Goosebump Moments

Daughter had a band banquet last week.  We were asked to bring a salad and there was a cake contest.  My mom use to decorate cakes, sell them.   I use to enjoy playing with her Wilton cake tips and books.  I remember her being stressed out, when hired to do a cake.  Her space was limited, like mine is.  Sounds familiar... 

My daughter assured me I didn't need to do this, but I wanted to.  She came home finding me with eight bowls of frosting,  in rainbow colors and black.  I wanted to make a cake to represent the guard's flag, their program was based on an artist trying to find her muse.  Their show was called, "Bring Me To Life".

Their program was about a depressed artist.  She had painted a rose in black, white n' grey.  Then she found inspiration and painted a Rainbow rose.  The flag didn't have purple, but two shades of blue, Fuchsia pink and black.  What was I thinking?   I don't decorate cakes. I  baked two cakes...the prettiest one would go and the ugly one stay home.

My daughter arrived home from school.   "Angela can you please come help me.  Frost the marble size cake, please.  We will take that one.   Mine isn't coming out right."

        "You are kidding me right" she smirks.

          "No, I'm is terrible. Frost the cake so it looks like a planet, swirl the colors on.  The Tortellini salad is done, we just need to finish a cake."

          Son is headed to work.  "Mom, take really looks like the flag.  You are a perfectionist, so you aren't going to be satisfied, no matter what.  You don't have an air brush.   If you did, then you could replicate it, but you don't."

         "Take it"....they yell, laughing.

                                                                             So, I take it.  The room is crowded when we arrive.   I find a seat and wave n' nod, at friends I know.  I am sitting at a table with most of the Guard members. There is music playing in the background.  My mind wanders and I think about earlier in the day, when I was at the post office.  The grandmother of one of the students who had recently died, was ahead of me in line.  The mail clerk was smiling as she said, how sorry she was to hear about her grandson. She couldn't stop smiling and then I heard her laugh.  I wanted to crawl over the counter and smack her.  I know the lady had a nervous reaction, but it appears so insensitive and cold.   I remember the first time I had seen this nervous smile, I was a teenager and it was my Dad's funeral.    I thought of my poem...
Death finds you
it  knocks on your door

No one should be 
smiling, right now...
The band director gets up and starts talking.  Everyone is  anxious to get the program underway.  There is a wonderful tribute to the Seniors and more awards are given out. The Drum Leader gets up and leads them in their pre-performance cheer. "Go Blue" is loudly chanted by all!   She is a Senior and there are tears and laughter, as she says her finally chant, a sea of emotions is felt.   My daughter's name is announced, she is the Guard's Captain.  she gets up and receives a big wink and handshake from her Band Director. She was awarded, MVP for Visual Performance.

Then the sum up and now the cake competition.  There are categories, pretty, original and gross.  My name is called and the #5, which is odd, since I was labeled #6. Odd my lucky number is 5!   The other categories are announced and a line forms for cake.

The music gets louder, tunes the band has played at their performances, mixed in with the original scores.  Then Gangnam Style starts playing. The  kids start dancing, from the back of the room to the front.  I sit there  and look around the room... my poem, it happened like in my poem...they danced!  A chill went up my spine and goosebumps break out.  We started out just like the marching band's program.  Our mood was painted black and then the rainbow appeared-they danced!

Now, go
live and dance for those
who can't
Do it

My looks better from far, far away-


Congratulations to your daughter!
And the cake looks great, Ella. Your kids were right.
I would've wanted to smack that woman as well.
Brian Miller said…
oh wow...amazing resemblance in the cake and the flag...and congrats to your daughter...

i am trying to find reason to smile today though...some beauty...we lost another kid in a car accident last night...3 kids in one week...ugh...i just want to smile...

but i understand as well on the laughter and smiles seeming insensitive....i talked to my kids about it and how we all handle grief differently...and not to let it get them angry...but love them anyway...
farawayeyes said…
Great cake! A most excellent post!
Ella said…
Brian-It was four kids, two Mustangs in less than one week here. The second incident happened to a group of girls returning from a funeral at the high school. It happened, one mile from my house. I could hear sirens and a helicopter-it was and is awful!
Yes, we have discussed the phases, too. They had a grief counselor at school, but I think there needs to be more than that. A counselor for one day, doesn't work.... You all are in my thoughts n' prayers!
I know it is hard and the holiday for those in pain, will make it more so~ Smile for the beauty of your family, your words, and voice!

