Ssssshhh, Don't Tell

Sssssh, I am being bad today!  ;D   My Christmas present arrived and I peeked!   Hubby never knows what to get me, so I helped him out, lol.  I ordered something I wanted.  My friend Vicki posted about Sibella Court, last week.  Vicki is having a give away, be sure to stop by. Sibella is an Interior Stylist, collector, and author.  I have always wanted one of her books. I saw her on this show Man Shops Globe, it is on the Sundance channel.  I loved the collections she shared!

Funny, Sibella and Santa Claus have the same initials! ;D

I browsed around and saw some of the pages here and here.   So, I ordered it-yes, I'm a naughty elf.
I have ordered things before and didn't open the box. I would pass it to my daughter to wrap, but this time I'm justifying the peeking.  Hubby was in Tennessee and brought back this neck cold virus.  I know right...on the news about all the meningitis scare.  It is awful...well, I caught this virus... It is dreadful, my apologizes for not visiting much.  The best way to compare it is I feel like Alice in Wonderful when her neck is stretched.  no maybe Rock'em, Sock'em Robots.  It is horrid-take your vitamins and eat well!  YOU do not want to catch this-ick!

Anyway...sssssh...oh, here comes my son.  He is getting ready to leave, for a college class....Yeah, bye yeah, drive safe!    He is gone, coast is clear....

 Would you like a cup of tea?  We can peek together!

 Seeing this button photo reminds me of my Mom's button collection.  Did your Mom collect buttons?   I do now.   I have a small tin full. 

 I love the striped bookmark.  "The Life of a Bowerbird" ....Creating beautiful interiors with the things you collect.  Do you have a collection?  I think we all did as kids. I use to collect shells, than Koala bears, but now books, tins and tiny chairs. What is a Bowerbird?  They are known for collecting and putting a lot of time and energy into their nests.   Here is a bit more about them.

oooh, I love the tiny vessels of paint pigment!  It has an apothecary feel.  The whole book is like taking a venture into a curiosity shop. 

Doesn't this nook look cozy!  I can see one gathering inspiration, soaking in the morning sun in this creative space.  I love the idea of being surrounded by words.  :D

Chalk boards are so fun!  Do you have one? 

I love the carefree look of bringing the outdoors in!  I use to have a patio table indoors.

It was fun to have you visit me and peer into a collector's world, I mean my present.   I bet at some point in time, we all have collected something.  I think mainly now I collect words.  If you dare, you can read my spooky poem over at my other blog!  I dare you.... You might remember I was dared once to write a poem, it changed my world.  I will share more about that soon~


Hope your husband doesn't read your blog or you're in big trouble, little elf!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
As a photographer, I could just get lost in those photos.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Vic and I do Christmas the same way! We have so much stuff and are perfectly content buying what we want for ourselves. Sure makes things easier and neither of us is ever disappointed! 8-) I enjoyed your post. I'm glad you're feeling better. My grandson had a little bug last week, and he's teething as well. Yuckiness.
Tamara said…
I want this book!! I love the little apothecary bottles. And now I want a swing in my dining room. What an awesome idea. Great post!! Thanks for cheating and sharing it with us. :)
~Sia McKye~ said…
Love that nook!

All those interesting pictures and yes, my mother had a huge glass pickle jar (the gallon type) filled with buttons and several other jars as well. Needless to say, we never ran short on buttons.
Kay L. Davies said…
Buttons! Oh yes, my mother had a button jar, and a rag bag. Essentials in those days.
So sorry you're not well. I can commiserate because I've had this chest infection for a month now. Going to the hospital next week for a pulmonary test. I'll probably fail, because I've never been a good breather.
I do hope you are well soon.
And I love that you peeked (or more than peeked) at your Christmas present. LOL
Hope you're feeling better! Sometimes it's fun to peek at our presents!
Mary said…
Oh, Ella, I hope you don't have anything like that meningitis virus. I enjoyed your post; and I think it is good that you know what you will get for Christmas and know that you will like it as well.
It's o.k to peek just peek though. It is a lovely book! Thanks for visiting my guest post over on Karen's blog and for the kind comment. I'll be back!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I so loved this post.........can see why you love this book, it is your cup of tea. Must go read your poem now....
Unknown said…
I collect crystals and stones, tee shirts and books. I love, love them. LOL I could really get lost in that book and I can see why you wanted to peek right away.

