Rainbow Warrior

I was glancing on You Tube and found this amazing Watercolor artist, Agnes Cecile.

I haven't painted in awhile and found watercolor painting difficult.  I took a class, but the instructor could not teach.  Between trying to find a babysitter and the class not being what I hoped for...I fizzled out.  I tried at home, but moved on to other things.  When I watched this video I decided to give it another try. 

This video also gave me insight-a lot slower! lol

I will dabble again. I guess I will name her Rainbow Warrior...since this is my new nickname for all artists~

I wish I had erased the lines, I tried after...didn't work.  Try, try again...  Have you tried anything new lately?   Do try something new....I DARE YOU! 


Mary said…
Wow, Ella....you are talented. Your painting IS wonderful. Don't sell yourself short.
Green Speck said…
You are awesome :-)
Naturally Carol said…
Fantastic..love her colours too!
This is beautiful! I find that the BYW class inspires me to review not just my blog but other areas of my life as well and I keep coming back to my dream of playing the piano again. Perhaps, like your watercolors, it is just a matter of "where there is a will"
Janelle said…
I love her. I like watercolor, but I'm not great at it. I think that it is harder than acrylics, but worth it. Keep trying and I will too.
Netty said…
wow your Rainbow Warrior is fabulous, xx
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love her name and her colors. She is beautiful, and you are very talented. I also LOVE the way cool photo on your header. WOW, who besides you could see art there? Your eye is amazing.
I always love creative painters like this one. I also love watching people who paint with coffee powder or sand... those are magnificent too.
kaykuala said…
I find it most fascinating. Not tried watercolor for sometime now. Might just do it after this. Thanks for sharing, Ella!

I can't see the lines.
Watercolor is one of the most difficult mediums because it's hard to contain and control.
Melissa Bradley said…
Water is an active partner in watercolor and it makes for an exciting medium. I LOVE the video and your nickname for artists. :)
Anonymous said…
Such a beautiful portrait, and I especially like the free form of the peachy-colored cheek.
Kim Nelson said…
I like it, lines and all. We feel the process and authenticity of artist and art. Really nice, Ella!
Ella said…
Thank you Kim, this means a lot :D

Becky-Thank you for stopping by :D
I know the peachy keen video really gives you an insightful look :D

Melissa-Thank you! Yes, lots of darkness n' rain before the rainbow!
I was frustrated last time I tried it...It is like trying to roll a marble, blowing through a straw...lol

Alex-Yes, it is... I'm an acrylic girl-use to be!

Kaykuala-Oh, I do hope you will try again :D Check out youtube for inspiration! Let me know how it goes~ You are welcome :D

Dezzy-I almost painted with my coffee, lol. Yes, it is very cool to see the process unfold...I too love it!

Sherry-Thank you! You sure know how to brighten my day~ :D

Netty-Thank you :D I loved your felt letters~

Janelle-Thank you! I will, but I think I need a book or maybe more Youtube lessons~ I love eyes- I have always doodled them :D

Amalia-It is fascinating isn't it!
We are returning to passions we use to practice. I use to paint...
I'm purging my house now...You are right! It did help us in other ways~
Thanks for dropping by! @>-------

Carol-Thank you! It is fun to play :D

Green Speck-so are YOU! :D

Mary-Thank you! Maybe I was lucky, the second one...came out terrible!
Try, try again....
I hope you will paint again soon!
I think you would love it @>-------
Vicki Sheehan said…
gorgeous painting! i love your brave use of color. i love the fast video, i'm going to show my daughter. maybe she and I will paint together - that would be something new : )
Other Mary said…
Wow - that's wonderful!