Alex-Thank you! Awe, that was sweet-thanks :D Yes, I know the difference now. The first time I saw it I wanted to smear the clown's lipstick. I'm not that kind of person, but I was tempted.
David P. King said…
Wow! That's quite a story. #5 really is a special number ... but it would take me a while to say why, so let's just say it doesn't surprise me that it's your lucky number. :)
Daydreamertoo said…
I really like that cake Ella. The colours are what make it look good up close or far away.
Congratulations to your daughter.

Morgan said…

I was totally into this post... such great storytelling... Thanks for sharing, Ella... loved it. :D
Gail said…
Many winners in this tale.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, Ellie, did I ever love this post, the story you tell, and I, too, cringed at the nervous mail lady - all a person needs to do is simply say "I'm sorry" but people are so uncomfortable around death.

I so relate to the "synchronicities", the goosebumps. And your cake is OH! MY! GOD! EXACTLY like their color guard flag. Unbelievable! You truly amaze me. You always go above and beyond for your family. They are lucky people!
Morgan said…
Oh! And I forgot to say thanks for signing up for the Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest! I'm so glad you're participating! <3
Johanna Garth said…
The cake is brilliant! And what a proud moment for both you and your daughter.
Lolamouse said…
Gorgeous cake! It does look like the flag! And congrats to your daughter. I agree that there needs to be more available at school when tragedies occur and to prevent them. Unfortunately, instead of expanding into the schools, like I had been pushing, our local hospice bereavement program has been slashed from 2 full time positions to one half-time. Disgusting.
moondustwriter said…
Your cake speaks loud and clear like your heart
Too bad a cake can't take away all the sorrow

Mary Ann Potter said…
You told the whole story so well, Ellen, that I got goosebumps, too. Life is full of those moments. I'm so glad you had them in the midst of challenges.
N. R. Williams said…
Hi Ella
I'm late getting around. Love the poem and the cake. It reminds me of Van Gouh (and my brain isn't remembering the spelling tonight for some reason).

I dabbled in cake decorating but a back injury made it too painful. What is so wonderful for you is this is a way to celebrate your mother memories.
Cynthia said…
Yay for your daughter! Your cake makes me think of an impressionist painting. I want a bite! I'm sure you got to pick up a lot of cake decorating tips from your mom.
Melissa Bradley said…
I LOVE that cake. I would hire you in an instant because not only did you capture the flag, but you hit on the essence of the performance. you are so truly gifted and inspirational. You make me smile every day and are teaching me to see the beauty in everything around me. Thank you. :)
Emily R. King said…
Beautiful, Ella. I think there's a message in this for us all. :) Your cake is gorg!
Ella said…
Emily-Thank you! I think it is full of sentiment, but I need a few lessons, lol~ ;D You are sweet!

Melissa-Thank you! You rock- And you make me laugh every time, I visit you~ And thank you! OMG-WD was sooo good, no bad, no good, lol!

Cynthia-Thank you! I'll tell her :D
I wish I could give all of you a piece! It was Devil's Dood, with homemade Vanilla icing...but this was the cake I really wanted to bake!
A few tip, but not many! She was a cake artist, I'm not!

N.R.-Thank you! I bet you were wonderful at it! I have back issues, too. My are falling down concrete stairs and car accident related. Sorry, you know this battle~ Thank you, that was beautiful!

