Fall's Finale

Maybe it is just me, but once we turn the calendar to December I'm in winter mode. I know, I know when winter officially arrives.  It is just the mood, the rush of gearing up for the next holiday and sweeping the old year out and a New Year in. 

I went out and walked this morning, after it warmed up to 33 degrees, lol.   I want to show you some of  Fall's Finale.   I'm always in awe of the beauty that I find in my back yard.
One just has to remember to look...  

I witnessed rose buds on my Pinata Rose.  Our temperatures lately are more down, than up.   So, is my mood.  I don't like the dance of darkness arriving so early.  I think it takes me about a month to adjust the time change.   I function,  but I struggle.  Everyone I talk to is struggling, too.   What do you do to snap yourself out of the funky between mood?

I think nature comforts me the most. When I go a few days without visiting it, I get blue.
I guess I need the peace of being outdoors.  For me making time to witness the magic Mother Nature provides is like meditation. 

Mary over in the Garden prompted us to write a poem about connections.  

Quiet cold etchings in 
iridescent light
   paint new designs 
 green therapy

     Unique lighting mingles
       old thoughts with anew
   sage wisdom can be 
if one looks 

             I  see hanging motes tilting on
      clotheslines, vines and
wind chimes
     temperature and light
  my muse

              Enter the new window designs, 
intricate n' fractured
testing spirit's

                 Tempted by blue green dark shadows
I walk to quiet the 
howling wind
for the
yellow curtain 
to descend~
                                                                                   © Ellen Wilson




I think around here the yellow curtain has dried up and blown of the trees.
Excellent photos, Ella.
And yes, it gets dark way too soon.
Anonymous said…
Last stanza a clincher.
Ink in the Book said…
I don't know which one I love the most: your photography or writing.

Winter is my favorite season, Dec. Jan. and Feb. my favorite months. I know the darkness is fantastic, but the season is. I hope your mood brightens soon:)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Spectacular images, kiddo and such a poignant poem. I think I am part Bear - I love staying in, under fleecy blankets watching movies in winter.........it's only tough when I have to go Out - into the grayness and rain.
Like the photos Ella, The poem is excellent in itself, new window designs...like that
Mary said…
You definitely write as if you are connected to nature at a deep level.

I especially like this stanza, Ella--

Quiet cold etchings in
iridescent light paints new designs
over my green therapy --

which really affects the way nature affects you. But brrrrrh, nature could be just a bit 'kinder' this time of year!
aprille said…
This writing is as delicate as the tracings in your picture.

And I agree: Autumn runs from the end of August to the end of November. We are weeks out with the conventional division of seasons.
aprille said…
Just followed the link - how fun!
Daydreamertoo said…
I'm with you all the way on feeling blue... literally in my case..lol
It's -7c here today 19f to you. With snow flurries. The wind chill is taking it down to -16.
Hate it! But, keep reminding myself, spring is the next to arrive. LOL Although it seems like forever in the future.
Your poem is beautiful. There's no mistaking the connection you feel to being with nature and absorbing its peace.
Green Speck said…
Beautiful poem ... loved it !!!
Anonymous said…
Fall comes and goes all too fast. I miss it already. Great pics. I love the amazing colors of the leaves turning various colors.
Kim Nelson said…
You've given us the impression that you and your garden are one; breathing, moving, growing in tandem. Nicely done, Ella.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Incredibly beautiful images, Ellen, both in your photos and your poem. I love this time of year. I find such beauty in the bare oaks and frosted mornings. You've captured it here.
Fireblossom said…
I love your photographs! I, too, struggle with (read: hate) the time change and wish we could just stay on standard time. But i do struggle more with springing forward than with falling back. As for the short days and long nights, i LOVE them! The final three months of the year are my favorites, weather wise.
Peggy said…
You are definitely writing about connections with nature here and thank goodness you have that at this time of year! I guess I like all the seasons, each in its uniqueness. Enjoyed reading this.
Helen said…
The connection between the world of nature and you rings clear in every word .. photography is exquisite.
Susan said…
" green therapy " uhuh!
but how does the white canvass fit in? She who walks in nature does not get rusty!
Ella said…
Mary Ann-I love what you shared bare oaks and frosted mornings~ Beautiful...
Yes, I do feel connected to nature. I love to discover the many worlds within. :D Thank you~

Kim-I do think some of us are more connected to nature. It stirs and moves us, more than others. Thank you Kim, but now I laugh, when I think about the weeds(bad habits) I need to get rid of. Yes, I am a garden, lol

Stephen-I know I didn't see the glorious colors this year. Thank you! I think of the leaves changing their mood, before the final show down. Thank you~

Ella said…
Hi Susan-Jack Frost was using the white canvas spray paint. He was showing us a preview of his new painting, that soon will be taking over our view. The art is always there, but the painting is always changing ;D lol

Helen-Thank you! I love to walk and see the changes :D @>-----

Peggy-Yes, each one has their own gift! Thank you~ @>-----

Fireblossom-Thank you! I do understand the comfort of winter and its magic. I think there is beauty in all the seasons! And like you I hate the time change ;D

Green Speck-Thank you! :D You must love green, like me~

Bren-Thank you! I feel that way when I read your poems about the sea. They always remind me of my home~ :D @>-------

Aprille-Hello, I enjoyed your view...I'll be back to see about those photos. ;D
Thank you, you are sweet~

Mary-Thank you! I do feel that way ;D I see you enjoy it in your photos and your love of walks~
Yes, I am hoping for a kinder weekend. I have to go to two parades tomorrow. The one at night, is long...brrr is right!

