Passion's Dance

"This is a BOOTCAMP-not a day spa." ~Holly Becker

 I have a list to chose from what to blog about!  Yes, the dreaded word-homework~

"Why are you passionate about_______________?" 

 My answer is being creative!  

 I compare being creative, to bees making honey. You see gorgeous Cherry Blossoms(Magic Sponge Box)- you get excited. YOU start gathering ideas. YOU describe your excitement, to your hive! They look at you like you are a Zombie!   YOU have to make it, so people can see.

 Your head is buzzing with ideas.  What if I do this or that?   You create it. Sometimes it comes out sweet. You wonder could this honey=money.  Maybe your hive will get it, if you make money!  You share it with your online hive-they get you~  They like it!  You mail it to a magazine and hope the publishing hive gets it!   It is a trade honey to money, but your honey may not be what they are looking for right now.  

 *My Magic Sponge Box

Sometimes, When I create, it is like facets of memories dancing. Think of a glorious blue day, with puffy clouds in the sky.  The idea is the kite, it swirls, dips and taunts you. You try to keep the kite flying, before the idea disappears.

But really WHY?  For me, it is about childhood memories. My Mom n' Dad  were both creative. This allows me to be with my memories, dance and be young n' carefree. I  can  enJOY the process of playing with color, ideas, glue and anything that grabs my attention. Today the world is fast, creating gives me a chance to slow down, catch my breath and be reminded of the colorful  palette life has to offer~

What are you passionate about?   Is your kite floating or caught in a tree?  We all get caught in trees, sometimes.  Do your ideas dance and hum like Honey bees?  Go catch them....


LTM said…
Yes! Being creative! Flying the kite and hoping to find others who'll stop and look and say, "Hey! I like that!" or "That makes me happy!"

Ahh, here's to dancing, honeybee ideas~ :o) <3 555
Mary Ann Potter said…
Love this!!! Your Magic Sponge Box is so creative!
Being creative always brings joy, no matter what the medium.
Helen said…
Creativity and passion go hand in hand!!!
Mary said…
I am passionate about writing poetry! Other creative things too....but right now that is my main passion! You are diverse in your creativity, Ella.
great answer, mine would be the same, creativity is the essence of life :)
Tamara said…
I couldn't live without a creative outlet. Before I started writing, it was crafts. Sculpting. Painting. Writing poetry. It's always been something. I don't understand people who have no urge to create. Great post! :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
LOVE the Magic Sponge Box. It is haunting, beautiful, and takes one back to bygone years.........lovely. You have a gift!
E.J. Wesley said…
Ella dear, you've always got me 'buzzing' with creativity. :-) Seriously, I come to your blog just to get energized. You have so many gifts. I love it, truly.
Hi Ella - creativity of thought is one thing ... so much can happen, so much does happen; I'd love to be artistic .. paint with words, draw descriptions .... and dream of what can be ... yet creatively work towards that goal ..

My ideas dance and hum like honey bees ... I'm caught up in them ... now to release them ...

Love the post and enjoyment you've got writing this ... and how wonderful your parents were so creative .. their inspiration has been passed on ...

Cheers Hilary
Kristin said…
We share the same passion! BUT I LOVE how you (and only you ;) can relate it to bees and honey! You are so fabulous - and congratulations to another feature!! I am so proud of you - you are an inspiration! xoxo
Wanda said…
Oh how fulfilling it is when we can let our kites of passion fly freely.
Laurie Kolp said…
I'm the same way with writing (sometimes artwork), most importantly I'm passionate about my children.
Heidi said…
Lovely metaphor! Here's to kite's floating. =)
Ella said…
Hi Heidi-Yes, let's go fly a kite ;D
Thank you~

Laurie-I so agree! I am so passionate about family~ This class is forcing me to look at what I want my blog to be about... :D
Love your answer!

Wanda-Yes, but never easy! :D

Kristin-I see you are going to be featured in a new issue! Have you seen it?! Congrats! Thank you, you are sweet! ;D xo

Hilary-I would love to see your art, sometime! I know you are creative :D Thank you so much~

EJ-You are cute! Thank you~ I'll be always inspire me! :D

Sherry-lol, Thank you Sherry! Now, I got buzz and get back to making a few things! Tea related ;D

Tamara-This is exactly how I feel~
I wouldn't be me... :D Well said..

Dezzy-You are so right! Whatcha been cooking up? ;D

Mary-I know you use to paint! It comes in waves doesn't it, just like writing :D Thank you~

Helen-I love that, so well said!
Mine hands are usually blue, lol

Alex-Yes, especially music ;D

Mary Ann-Thank you! I loved what you shared on PUnited :D

Leigh-I look forward to your kite!
:D <3 555

Susie Clevenger said…
All your creativity has inspired me to learn how to do textures on my photographs. Thanks for the spark!