Feel better, my friend. Hugs!
Monica said…
Never heard of this book before... but it looks brilliant, so I'm going to present it to myself for Christmas!! :) Thanks Ella!
Hugs to you.
Shelly said…
Hope you feel better.

Hugs and chocolate,

Susie Clevenger said…
I love this much to inspire. Shoot I collected lots of things, but now mostly dust. lol
scarlett clay said…
Looks awesome! The best gifts I ever get I buy myself, too! lol, enjoy your early Christmas peeking!
Ellie Garratt said…
Naughty. Naughty. But I can see why you peeked, though. The book looks stunning.

I don't really collect things as such, other than books and Star Trek items. Actually, that's not true. I do collect post-it notes. Every time I see something new, I have to buy it. LOL. I love the images/maps you can make with them when plotting a story or novel. Not forgetting the brown parcel paper they get stuck too. If I'm feeling really adventurous I use old wallpaper.

Okay. Now you probably think I'm made!
This is so much fun. I totally sympathize with selecting your own gifts...I do the same thing, and sometimes we don't bother with the wrapping part.
M Pax said…
Ooo! What a pretty book of inspiration. I can see why you wanted that. I do have buttons someplace. I'll have to think what to do with them at some point.
LTM said…
What a GORGEOUS BOOK! And LOL at you for taking pix of every page and posting them on your blog. You're going to get in big trouble if hubs checks your site. :D

Love that. I don't even do art, and I might have to snag a copy.

Merry Christmas! ;p <3
Ella said…
Leigh-I know it really is! It is like an escape. You can open a page and be swept away ;D So far, so good! lol I love that!
Merry Halloween first, tee,hee! <3 555

MPax-It is! You know you could tie them on bows with string on your packages this year :D

Pat-lol You are right! It is fun and something he would never pick out for me~ Sometimes I think I should open his gifts and he mine.
Then we will be surprised :D

Ellie-Yes, I am a bit, lol!
I collect post it notes, too! Maybe one day I will share~ It freaks me out when hubby moves them. They are usually all over the desk! :D You aren't mad, but I do think you are clever- I did write a poem recently about yellow wallpaper and the woman was mad~ You are fun!

Scarlett-Thank you! It is true, we know what we want! I really want beeswax for Christmas. I don't dare ask-I'll probably get bees, lol ;D

Susie-I collect that too and paint chip samples! lol :D

Shelly-Thank you! It helped~ :D

Monica-I love that! Thank you~
Hugs to you! xo

Melissa-Thank you! How fun-I love what you shared~ :D

Sherry-It is an unique journey! :D
I collect tea, too lol

Debra-I peeked and the book is tucked away. My daughter came home from school and hid it! :D No more peeking, for me~

Mary-I was worried, when the headache showed up! I'm better, still not quite over the neck feeling, but I'm okay~ Thank you :D

Cynthia-Yes, sometimes ;D I did pretty good~ Thanks for agreeing with me!!

Kay-I hope you are okay! I hate colds that linger~ Keep me posted! My fingers are crossed for you~

Sia-Yes, our Mothers really did have unique buttons~ How fun!
My Mom collected jars-maybe we are related ;D

Tamara-I know right! How fab would that be ;D You are welcome~

Mary Ann-I think it is nice, but so are surprises, too! I hope your grandson is better. I so hate it when little ones are sick~

L.Diane-I didn't know that! How fun~ Yes, you truly would :D

Alex-So far, so good ;D lol

Wanda said…
Oh what a naughty girl you are :) I can see why you were anxious to get inside the pages of that book.
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Yes, I was a bit naughty, lol! :D