Oh, How I Miss You Blogfest

Today, is "Oh, How I Miss You Blogfest" hosted by  Andrew Leon, Matthew Rush, and Alex J. Cavanaugh!

On this day, we are to show our appreciation,  for the bloggers we miss.  Those who do not blog anymore and for those we would miss if they all of a sudden stopped blogging. 

I would miss all of YOU!   YOU all bring unique thoughts, ideas, skills to the blogging world.   Honestly I couldn't pick... so I wrote this poem instead to share how I feel about my online family!   It is like asking me, who is my favorite child...nope can't do it.

 ...Thankful for my
online family
their painted view
their voices
and link

 touch me

a dance of rainbow's
reflection in a sea
of daily storms and treasure
 washed ashore
from surfing
 in a tidal pool
my mind's eye
releases a
a silver tear

Online family grows...
stirring strings of emotion
connected through
dpi, html and resolution
online souls touch
the edges of my world

their essence flows
data n' pixels
 forever moved by
this unique landscape
its wonderful, wondrous, wild
so filled with facets
 of heart's journey
reflecting back into one's soul
all through
links and google
I'm forever

© Ellen Wilson

I miss Lisa Rene aka Wasabi Mom- I did discover she has moved on to nutrition and still blogs. Her new blog is called The Fountain of Health!  Congrats Lisa, looks like you are doing well.  I'll be by to gather some tips~  Her recipes look really good!

Another blog, which I use to frequent is Being Ruby.  Julie emailed me after I had commented on her blog.  Julie and I have an odd connection, we are born one day, one year a part.  I think there was another one, but I can't think of it now.  Our mothers also share the same name.   Her Mom died at age 44,  my Dad died at 45...that was the other one.   Julie is an artist and I miss her voice....  She is on a blogging break, but I bet she will return and so will I.    Julie and I should write a book~

I do miss Jules from Trying to Get Over the Rainbow!  Jules is a rig!  Her post are witty and she has these fabulous stories mixed in with some of her crazy antics!  Jules is someone, who talked about coming down my way.  She was going to visit the Outer Banks.  She said she wanted to walk the Dismal Swamp and get a t-shirt.  Jules if you come my way, we will go get those t-shirts!   The shirt says, "I survived the Dismal Swamp Canal"-some say it is haunted!

 Thank you Andrew, Matthew and Alex!  It was fun to reflect, go back and visit some voices from the past!  I found a few other blogs I will check again.
What about you?   Do you have a big online family?   I so hope we continue to stay in touch.  I have been out of sorts lately, but plan to continue blogging, even though my real family teases me about it.   They don't  know what they're missing ;D


Melissa Bradley said…
I love you too! Big Hugs, my friend. It's no wonder you are one blogger I would miss. :)
Nick Wilford said…
Beautiful poem! I love the stream of consciousness feel to it. Sadly I didn't have time to take part, but I wouldn't be able to pick either. It's lovely to meet you, too! :)
Wanda said…
Lovely poem Ella and I'd certainly miss you if you left blog-world.
That was sweet! I miss Jules. Sent her an email but never heard back.
And this is to let you know you are one of those I would really miss!
aprille said…
Lovely tribute to your online life, Ella.Oddly enough, I was worried that you had given up and went looking for you this week. I missed you on the Mini Sunday challenge, and wanted to say how your 'books and key' image inspired my poem for that challenge last week.
Sorry to hear you have been 'out of sorts' and hope you are your own self again now. Like I said before, your prompts light up my week, so don't you dare disappear :-)
Mary said…
Beautiful sentiments expressed in your worlds and your poem, Ella. The friendships in the blogosphere color my day happy. You def are Ian important part of my 'online family.' Your blog is a reflection of your beautiful spirit.
Anonymous said…
I miss Jules from Trying to Get Over the Rainbow too. She always had a fun post to read. And I love the poem! Nice touch.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
The poem was beautiful, Ella. It does feel like family here online.
Laura Eno said…
That's a beautiful poem, Ella. Now I'm curious about the Dismal Swamp. :)
Yolanda Renee said…
Beautiful way to celebrate the bloggers you love, a poem - AWESOME!