Mary Ann-Thank you! The room had so much energy in it, it almost hummed! It was the best banquet I have ever attended! :D

Moondustwriter-Lovely name :D
Thank you! Yes, you are right, but the dancing helped~

Lolamouse-Thank you! Oh, that is sad! I don't understand why....
I know by now I would of thought there would of been some kind of seminar or something-NO! The second accident was txting related.

RaShelle-Thank you! I know you love to bake, too! :D

Johanna-My daughter was thrilled!
Thank you! I had just said, I hope it is aStarbucks gift card and it was, lol!

Morgan-Thank you! It is going to be so fun~ I think I would be so embarrassed, but Alex is a good sport. Maybe he will turn bright red like those Hot Tamales, he so loves, lol. He has spies I swear. He caught me on the clone comment!
He is probably going to see this...

Sherry-Thank you! I still have some magic tricks up my sleeve, lol! Yes, people do not know how to handle it. Neon food color is the magic! Black was the worst color to mix. It was many messed up shades of gray, before I got it right! It took longer to make all the frosting, then it did to mix n' bake the cake!

Gail-Thank you ;D

Morgan-Thank you for visiting me!

Bren-Thank you! Yes, Neon food color worked its magic! Thank you~

David-Thank you, that was sweet! Yet, you leave me wondering... I thought 7 was the magical number?!
Anyway, it worked its magic~ ;D

Farawayeyes-Thank you so much ;D

mmshaunakelley said…
There should be some kind of therapy for overcoming the nervous smile. It is the WORST when you're going through something to have someone flash that.

But the cake is beautiful. This is a fantastic post!
Wanda said…
Believe it or not there was a time I wanted to be a cake artist. I couldn't help but chuckle at your comment that the cake looks better far away. I think you captured the bold colors of the flag beautifully.
Ella said…
Wanda-lol, honestly it looks like a hurricane of frosting, but the kids loved it! Everyone at my table took a piece of my cake-they said it was yummy! I knew they meant it, cause it was real frosting, not the icky sweet canned stuff! Wow, should try it! Online lots of ideas! Me, I would of been a pastry chef, but I guess God had another plan~ :D Thank you...yes, it does resemble the flag, sort of and the colors are good! lol

Mmshaunakelley-I know-it is like a Cheshire cat grin, awkward and weird! And they can't stop, it is like someone plastered it their face. Thank you! lol, it tasted better than it looked, which I am thankful for ;D
Janelle said…
That was an amazing story and the cake looked really good. My daughter is a senior this year, so we are going through all these senior moments and awards too.
Ella said…
Janelle-Thank you! :D I will be in your shoes, next year! I bet there are a lot of tears n' joy! It is hard to see this chapter end, but lots more to come! (((hugs)))
Tamara said…
That was a great story. And I thought the cake came out awesome. The story of you having to make it perfect made me laugh because it reminded me so much of something that would happen at my house. My husband/kids always tease me about not being able to do anything in "halves." I just don't see the point. ;) Congrats to your daughter!!! And the pics are beautiful...
Ella said…
Tamara-Thank you! :D
I couldn't do the cake, like I wanted, but it is what it
The best part was just letting it go and finding joy in the process anyway! One has to laugh at themselves or crack. I'm laughing, lol
Thank you so much!
Mary said…
Ella, I am awed by your post, awed by that cake. Truly amazing. I doubt anyone else could come close.................
Ella said…
Awe Mary, you are sweet! Oh, yes, they could, but thank you~ :D
The most fun was the girls recognizing it! I knew if they did, I won-no matter what!
your cake looks perfect!

Amanda Trought said…
Tell your daughter congratulations from me as well, Ella I really love your writing style, looking forward to your first novel...the cake looks delicious! Amandax
Ella said…
Amanda-You are sweet! The cake tasted better than it looked! I kept thinking I made a hurricane out of frosting, lol. I will, thank you so much~ You are too kind ;D

Dani-Oh, thanks-it wasn't, but I had fun making a mess! I always do ;D
It is the cleaning up that I struggle with, lol! <3