Hi Tatius-Thank you! I think I would enjoy designing nature's view. I have designed windows ;D

Sherry-lol, I thought you were part wolf?! Oh, I know that was a different season ;D You switch it up...You are clever like that, ;D
Thank you! I too want to be a bear, once the cold air arrives!

Inky-Thank you! There is a lot to be said, for all the holidays clustered into these months ;D
I get it... I will keep busy and walk faster, when I'm outside with Jack Frost nipping at my nose and toes, lol @>--------

ReBelle-Beautiful name! Thank you so much~ I'll be by to visit you!

Alex-Sorry to hear that! Thank you Captain and yes, it does! Maybe this is why I enjoy the blue hour ;D

I'm having issues with the router. Happy, though the parts arrived to cool something and heat sync this or that... My geek squad promises all will be well soon. My son ordered the parts ;D
I will be by tomorrow to visit!
I waited hoping it would get fixed.
Tomorrow is the plan...
Thanks for being patient!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love the idea of green therapy and its slow defacement by the coming of Winter... there is a world of ideas in that.
Willow said…
You make me miss seasons with your pre-poem sharing and photos and your poem. "Waiting for the yellow curtain to descend," great description.
Becky Shander said…
Oh such beauty...of pictures and words of awareness.
Marian said…
green therapy! argh, i am missing that already :)
Ella said…
Marian-I know right! It is on a downward spiral....

Shambolic Living-Thank you so much :D

Becky-Thank you! I know you reflect in nature's glorious view, too :D

Willow-Oh, I do know...I have lived without them before, myself. I have lived in Alaska where there is only two seasons winter n' spring. Sorry... Thank you~

Kerry-Thank you :D Yes, the seasons offer us so many gifts of inspiration~
Hannah said…
I just love this entire poem Ella...it speaks to me and I agree with you...it is important to get out and connect...I must remember to make that happen when I can. Thank you for the reminder.

I love this stanza:

" Unique lighting mingles
old thoughts with anew
sage wisdom can be
if one looks "

Beautiful writing throughout, My green-loving friend. ♥ ss/tt all one!
Melissa Bradley said…
I love the fall and winter, especially when it gets dark. I love the cold and the brightness of the moon, plus now that it's December...all those Christmas lights. :)

Wonderful, inspiring verse, my friend.
Ella said…
Hi Melissa-I love what you shared!
For me there are gifts in each season. Summer use to be, but isn't my favorite anymore. It is too hot n' humid in the south. Funny, how it changes, as we grow. The moon was amazing this week. There aren't many nights I'm not out under the umbrella of stars guided by the moon light-love it! Yes, so fun to drive around and see the glow!~
Thank you :D

Hannah-Yes, you are a green girl, lol! I hope I come home when we can wander in green's glory :D
Maybe find a few toads, tee,hee
Thank you Hannah-ss/tt <3

Susie Clevenger said…
Love the photography,you are so talented. Your words spoke of your deep connection with nature. It breathes throughout the poem.
Margaret said…
I remember the crispness and way things echoed in the winter mornings or evenings - a perfect time to ponder and see things differently. Your photos are great, of course.
Ella said…
Margaret-Thank you! Yes, this is the season of ponder :D I love the way you described it. Lots of echoes in those winter morns~ @>---------
Looking forward to round 2 of dolls~

Susie-Thank you! I'll be by to see what you have been up, too. We have a lot of poet/photographers :D
You n' Margaret take amazing pics~
Oh, I love that-thank you so much!
I really do connect to it deeply~
Teresa said…
The poem and pictures are both wonderful. I am not a fan of these short days either.
LTM said…
I love your lovely poem. Especially this part:

temperature and light
my muse

Winter is always a hard time for me, too. But the writing helps. Maybe that's why I like that line so much~ ((hugs)) my friend 555
Hart Johnson said…
The dance of darkness, eh? Makes it sound sort of lovely, even though I HATE IT (the extra darkness, I mean).

Your photos are gorgeous!
Morgan said…
I know when I'm unable to shake off a dark mood, just stepping outside can help clear so much. Such a lovely post, Ella, and the pictures are amazing. I'm very quickly realizing how cool you are... :D
winter begun in my area today with some faint snow and zero temperatures :) and my cats immediately puffed their fur and now they look like they're Persian cats :)
Ella said…
Dezzy-Oh, I bet your cats are gorgeous :D My beagle bounces when it gets cold, like a lamb, so funny!
Thanks for sharing~

Morgan-Wow, you have quite the story! I look forward to hearing more~ (((hugs))) Thank you @>------

Hart-Wow, or sensual?! lol
I know, me too! Thank you so much :D

Leigh-I owe you several visits...
sorry! Thank you! Winter is hard, for me, too. Yes, writing does help and creating~ (((hugs))) 555

Teresa-Thank you! I don't think I know anyone who is! We will keep busy though and get through it :D