Time Out

 I had a forced time out.  It wasn't planned....augh!  Friday, I had errands to run. Before I left the internet was really slow, when I returned it was down, offline.  We found out the whole area was out.  Friday evening there was a huge power outage,  about a hour from where I live. It is where our ISP is located.   Saturday around 5pm, the internet was back up and running and went down again.  On Sunday, our company sent big trucks out to get things up n' running.  Later Sunday evening, it was back up, but still slow.

Well, it is funny n' sad, when you realize how addicted you are.  I had withdrawals...I would sit in front of the computer and just stare...Noooooo!  Then I laughed and got busy!  A few family members were ugly, but they snapped out of it and also moved on.
 We rocked out with Guitar Hero, some of us read, and some of us got creative! ;D

I started one project, which lead me to another.  I punched out some Christmas card to make ornaments.   Then I had an another idea...

Stampington was having a challenge using Washi tape.  I decided to use a photo, I had taken and turn it into a Graffiti Rose.   I also started working on other things, which I will share soon.  I did miss all of you and hope to catch up tonight and tomorrow.  I hope all is well, for you and yours!  It always seems odd to come back.  Just a few days away, feels like forever online.  My bet is I missed a lot~  


Ink in the Book said…
Yep. You were missed:) Welcome back!

Love the red bird!
Scriptor Senex said…
I know how worked up I get if it just goes slow for a couple of hours so having it disappear for that long would have had me up the wall. But I might have got some very long outstanding jobs done.

And as for Christmas - I haven't given it a thought yet (except what I'd like as my present, hee, hee). I use old cards to make gift tags. I cut out the pretty parts using pinking shears. (Not sure if pinking shears have the same name in other countries - they are scissors that create a toothed edge, often used to stop material fraying.)
Green Speck said…
It's tough when you don't have access to net ... In those times I read novels or play my guitar :-)
We don't realize how addicted we are until the internet goes. When traveling, that doesn't bother me, but in my own house, it does.
The worst is after a hurricane, when there's no power all day, and everything you want to do requires it.
Janelle said…
That graffiti rose is really cool. I hate it when I lose the internet too.
Vicki Sheehan said…
Oh yes, we need our internet! I like your rose, love that washi tape, so fun...
Ella said…
Vicki-Hi, yes I put it on the paper at random, then printed out the image! Fun to see what you are going to get :D Thank you~

Janelle-Thank you! It is so much a part of who we are. I did feel lost, for awhile! :D

Alex-You are right, we don't! I agree, traveling distracts, but home is another story! Hurricane Isabel was terrible a whole week without power! I feel for those in NY/NJ...much worse!

Green Speck-Good choices :D I like both of those~

John-The worst part for us...is we have an HD antenna. We stream TV and movies..so when the internet goes down, we only have ten TV channels. Hubby had college homework due...yeah, it was frustrating! I hear you :D

My Mom did this when I was a kid and I still do it! Yes, pinking shears is what we call them :D
I love that you are green!

Inky-Thank you so much! I'll be by...so behind on everything, lol except laundry and dishes ;D

Melissa Bradley said…
I missed your lovely cardinal! It is so gorgeous and I love the one you made for me. Such a beautiful gift. :)

I, too, am addicted to the net and I need to stop myself and do other things during times that I don't have it.