Thanks for sharing, and the Dismal Swamp -- too cool!
Ink in the Book said…
This is exactly why I put you on my list of "I would miss you if you left" list.
Your poem is beautiful! Thanks:)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this post, Ellie. I'm with Mary, you are part of my online family. You started following me when I only had four followers, all family I forced to follow, hee hee. These online connections have enriched my life beyond belief.
Arlee Bird said…
Ah yes, Jules. I miss her too and hope she is well. Love how you put your feelings into poetry. You have grown so much as a blogger since we first met online.

Tossing It Out
Morgan said…
I'm surprised we haven't connected before, Ella! We know the same people! ;-)

Anyway, new follower... I'll look forward to your posts... and the poem was lovely...

This blogging community really is such a beautiful thing... such support and friendship! :-)
Nancy Thompson said…
What a wonderful poem!
nutschell said…
Jules! I miss her too. I hope they all come back to blogging :)
Your poem is beautiful, Ella. I'm not surprised to have seen your name on a list or two.

I agree, people who don't blog are missing out!
M Pax said…
I always enjoy visiting you, Ella. You're fab. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
I named names on my blog, but like you, I would miss everyone. So much. I love all my bloggie friends :)

Great poem!
Siv Ottem said…
What a wonderful way to show your love! Have a great week-end!
Susan said…
"pinterested"! so this is what that resource is for!

I have never heard of this special day, but I like it and will keep records of losses as well as gains for next year (should I be here).
Tamara said…
I absolutely love your poetry. The pinterested line was great. You are very talented and I'm so glad I found your blog. Beautiful post! :)
Elise Fallson said…
Beautiful poem! I really hope the people who are missed find a way back to blogging if they can. (:
This was such a lovely poem! I especially liked your pinterested line! A whimsical tribute to our blogging community!

Christine Rains said…
Wonderful poem. What a unique addition to this heartwarming blogfest. :)
I love your blogfest poem. And I always read Jules' posts; it's sad that she's not in the blogosphere anymore.

Livia said…
I love the poem, Ella! YES, we get pretty close online as a community! We touch each other lives, perhaps they chnage our lives forever. I'm very humbled to be part of this online writing communy and have met so many awesome writers along the way!

Wonderful tribute! This was a fun blogfest! :)
Janette Dolores said…

I love the ending of your poem: "I'm forever pinterested." Nice touch and a sweet ode to your online family.

Thank you for being my newest follower and I'm happy to say that I'm now a follower of yours. I appreciate your tips on blogs to check out, and look forward to getting to know you better.

Smooches to you...
Hi Ella .. great post and poem I love how you link all the facets together .. I seem to remember Jules - hope she comes back .. obviously a blogger quite a few miss. Such a difficult post to write .. you added that extra dimension .. love your words ..

Big hugs - cheers Hilary
Tina said…
Great poem, what a nice way to share how you feel about us. I'm still meeting followers from last year's A-Z, thanks for being one of them.
Tina @ Life is Good
farawayeyes said…
Hey Ella, nice to meet you.

Enjoyed your poem. I sure do hope I give as much as I get.
Candilynn Fite said…
Just had to stop by and tell you I've seen your blog on several of the Miss You blogfest posts!! You're well-loved. :)) Your photos are quite lovely!
Ella said…
Hi Hilary-Thank you! Yes, Jules was memorable~ Yes, it is sad to see some bloggers go, but a lot of joy to be found among those of us who do forge on :D Cheers n' hugs to you

Janette-Thank you! Nice to meet you~
Yes, it will be fun! @>------
We are pretty much one big happy family online~

Livia-Thank you! I do think my life is better, from blogging. My real family, might not agree, but it is! They tease the heck out of me, as I write n' create, lol. Yes, this is a fun fest- I do think we touch each other and offer hope! We do not always get that in our daily lives~ :D

The Golden Eagle-I know, I am going to go see if I still have her address. I do remember she won one of my giveaways! I might print out this post and mail it to her. I think she would be touched, to know she truly is missed! ;D
I love your name!

