Doubt n' Disappointment

Hubby says, looks like the mail lady brought you a package.  It is from Stampington and I hadn't ordered anything. It is a box of doubt n' disappointment. I went out to retrieve my package, from the doorstep.  My first thought is I do not want to open it.   I will analyze  it, why not, was it not the right color, too odd, didn't photography well, not what they were looking for, or someone else made something similar...I'll never know Why?   As I drag it in the house, I decide not to waste time lingering over it.  I cut it open-inside are two things I had published and a plastic bag of Paper Bag Art.   I took photos of my favs and let the doubt and discouragement fade.  No, you are not going to ruin my day.  I hate that about being an artist. I hate the rejection, but worse is never knowing why?
There isn't any feedback, "Oh, we were looking for a bolder print, bright colors, etc."   And you have no idea about your competition. Once in awhile you will see artist share, but it is after the deadline is over.

 I do know it is part of the process....I do know that my art has to attract their attention, before any thought of an article is even considered. An article is like two wins. Your art passed and now they want you to explain your technique.  YOU never know what they want, what will work, and what won't.  IF you love art, writing, poetry, etc.-YOU will continue to subject yourself to the process.  The 3-Ds will continue to haunt you, but it is part of the process.   Doubt, discouragement and disappoint are part of it, but so is the 3-Es.   The excitement, the enchantment and the elation, of seeing your name in print and your efforts, rewarded. Okay 4-Es, lets go for 5- An EXTRAORDINARY feeling!

Try, try again!

These all are paper bags. I am not buying Christmas paper.  I will just revamp the brown or white paper bag!   These will be for birthdays and I'll make some new ones for Christmas!  I try not to buy gift wrap. (Actually, these were free paper bags found in the frozen food section!)

I'll share with you, some of my ideas as the season unfolds.  I told my family we were going to have The Twelve Days of Thanksgiving-they think I'm kidding, lol.  Why not?!  ;D


Ink in the Book said…
12 Days of Thanksgiving? Why not? I love it!
We celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. I think you just created a new traditions for us!
Janet Martin said…
Yes! I grew up on 'try, try again':) Than-you for being such an inspiration for I'm sure we've all felt those 3-D's.
Ella said…
Hi Janet-Yes, we have! You are too kind~ I would so love to see more poems from you! I know you are busy~
I love your voice ;D

Inky-I really did it one year...they just didn't know. I baked one made one special item, every day. They were not willing to cut back on the holiday menu. SO, I made it work, for me~ One day cheese ball, another day Cranberry bread, etc. Yeah, they didn't know, but they did suspect when I made a pie, early-lol
Why not, lol OOh, that sounds fun... :D
Mary said…
I like the idea of 12 Days of Thanksgiving. Your ideas may not appear in Stampington, but you have a fan base here who thinks your ideas are pretty cool! Good for you for continuing to 'submit' though. You have a positive upbeat attitude which will be rewarded!
Anonymous said…
Your words are profound dear Ellen. I too have received that dreadful box of unpublished work and the feeling of disappointment rushes through my body, but just for a moment. I find it's an irresistible enchantment that draws us to these challenge a spell. I suspect we will continue to ship our little dreams in cardboard's what we as artist do:)

xo, abby

P.S. These creations are beautiful! I especially love the first one.
Heaven said…
I like the idea and turning out creative pieces such as these is affirmation enough of talent and skill ~

Have a good weekend Ella ~
I agree with what Mary said. You have fans here and we won't ever reject you. So you just keep trying!
oh my dear, rejection is part of the territory; don't take it personally, really. Just keep going! Study several issues of the the publication you're interested in and you'll get a pretty good idea of what they're looking for. Also, I've been at Stampington's offices and it's shocking the amount of submissions that come in; i'm guessing this is why you don't get an explanation with the returns!
Hope this makes you feel better. xo
Green Speck said…
A really nice idea :-)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your work is beautiful and we all believe in you and love seeing what you create. Never mind if one very subjective person was looking for something different. You delight us with your art every single day.
Naturally Carol said…
You can never have too much thanksgiving in your life!
Anonymous said…
It is brave to share your feelings of rejection with us but most importantly your sense of turning a negative into a positive.
What I submit is not returned as it would be ridiculous postal charges for this to be carried out but I so agree, it would be more helpful if we knew why a submission didn't make the grade, then I tell myself, the immense mail the must receive surely would make it impossible for them to devote resources.
It may not matter but in my eyes the bags are astonishing in their beauty.
P.S. I like to use white lunch bags (they have a slight waxy surface) and are fabulous for altering.
Ella said…
I'll be back...I promised my daughter to go get a few items...and she saw me blogging. So, I am signing off..I will be back!
Happy Sunday everyone :D
Hope you are doing well...
Kristin said…
Been there! LOVED your description of it all - and love that it came back with a returned published piece too. No surprise here, but you described it all beautifully. You are a wonderful voice for us, xoxoxo
Ella said…
Hi Kristin! Thank you...I can't wait to see your article in the what you made!
Congrats :D You rock xoxo @>-------

Lynne-It does matter and thank you so much~ I agree with you-there is probably so much. I am guessing it is like letters to Santa ;D Oh, your art is so pretty-I bet you make a lot of people happy. I understand~
Yes, those are great-you are right!

Naturally Carol-You are so right, but you can have too much pie, lol

Sherry-Thank you! You are so sweet~
I will be brave and keep going! It sometimes feels like a battle, but I love it~ @>---------

Green Speck-Thank you :D

Colette-Thank you, so nice of you to fill me in~ It does explain a lot...yes, try, try again! Congrats on getting the cover of SStudio Gallery :D @>--------

Alex-You are the best Captain, ever! :D Thank you~

Grace-Thank you! :D I will keep at it~ Hope you survived Halloween :D ATB

Abby-Thank you! Yes, it is what we do... Sometimes I get jealous of those who do not know this torment. Yet, I wouldn't swap being creative-it is in our blood!
@>----- xo Yes, we are under a spell-a rainbow one ;D

Mary-Thank you :D Yes, I will continue to try, try again...
@>----- YOU are sweet~

E.J. Wesley said…
Ella, you are seriously one of the most inspirational people I've ever stumbled upon from a creative standpoint. You just create! And I love everything you do, because it's so easy to feel the passion--the energy--you put into all of your projects.

This post was the perfect thing to read as I'm coming off of vacation and have edits waiting on me. It's always a scary/overwhelming feeling when you read constructive feedback--you know, the "Love it! But it still needs work!" kind. :-)

Hope you had a great Halloween! And yes, please keep creating. :-D
please don't EVER stop making your art, writing, taking photographs... no matter if someone rejected it. all art is subjective and all that really matters is how it makes you feel to create. *hugs*

i LOVE the idea of The Twelve Days of Thanksgiving!!!

Ella said…
Dani-Thank you for being you and your kind words! @>------- <3
It means a lot to me~ I'll be by, soon!

EJ-I can't wait to read your book!
I am almost done with my current one and YOU are next! I can see it being fast n' fun, from the preview!
I am so happy I found you through Alex!
Some how I missed this post! Thank you so much~ It means a lot to me!