Pet Peeve Poem: Slender man

Over in the Garden Mary asked us to write a poem about a pet peeve.   I alright knew what I was going to write about.  I hate shopping, when it is crowded, people reaching over and around you and not saying excuse me.  I call big box stores the ZOO!   Well, after shopping the past two days and Frankenstorm coming...well, it is absolutely a madhouse.

*photo via here

grunting, snorting, whining 
I hear them on my path
in the big box forest
long arms reaching
 limbs extending
above n' below me 
relentless n' rude
 faceless zombies
their gaze void
as they search
like a war is coming
and water is not being
but it isn't a war
bewildered confusion
 watch your step
in the greenness
aisle 6 is the worst
lunges of disruption
as bags of candy
are tossed
and children scream
they keep reaching around me
haunting me with their 
long limbs
grasping over my head
and through my arms
I wish they would keep
to themselves 

 © Ellen Wilson



Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh I love it. I am struggling with the prompt, I should have gone to Walmart, that would have done the trick!
Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, I can really relate to this, Ella. I hate shopping in those places, and my husband thinks nothing of it. He forgets he's a lot taller than I am, and he isn't claustrophobic. If I never go to another large store for the rest of my life, I won't miss it a bit.
Perfectly done!
Bradley Peraino said…
I love it! I can't stand going to places like that. Even though yours is slightly more poetic, I have a poetic response in solidarity.

Good write!
Sandi McLean said…
Oh I am so with you! Lovely poetic picture painting!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Wow, Ellen - you really wrote a vivid picture! I share your impatience with this kind of thing, but your poem expressed so well. Nice job!
Heaven said…
I hate shopping in crowded places too Ella...rude shoppers are annoying~

Hope you are taking care of yourself~
I hate shopping too! Great piece Ella!
I can relate to your imagery! If it's that bad, I just go home. I hate shopping anyway.
Mary said…
Ella, I love your description of the 'big box forest.' That fits it so well; and yes, some of those aisles are hopeless to navigate. Well expressed, and I hope that Frankenstorm is not as bad as predicted.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
By the way, that image is FREAKY!!!!!!
Ella said…
Hi Sherry-My son scared my daughter with a video on YOUTUBE. He says there is a game, too. Never dull at my house, lol~

Mary-Thank you! You know it...I swear people reach over my head. I'm not very tall and around me. RUDE...drives me nuts. I was asked if I was an Indian, yesterday. I know I have some in I said, "Yes", lol.They told me I look Cherokee? Thanks Mary...yeah, I am worried about flooding and losing some trees~

Alex-I know, I have left before! Christmas shopping is mainly online. My daughter asked about Black Friday today...eeeewwww!

Audrey-I think we could start a support group! I'm glad I'm not the only one~ I do like to shop, just not when it is crowded~ Thank you!

Heaven-Thank you, I am! I bet there are a bunch of us, that feel this way~ Glad to know I'm not alone :D

Mary Ann-Thank you! Yeah, it is like a Zoo! I actually call it that, lol!

Sandi-Thank you! Nice to know I'm not alone ;D

Bradley-I totally understand! Thank you for sharing :D

Kay-Thank you! Wow, I'm amazed how many of us feel the same way~ ;D
I hear you! Though I must admit, when I was trapped on Adak Island I couldn't wait to get to a big store...couldn't wait to be in a mall. I was trapped on an island 1500 mls from the Alaska coastline. I was living on a large shaky rock(16 earth tremors a day).
Now, different story, lol.

Sherry-Yes, that will do it! I know think of Faiza ;D
Ella said…
Thank you Sherry ;D
Laurie Kolp said…
lol... this is great, Ella. Storm or no storm, Halloween still brings out the Slender Man... and gotta have the candy!
Ella said…
Laurie-lol! Yes, it sure does... ;D
Green Speck said…
I loved it ... shopping can be tough at times :-)
Fireblossom said…
I have a related pet peeve, Ella. I hate it when I have just finished paying for something, and before I can square away my bag and get it back on my shoulder, some ninny is shoving their purchases around me. I hate that!
Anonymous said…
I REALLY love this poem! Your description of the chaos is perfect.

Be safe,
Lolamouse said…
Brilliant, Ella! I just experienced all of this just hours ago. Halloween on top of Frankenstorm preparations led to chaos in Walmart, which I should have avoided but realized too late that I needed a few things. UGH. It was amusing, however, watching everyone coming out of the Faststop stores where I was filling my car loaded up with cases of beer!
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh I know what you mean. I hate it when people move in on me and reach around me like they have eight arms.
Renee said…
Amen. I swear if I'm looking at it the whole world thinks they must need it to. Great poem!
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