Memories Stirred

I was having a cup of tea and it lead to me making a project for Somerset Memories. I love it when this happens, but I find translating the memory to art a bit intriguing.  So, far what I have submitted has not translated into print.  Try, try here is a peek at two art forms I attempted.  I can only give you a peek. It is frowned upon, on showing the whole art form.  They want the element of surprise, in their publications.  This is my Nannie Nonnie, my nickname for my grandmother, Winona.  She is holding my Dad, kind of looks like a baby photo of me  ;D    (I love her hat).

Here is another portion of the art. This is my Dad and Aunt Patty enjoying the great outdoors.  I will have to ask her, where this was taken?!  

I also made another piece of art reflecting my Mother's childhood.  There are not many photos of her as a child.

Her Dad was in the Navy, during WWII.  She was probably five or six, in this photo. She gathered seed pods and saved them to plant with him, when he returned. I simulated this memory using dried Morning Glory seed pods.  It is the little things that give us so much joy~

Do you have an unique way of displaying your memories?  I have thought about making shadow boxes-so many ways to do them.  What about you?  Any memories stirred? Those in the storms path are you getting ready?  It is nuts in my neck of the woods~ I was just out n' about getting supplies.

Be careful. Be safe!


Ink in the Book said…
This is a cool idea for book scrapbooks/character workbooks. I'm making one for my current WIP!
Thanks for sharing such lovely ideas for your readers to sponge off")
Mary Ann Potter said…
So much of my art and writing is based on memory and nostalgia. This is going to be a beautiful piece, Ellen. I haven't submitted anything to Somerset Studios as yet, but I want to.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I am always fascinated with old photos - so many stories lurk behind the long ago faces. Your art project looks intriguing.

I had a cup of tea too but it led me to a nap! hee hee. Be careful in the is cold up here, but calm.
Wonderful ideas for memories, Ella.
We are far enough inland that we should only get rain. Hoping the hurricane goes out to sea as predicted.
Shelly said…
Love your pieces. Its strange that Florida will not be hit. However, we've been getting a lot of wind.

Yes. Be safe.

Hugs and chocolate,
Mary said…
Love what I have seen of your work here, Ella.

Glad you were able to get out and get supplies. Sounds like you're in for a ferocious storm!
kaykuala said…
Creativity knows no bounds. Great offerings Ella! You made it look easy. One needs to take a look at those fading photos stashed somewhere and hey presto! It becomes an art piece! Thanks for sharing!

Ella said…
Hank-Thank you! You always say such nice things! :D Yes, art is hiding everywhere, lol I love what you said~

Mary-It doesn't sound good, does it!
WE are ready...I know there are already power issues 20 min away~
Thank you!

Shelly-Thank you! It is strange~ I have lived in FL-never seen anything like the pre-storm shopping! yikes~ You deserve a break :D Hugs, coffee and chocolate~

Alex-I'm on the edge, for real, lol. Be safe~ Thank you!

Sherry-We are in for a cold front, once this storm goes through~ School cancellations are already being discussed~
Thank you, I so agree ;D

Mary Ann-Oh, do it...I love your art! You never know ;D Thank you~

Ink-I think making storyboards are so cool! Maybe someday you will share ;D Thank you~