Christine-It is heartwarming, isn't it! :D One big family gathering, lol

Julie-Thank you! Yes, I thought it fitting, lol! A lot of writers are now using pinterest to work on story boards for their books :D

Elise-I do hope you are right! One rarely knows the why... It is just sad, when we do not know~ It reminds me of my military lifestyle, before FB. Thank you :D

Tamara-I am so glad you found me or did I find you?! lol It is funny, how that process works sometimes! Thank you, so much :D

Susan-You will be here! You have an outstanding voice! All the poets are learning so much from you~ Thank you for being part of the journey :D @>------------

Siv-Thank you! You blog is so happy~ Thank you for the award I will try to pass it on, after Thanksgiving! You are sweet ;D

Carol-We are like a quilt, aren't we! One big warm bundle, lol
Yes, so hard to pick just three! :D
Thank you!

Matthew-Thank you and nice of you to stop by! :D

MPax-Thank you Mary for altering my view, between the healthful tips and the stars :D @>---------

Jenn-Yes, they are! ;D They do not realize the positive energy that comes from this format!

Sherry-Thank you! It was fun to hear you voice on your podcast! Congrats on being on the radio :D

Robyn-Thank you! You are sweet~
It is fun to see familiar faces I mean names again, lol @>----------
An online reunion :D

Nutshell-We never know, she just might! :D I love your creative segment-wow a lot of work and so well done!

Nancy-Thank you! :D

Morgan-I love how you expressed this fest! ;D Nice to meet you~
I know it is like we type in similar circles, lol

What a wonderful tribute, Ella. Very beautiful poem, so moving. Thanks. This has been such a great blogfest. It's so nice to meet you.
Ella said…
Lee-I own you a big hug! You are the Father of this family, to me~ I think it was fate I found you :D
Thank you Lee, for making my world better~ xo

Sherry-Thank you! You have enriched mine, with your view of the world and reflections of nature! xo And that dare, lol
Again fate played her hand~

Inky-I love your blog and voice!
I'm not sure how our paths crossed, but so glad they did~
I would miss you, too :D @>------

Yolanda-I usually try to trend on a different path, lol
Thank you so much! Nice to meet you~ :D

L.Diane-Thank you, it truly does!
Hey, it is a reunion, aren't we suppose to share photos? lol ;D

Stephen-Thank you! I think she was the Lucy of the blogging world, lol

Mary-Thank you! Yes, I am amazed and how Sherry's dare to write a poem has opened my world to so many wonderful people! I feel the same way, too. xo

Aprille-Thank you! You are sweet and I won't disappear, just yet! And if I do have to, I will let you know I'm taking a time out~
lol You are cute! I'm sure I can be easily be replaced, but thank you! :D @>--------

Alex-Thank you! You feel like my online brother, always cheering me on! You are everyone's brother :D
I am honored you picked me. I would most definitely miss you!
I think you have figured out how to clone yourself, to be this blogging Ninja, lol You have ancient secrets to share-maybe this will be your next book! ;D lol

Wanda-I would miss you! You so remind me of a favorite person I use to know~ @>----- He touched many and so do you! Thank you :D

Nick-Thank you! You are kind to say so~ I will be by to see what I missed of your A-Z! I so hope you will be part of 2013 :D
Nice to meet you~

Melissa-I love you, too @>--------
Last year, I remember your words about your Dad! I was touched~ You are a bright light of sunshine, with your wit n' sass! (((hugs)))
Thank you!

Susan Oloier said…
What a wonderful connection you and Julie have. Love the poem.
Ella said…
Hello Susan-Yes, very unique! Thank you~ Nice to meet you :D

YOU must of been visiting me, while I was commenting :D

Joylene-Nice to meet you, too! Yes, it has been so fun :D We know some great bloggers, don't we...

Candilynn-Thank you so much! I hope you are enjoying the blogfest! Nice to meet you :D

Farawayeyes-I bet you do! I know I need to comment more! Life gets in the way, sometimes~ My best friends are writers, poets and artists...it gets crazy sometimes! lol I think Alex has a twin brother, lol who helps him ;D
Nice to meet you!

