A confession...

I confess... I exercise with a group of really handsome men!   Sometimes there are a few women, but mainly men.  No one knows, my new workout....oh, yeah, I still ride my bike, but I do a few videos first. 

When my kids were little, I found taking them to the gym a major meltdown.  Instead, I would ride my bike, after dinner or hubby would watch the kids. I found the gym scene crowded, so I found another way.   We lived in Alaska, when I discovered Collage Video.  I started buying videos, later dvds.  I did get plenty of exercise shoveling snow, but I enjoyed the variety of having a few vids on hand.  Now, I have my daughter interested in exercise dvds.  She likes the ballet ones.  

These are my new favs...tee,hee

I love this performance!  Around 1:03 some butt grabbing and at 1:11 half splits! Amazing...
I know same song as before, but the band really rocks it~

If you love Video games...you have to watch this one! It is insane... If you only want to watch one...this is the one!  At 6:34..well,  you'll see  ;D  

This all started going to daughter's marching band competitions...I got hooked on watching the creative performance and most bands play current music or older rock tunes. 

It is said, if you song makes it into the marching band world, it really is a hit :D


I saw that last one a couple weeks ago. Very impressive! Those moves are harder than most think.
Gail said…
That last one is simply amazing. I cannot imagine the hours that went into prefecting that.
Ink in the Book said…
Who would have thought a marching band could be so creative?
E.J. Wesley said…
I'm a marching band geek from way back, Ella! Loved these. The Stanford band tribute to video games is my all time favorite. :-)
Siv Ottem said…
Great videos! My hubby is in a marching band, wish they did some of that stuff....LOL! Got an award on my blog for you today :)
Melissa Bradley said…
Love, love, LOVE these!! Thank you so much for sharing. The bands are my one of my favorite things about college football games.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, what a good time! If you need to add to these, let me recommend Michigan State University's marching band. (My alma mater, of course!) I needed the smiles today. Thanks for a great little posting.
kaykuala said…
Wonderful videos Ella. A marching band can be so much fun. Never thought it can be such. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Sugar said…
I koved watching these. They are awesome. Thank you.
LTM said…
You are so right about that, Ella! I love watching the bands, too! It's one of the things I miss most about not being local to go to the games in person. They don't show the band performances on TV.

And what's this about your handsome workout partners??? :D <3 555
M Pax said…

That is quite a skill to keep to do the marching band thing. I did a brief stint in junior high. Just playing and moving was quite a skill.

I love exercise dvds. That's my preferred workout.
Arlee Bird said…
Love those creative band routines. Sometimes I wish I'd have taken up a band instrument in addition to playing violin. The kids in high school band always seemed to have so much fun.

A Faraway View
Ella said…
Hi Lee-I know! I played the clarinet in band~ We were a small high school-I so wished I had a chance to be in band like that! I wanted to play the drum. My Dad wasn't keen on the idea~ I love the violin-do you still play?!

MPax-I love exercise dvds, too! I bet you were good ;D Congrats on your book!

Leigh-I know...they should right!
lol! Congrats on your book :D

Melissa-I'm glad you enjoyed it!
It is amazing~ You are welcome :D

Hank-I'm glad you liked it! I know it isn't what it use to be, when I was little. :D

Mary Ann-I will check them out! Thank you ;D so fun to watch~ I am happy if I helped~

Melissa-I know! So fun and the crowd really gets into it :D
You are welcome~

Siv-Oh, thank you! I'm sorry I'm late to stop by~ It is been a bit difficult~ Thank you :D

EJ-Wow, another thing in common!
I know I flipped when I saw it~ I was in line to get something to eat at a game and this guy ahead of me was playing it on his phone!
He asked if I had seen this...it
was so fun, to watch! Amazing!!!

Inky-I know right?! Crazy good, lol ;D

Gail-I know, how much time it must of taken?! I'm in awe...I do know
my daughter's guard practices two nights after school one night 4 hrs and the other 3 hrs. Each day she has a class for guard/band practice...so 5 classes a week! It is a lot of time and this is high school. The college level...whoa I can't imagine :D

Alex-Me, too! Where you in the food line, with me and I didn't know it, lol! ;D

Arlee Bird said…
Sadly, I don't play my violin anymore. My old violin sits there in the closet waiting for me but I never seem to make it. I really should pick it up sometimes, but it always seems like there's so much to do.

A Faraway View
Mary said…
Very odd. I thought I had commented on this entry already, as I had viewed it at lunchtime once with Mya and we watch especially the University of Wisconsin band and gangam style. They really are amazing and I was sure I said something, but perhaps I got so involved in the videos........anyway super cool.