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   I was thrilled to discover my Chanel Inspired Hangers featured, in the Autumn issue of Somerset Life.  Thank you, to Christen Olivarez n' staff!!!

   This issue uses things you most likely have around the house, to create items for the holiday season.  Once the calendar turns to  September, it feels like the marathon begins.  We see hints everywhere we go, Autumn flavored coffees, ads luring us, to start our lists and we see new fashions appear, not only in stores, but in nature. In the 'Editor's Letter,' Christen shares how we can feel rushed,  "I can't count the number of times, I've had to pull an all-nighter just to finish a gift."

YES, it has happened to me-I was dared to make an afghan, for my Mom.  I had crocheted Granny Squares, but never made anything other than, pillows, mittens and oven mitts.  Hubby thought I couldn't do it. It was tough. I was also a new Mom and found juggling it all, a bit overwhelming. I started crocheting in the car, when he drove, trying to finish. ***Ssshh, don't tell-I ended up having issues with the Granny Squares.  Some of the end knots had unraveled.  Thank you to who ever invited Fabric glue...tee,hee  You saved me!   ;D

Yes, the quote I shared for a poetry challenge, also inspired me to create clothes hangers. I made them to divide my daughter's closet into seasons.  I did mine as well, but she has the biggest closet in the house-so fun!   I covered the hangers with  Flour sack towels and odds n' ends I had on hand, to symbolize the seasons.   You could make these for a gift~

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”-Coco Chanel

This is the summer hanger featured in the magazine.  Summer to me, is the shore, the waves n' the bluest sky. Treasure hunting on the beach!

 Here is the spring hanger.  I think of Cherry blossoms bursting to life and all the wonderful pink confetti, in my yard.  I used a bit of material, ribbon and a vintage pin.  Yes, I found the pin, at a local thrift shop!  Check out shops near by you! You never know what you may find...

My autumn n' winter hangers weren't included.  I did add some special effects, behind the photos. (in case you were wondering ;D)   I  took photos, before I mailed my submission in.  It was rushed, but not Fabric glue rushed, lol. 

When I think of autumn, I think of the chill in the morning n' evening strolls. The smell of wood smoke, apples and hot chocolate. We need to button up. I added silk and ribbons, which reflected the vibrant mood of nature's fashion show. 

Here is the winter hanger. Winter reminds me, of growing up in New England. This meant a lot of snow, ice and bare, black branches.  It also that time of year, we need a special out fit, for a holiday party or big event~

Have you ever had to pull an all-nighter to finish a gift?  What do you love most about the seasons?  Do you have a favorite season?
Have you started crafting items for the holiday?


Mary said…
Congratulations Ella on having your Chanel- inspired hangers featured in the magazine. Impressive, but not surprising, as you are so talented in that way.

I will not be crafting anything for holidays myself, but envy those who do.

Enjoyed this post.
Susie Clevenger said…
Congratulations Ella!! You are so talented. I love the hangers! I am not crafting anything, but who knows I might be inspired to do something.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, how wonderful, Ellen! The pictures are beautiful; I imagine that the hangers are even better in person. The concept is great. You're so creative!
I can see my wife making hangers like that - and then chastising me a week later when I hung everything in the wrong place.
I recorded myself playing an Elvis tune for my mother last year. Wasn't an all nighter, but it was many hours of takes to get it right.
Anonymous said…
Ella I was so thrilled to see your hangers in the pages of Somerset Life, they so deserve this accomplishment. Congratulations!
They are not only incredibly beautiful but signify what Somerset Life represents, taking the ordinary and practical items of our day to days and transforming them into things of beauty.
I would say I am an Autumn girl. Have a pulled an all-nighter, well not quite but certainly near enough. In fact I am starting to get feelings of concerned at all I need to achieve for Christmas!
Netty said…
Congtatulations Ella, your hangers are beautiful, x
Dorthe said…
Dear Ella,
congratulations on being featured in Somerset Life. with your beautiful hangers. They are all so very lovely,and I loved reading your little private stories,too.
Hope you are well and enjoying the autumn dayes.
Unknown said…
Awesome that you were featured, Ell! Loved your concept for the 'summer hanger'. :-D
Brian Miller said…
oh wow...what an honor to have your hangers in the magazine...that is awesome...and they look really cool as well...we are in the midst of my fav season right now....i love autumn...the smells and textures...the crinkly leaves...the last bit of beauty...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, way to go being featured in a magazine........I admire your transformation of something as simple as a clothes hanger to a thing of beauty. Awesome, kiddo!
scarlett clay said…
Beautiful feature, Ellen! Congratulations on this well deserved recognition!
NightlySun said…
Awesome Ella! Congratulations!
Congratulations on having your work published! That would make a great tear sheet!
Ella said…
Thank u everyone
I will return to comment
I drove hubby to the dr.
Ella said…
Cynthia-Thank you! Thanks for the idea :D

FunnyGJB-Thank you so much :D

Scarlett-Congrats to you, too :D
I loved your idea~ Thank you~

Sherry-It was fun, the quote was what got me thinking ;D Thank you!

Brian-Thank you! Yes, me too! Yes, it is like a glorious sunset that lingers in our heart n' soul~ :D

EJ-Thank you! :D I love how words inspire us and hounds, lol!

Dorthe-Thank you so much! I so hope you are enJOYing your weather, too~ I hope you are making time to create, too :D

Netty-Thank you! Words inspired me~
I will be by to see what you have been creating :D

Lynne-I have pulled an 'all-nighter' too :D I hear you...
Thank you so much! I enjoy seeing your art progress! You always have beautiful ideas to share~ I'm an Autumn girl, too @>-----

Alex-How sweet you are to make a song for your Mom! :D <3 that idea! Oh, the hangers I only did 4 for each closet, so no chasing is necessary~ Just to separate the clothing into seasons :D

Mary Ann-Thank you! I know fabric has been done and yarn...but I thought sorting by season would inspire us to look at things differently. It did... some things over lap, but that is the fun of it~ ;D (you should submit again)

Susie-It is about unique gestures to inspire the ordinary to extraordinary! Some big ideas and small ones, too. ( like Wallpaper envelopes for gifts, stationery sets and clever packaging ideas :D)
Thank you so much~

Mary-Thank you so much! I disagree ;D You will be creating magic with those grandchildren!!! And I bet baking Christmas cookies :D

Unknown said…
Congratulations on getting published. I love the hangers, they are a wonderful idea. I often feel rushed to get a gift finished. I guess that I must spend too much time procrastinating and then try to get too much done.
Ella said…
Janelle-Thank you! I know that feeling~ I am trying to get a head start, but something always tosses me off track!(usually sickness)
We have to make a plan n' try, right?! ATB 2U :D
congrats on appearing in a magazine again :)
I always loved winter most, the colder the better, love the romantic feel of it :)
Also adore foggy and frosty Autumns with the smell of roasted chestnuts in the wind and lovely chrysanthemums blooming all around :)
Ella said…
Dezzy-I love what you shared! I think you might be a poet ;D
I love fog, wrought iron fences, the chill in the air and red maple leaves! :D Your adore list is so romantic~
Monica said…
Dear Ella,
I have just had the time to peruse the latest issue of SL and when I saw your beach inspired hanger, I screamed with delight! Then saw it was yours! :) Heartfelt congratulations, and thanks for such gorgeous ideas and for sharing your stories. I love to read the inspiration behind the art and learn something more about the artist..