Tina-Hello! Nice of you to drop by~
I'll visit you! Yes, A-Z blogfest changed my life! :D It was memorable, wasn't it~
Ciara said…
What a beautiful poem! I really enjoyed this post. I've seen your blog a few times today. You are one that will surely be missed.
Ella said…
Ciara-Thank you! So would you :D
How did your speech go?
Donna Shields said…
I hadn't come across those bloggers. Thanks. I will check in periodically to see if they've returned to blogging.
Ella said…
Hi Donna-I know after this fest I have a new list :D
quite a lot of people have come and gone over the years, the blogosphere is everchanging, only a few of us remain strong and brave :)
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

That was so BEAUTIFUL! Your poetry is perfection. What an amazing tribute to our blogging family.

I know I could never do without this community. It holds a HUGE part of my heart.

We all have times when we slow with blogging, BUT WE MUST COME BACK and most of us do. Of course we miss our departed friends desperately, but this is the sad part of life. Close friends drift into our lives and at times slip away. Shooting stars, equally as beautiful, last for a moment but are never forgotten.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ella!
Ella said…
Dezzy-I love that! Bloggers are strong and brave, putting their energy out for all to see! Yes, we are :D Well said, my friend~

Michael-Thank you! I so agree, I love how you expressed your heart. It reminds me of my home, where the ebb n' flow of the tide comforted me. Blogging does that! And there is lots of treasured connections, in this online world~ :D

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Tara Tyler said…
such style and wit! love your poem dedicated to us!

thank you! glad you came by so i could know you too!
Heather Murphy said…
Hi Ella, nice to meet you! I am not familiar with any of the blogs that you mentioned. Hopefully I will have some time to catch up a little soon.
I loved your poem. What would we ever do without the internet???
Ella said…
Heather-Nice to meet you! I know right, lol What did we do before?! ;D Thank you~

Tara-Thank you! Nice to meet you :D
so fun to make new friends!

ATB to everyone! @>-------
My family and friends don't understand blogging and my blogging family. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Ella said…
Hi Powered Toast Man-Thank you for sharing! It is nice to know I'm not alone! I'm beginning to think we are a special breed ;D
Michael Pierce said…
That was such a beautiful poem. This has been such a cool blogfest. There are definitely some new blogs I need to revisit. Thanks for sharing! :)
junebug said…
Great poem. It left such an impression with me almost as if you had pinned it to my board. :-)
Anonymous said…
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Cynthia said…
I think it's lovely how you allude to the blogosphere as an online family. Never thought of it that way.
First time here and I am already hooked. Love your poem. I am a new follower. Thanks for stopping by from the blog hop.
Pk Hrezo said…
Hi Ella! I forgot about Jules! She was a riot!

I love your poem! So awesome.
Talli Roland said…
What a lovely poem! Isn't the online family great? So supportive!
Ella said…
PZ-Thank you! I know I really do miss her voice~ :D

Rhonda-Hello! Thank you, it was fun, wasn't it ;D

Cynthia-Yes, I do think we are! We are cousins ;D Thank you~

Junebug-Thank you! You are sweet :D

Michael-Thank you! Yes, that is exactly how I feel, too~ It stirred up some memories, as we met and made new friends ;D
Ella said…
Thank you Talli! Yes, it truly is~ :D ATB
Rose Munevar said…
I had to come over from Alex C.'s post to see your post after he raved about your blog! So nice to meet you :) and that was a lovely poem.
N. R. Williams said…
Hi Ella
Good choices all. It's taken me awhile to visit, I hope you don't mind.
Ella said…
Hi NR-no I don't mind! Hope you are doing well! Thank you :D

Rose-Thank you! Nice to meet you~
oh! i don't want to think about you not blogging, Ella!!! i love the online poetry community i feel part of... it doesn't take the place of my immediate family, but lots of people do feel more like family than "fellow bloggers."

we're grateful for you!!!