It is the first Wednesday, of the month and time for another installment of IWSG also known as
  Insecure Writer’s Support Group!

Alex Cavanaugh invites us to release our fears to the world – or offer encouragement to those who are feeling neurotic. You can join us, go visit Alex and sign up here. We post the first Wednesday of every month.  Alex asks us to visit at least a dozen new blogs and leave a comment. You never know who you may encourage or who will encourage you!

I want to share a book I found yesterday.  I decided to put my house on a diet, lol.  I'm going through clothing, books, etc. I found this tiny gem wedged in the back of my closet, pinned between a shoe tree thingy and a yoga mat."  I want to share with you a bit from this book, "Escaping Into The Open: The Art Of Writing True" by Elizabeth Berg.

 There is homework at the end of each chapter. I'm sharing an assignment:  Write two stories about how you came by an object that had a great deal of meaning to you. "Make one nonfiction and one fiction...give the stories to at least three people and do not tell which is which... Ask them to tell you which story is true."

 Okay, I'm not going to write a story..but I am going to write two paragraphs. Testing the waters...and than you tell me which one is true.  :D 

 For my 13th birthday, I received the best gift of my life, a camera.  It gave me insight into a new world.  I found a way to visually capture moments in nature and see things through different eyes. I could capture a mood, a feeling, freeze time and catch summer memories for a winter's day. I loved seeing how one could paint with light and shadows. It was another way, I could record my life, who and what I treasured most.

 For my 13th birthday, I received the best gift of my life, a leather journal. I had seen it in the 'Red Pencil' window, one of my favorite shops.  Every day I would walk past it, going to and from school. The beveled glass would allow the light to brush it, just so. It almost glowed. I so hoped one day, it would be mine.  Mom knew I would love it.  It was a beautiful caramel color and fit just right in my hands.  A home to capture my thoughts n' feelings or sketch ideas.  My own tiny nook where I could keep words, poems, quotes that spoke only to me.  It was like having a secret garden of my very own.

I asked my daughter one of the questions in the book..."if you had only a dollar and wanted to buy a gift for someone special, what would you get?"

 My daughter said, "Mom I would buy you a pen, so you could collect n' capture all your thoughts." That's my girl!   A pen...yes, that would make me happy!   I'm always writing lists and trying to catch words!  So, which paragraph is true and which one isn't... The author reminds us when we are authentic the writing isn't so difficult. The author wants us to share our truth, this makes the writing real. Our emotions, our senses take us there and we can relay them. This author reminds us, we all commit "howlers"-the things that make you, reading, cringe.
I'm sorry if I have made you cringe!

She said our job as writers is to seduce you, to want to read more. And our job is to touch hearts by means of putting words to paper.    This reminds me of  one of my favorite quotes:

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
William Wordsworth

Do you fill your paper with your heart?  Is there a thread of truth in your stories?   I bet there is...

I wanted to mention Seth Apter is having an auction to raise $ for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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Melissa Bradley said…
I'm thinking that the second one is true, especially in light of your daughter's response. I loved both, though. :)

I've got to get back to writing more and especially the difficult emotions which I tend to avoid. :)
Ella said…
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Bossy Betty said…
Oh my! I get it totally! The writing that I love always has the writer's heart in it. I strive for that myself, but I don't find it easy!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your daughter knows you so well. Smart girl! I believe they both could be true, as both sound authentic and likely.......but if it can only be one, then I pick the camera.

Question: how do I KNOW I'm acting neurotic, so I can get help? Hee hee.
Ink in the Book said…
I *love* that quote and will be posting it on my blog. Thank you sharing. Your post was truly inspiring this morning and I'm glad you took the time to share it with us!
Johanna Garth said…
Given what I know about you I feel like they're both true.
Seth said…
What an interesting exercise. And you are such a good writer that it is hard to tell truth from fiction. My guess though would be #1. And thank you for spreading the word about the charity auction.
Since you were excited about the pen, I'm guessing the second one is true!
Donna Shields said…
Yup. I bet it's the second one.

Your daughter is awesome. Love the quote.
Renee said…
I love both paragraphs, they both sound like you. I would have to choose the second one only because you're such an incredible poet and writer.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
You write a lot of poetry, so I would say the second one. I do both, and I think the camera would win out for me.
Mary said…
They both could be true. However #2 would be the most obvious truth, and you wrote it in the greatest detail. However, I will choose the first one - the camera, as you didn't write it in such detail (tricky) and I know you enjoy taking pictures too.
Wanda said…
Love the beauty in your daughter's answer.
Wanda said…
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Ella said…
There is truth in both of them, but #2 is true. My Mom gave me a camera, she had saved for. It wasn't a special occasion-well it was for me, :D It was tricky, because #1 is true, except for the birthday part ;D Yes, I was having fun~

Hi Wanda-I know it was really good! She was quick with her answer :D
Thank you..I will tell her!

Mary-I like how you tried to figure it out! You were right there is truth in both ;D I bet you are good with mysteries!

L.Diane-Yes, it is true, but I love both the same. I can't pick a fav ;D I so want to see some of your photos someday~

Renee-You are so kind...thank you!
Yes, you are right~ :D How is the rainbow room? @>---------

Donna-Thank you! Yes, she is :D
Yes, it is #2~

Alex-You would be right and you might remember we both received the same camera ;D so you said, lol

Seth-There is truth in both, but it is officially #2! Thank you so much :D It is a wonderful idea Seth to give back~

Johanna-YOU would almost be right!
The camera was just given to me...not my birthday ;D You are good!!! @>----------

Inky-Thank you ;D Thanks for visiting me~ I'll be by....getting all kinds of ideas reading your posts! Great stuff... :D

Sherry-Yes, she does and I bet I get a pen for Christmas ;D Can't fool you can I! @>-------- lol

Bossy Betty-What you shared on your blog was very heart felt! I <3 it! Put it in your writing :D

Melissa-Sorry, there is always a struggle involved! I think you truly need an art date! Wish I could go with you~ ;D Yes, #2 is the correct answer! Thank you~

Pk Hrezo said…
Hi Ella! You're so right! As writers we really have to open up and pour our soul into our stories.
Thanks for the Sandy link.... been meaning to check it out!
Other Mary said…
Wow am I ever glad I came here today! What a lot of treasures you have here! Thank you. I'll guess you got the camera for real...thought either story is believable...and no howlers here! :o) Love your Einstein quote and poem too!
Ella said…
Hi PK-Thank you! Yes, lots of pouring to get the message across.

Other Mary-Thank you :D
Yes, I did... Thank you! I figured we all might be inspired by him!
Candilynn Fite said…
What a super IWSG message! I'm loving the Wordsworth quote. :)
i didn't read any of the earlier comments because i don't want to see which paragraph is real before i guess. both seem appropriate for your creativity but i'm guessing the camera was your real gift?

i LOVE your daughter's idea of the pen!

and i ADORE the William Wordsworth quote ~ that's pretty much what the title of my blog means. {smile}

wonderful post, Ella!