altered her, lol. 

Revenge is dish, best served cold... muWHhahaha
Oh, I think there is still some Minty, green goodness left....
Happy Halloween my pretties! 


Johanna Garth said…
That poem gave me the perfect wicked Halloween giggle. You are such an amazingly talented poet!
Melissa Bradley said…
Love this! Mint chocolate chip is definitely a delightfully decadent, wicked treat. Happy Halloween!
Wanda said…
Sounds wickedly delicious. Great job on this one.
Anonymous said…
Outsanding post !

This is Carol from decor8 cours,
happy I found you !
Mary said…
Yes, Ella some foods are worth suffering for indeed. Food can be so wicked.
The pictures are awesome! What's wrong with freckles? I just might sport a few of those.
Now waiting for the video of you cackling...
Green Speck said…
A perfect Halloween treat ... loved it :-)
can you hear my Wicked witch laugh this was so good.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This was just THE BEST! I love your made-over image. Your daughter takes after you, with her artistry. Loved the poem.
aprille said…
Those coal-blacked eyes make you look ever so wicked.
Hope you can get back to coldfree cackling soon.
And keep of the sugar fix.
Susan said…
This narrative is BRILLIANT! from the green envy to falling off the wagon and back to addiction. I believe she would do it for the mint, but the brownie is the best. Ride that bike swiftly and furiously. As for me, I am getting quite comfortably round.
Listening Daisy said…
Thanks for giving me a nice poetic sweet before I get my Halloween sweets.
Daydreamertoo said…
LOL... Love it!
Love your sense of humour and fun.
Heck that witch scared me when I was a kid too.
Two great prompts Ella
Ella said…
Bren-Thank you ;D I had fun...I especially loved what you shared~
Wow! I love Halloween~ I'm so glad you joined in~

Scarlett-Picmonkey is fun ;D Thanks

Listening Daisy-Awe, you are welcome
my pretty ;D

Susan-I wish it was just about weight, but it is more about diabetes. I do not indulge often, but when I do... I'm wicked bad and I have to burn it off~ Seriously I have ridden for hours trying to burn carbs off. Sometimes it isn't worth it...
Thank you! I am glad you liked it!
Yes, there is a bit of addiction in this one, ;D Yes, the brownie is best~lol

Aprille-Thank you! I like looking crazy, lol. Yes, I rather enjoy it~ Yes, we are going to visit a friend in the hospital today. I think I might deliver some candy-I want it gone....lol

Sherry-Yeah, she had fun! She also did one of me, with roses n' a skeleton look(Day of the Dead). It is comical~ SO happy you joined in on the magic of the evening ;D
Thank you...

Tatius-I can, I can! You are good, no bad...no good lol ;D

Green Speck-Thank you! Yes, nothing like a bit of mint to perk one up...and eye of newt, of course, lol

Alex-Thank you! I have a few and hubby has a galaxy! I like freckles... :D Did the Captain get many visitors last night?

Mary-Yes, they can be and then some are not worth it! I always regret it, after...especially when I riding my bike after midnight!

Carol-Hi! So nice of you to drop by :D Thank you so much!

Wanda-You get my pretty! ;D Thank you~

Melissa-Yes, it is and probably I could make a Mint Slutty Brownie-but I won't! lol
Thank you~ Hope you dressed up!

Johanna-Thank you! I love wicked giggles, ;D Hope you had a wonderful no wicked evening!
Mama Zen said…
This is hilarious!
SaraV said…
Ella, that was wickedly delicious--thank you for the Halloween Hoot!
Naturally Carol said…
Scarey! Thanks for finding me..now I've found you..and following!
Ella said…
Hi Carol-but scary in a good way, lol

Hi Sara-Thank you! Hoot is better than howl ;D
Bing Yap said…
excellent halloween treat... i love it!
I like "wintergreen" element
Ella said…
Dezzy-Thank you! Yes, I love green almost as much as you ;D

Bing Yap-Thank you! :D
a slutty brownie! OMG! laughing like crazy and now craving chocolate!