I hope your holiday was filled with wonder-mine was more, like an I Love Lucy episode.   I went to the  local convenience store and while inside, someone tagged our Honda.  It was parked almost in the grass and they backed into it.  So, I spent my evening dealing with calling both insurances companies and baking in between.  Then I woke up on Thanksgiving morning, with the flu.  My kids went to Dairy Queen to get dinner, talk about crazy.  I think I am famous for making Thanksgiving odd.

 One year, a few days before Thanksgiving, I discovered I had the Chicken Pox. I had gone to the hospital, for a routine Dr.'s appointment.  Later, I found what I thought was a pimple, on my stomach. Hubby teased me and said, "It is a sign you are getting old. "
 Then later another one appeared, then one by one I became polka dotted. 

I asked him to look again..."do you think it is Chicken pox?"    He said, "yes" called worked and took leave.  He was around for the first few days, then went grocery shopping, while he was gone, his friends decide to pay me a visit.  One by one they would ring the doorbell and laugh at me. "We wanted to see what a grown up with Chicken Poxes looks like."   I got even, it just took awhile and a few practical jokes.

 I think every seven years, I somehow mess up the holiday.  Yes, I gave my son, Chicken Pox....he was little.  We were lucky, got the madness over before Christmas.   I hope you and yours had a wonderful day. My family is going to enJOY their meal a day late,  but everyone seems okay with it, except my son who is now at work and wanted to learn how to make my stuffing.  I use a lot of herbs and Bell seasoning.  I will redo it with him, another time.  I timed the meal, so he will be home, about the time the turkey comes out of the oven.

Anyway, I hope your holiday was wonderful!  :D

Over at Poets United, we are suppose to write a poem about a gift, we gave.   One year for Mother's Day, I gave my mother a rainbow. 

*photo via Free Hugs

arranged with 
colorful thoughts
spaced between
peat moss
wrapped in opaque
unearthed treasure
to cultivate
 soil is warmed
to dig
of golden wishes
till light exposes
their true
delicate petals
revealed in rows
rustic memories
right as rain
thawed out
spring green hope
delicate dance
a spectrum of
blue Delphinium
wild violet
pockets of earth opening
Morning Glories
with their trumpets welcoming the sun
and romantic Sweet William
dancing with Pink Petticoats
swinging on
Crimson Cardinals vines
waiting for hummingbirds
to drop by
Honey scented Orange Alyssum
nods at 
cheerful Miss Marigolds
Viburnum clusters of green
gathered among glossy 
green haze
dew kissed earth
true treasures
of soul's

© Ellen Wilson



Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hope you're feeling better Ellen
Happy thanks giving to you and yours I'm sure one day late will be all the better and make them more thankful hehe

Thanks for visiting me I've been such a slacker with my blog

Ciao ciao xxx julie
Tamara said…
Aaaawww...that sucks that you got the flu!! I hope you feel better.

And, as always, the poem was beautiful. I really love your poetry. have you ever had any of it published? It's definitely good enough. I know it's hard to get poetry published though...
momosan said…
I give you a lot of credit for making light of having the chicken pox. I had them as a teenager and it was just miserable and, since I've heard it gets more severe the older you are, you had to have been feeling pretty awful. I applaud your positive attitude :)
I'm sorry, Ella! Maybe you should just not make plans for Thanksgiving, and then everything will be all right.
Really sorry about having chicken pox as an adult. That does not sound like fun.
Libby Meador said…
I love the rainbow you gave your mother and I love how you gave us a glimpse into the flowers' souls - a gift for us, too.

Better luck next Thanksgiving.
Hope you're feeling better! At least now you know you should have a good six years before the next Thanksgiving illness!
Mary said…
What a beautifully thoughtful gift you gave your mother. You have such a creative mind. Happy Thanksfgiving, whenever you celebrated.....
Brian Miller said…
smiles...i think a rainbow is a wonderful gift...and carries lots of symbolism as well...your imagery is beautiful in your verse...and i am sure despite your being sick you did not ruin the holiday...i hope you are feeling better though...and ugh on the car...i am sorry...
Hannah said…
Always...you are always SO heartfelt!!! Ella!! A true SS/TT!!

I've nominated you in this special post!!!


Come see!!! ♥
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love it that you gave your mother a rainbow....loved your poem too with all of those beautiful flower faces!
Kerry O'Connor said…
You have a wonderful closeness with your mother, Ella - something which I so often feel when I read of your gifts for her. Not everyone is so lucky to have this cherishing a relationship.
Yolanda Renee said…
Feel better, but know it's does happen to others. Last year I couldn't do dinner -- due to illness. This year I was just about to put it on the table and ran out of energy. Hubby, son, and his girlfriend finished while I sat and watched -- only good thing -- did not require a trip to the emergency room. Next year it's KFC bought the day before!
Ella said…
Yolanda-I figured it did! I'm sorry to hear this~ I am happy you are okay! I hear you, lol! Yes, I will plan a back up meal next year ;D
Yes, I also worried about the ER...I was getting dehydrated! I am glad you had help and are ok! (((hugs)))

Kerry-Yes, I do! Thank you Kerry, I do know this. My daughter n' I are close. I have seen friends who weren't close. You are right-I am lucky~ @>-------

Sherry-lol, I knew you would! I love flowers. I'm planted a pizza this year, tee,hee ;D I mean the veggies! Thank you~

Hannah-Thank you my SS/TT! I will come by~ You are always filled with wonder ;D @>--------Thank you!

Brian-Thank you! Considering what has been happening around me, it is nothing! You know what I mean.... I am better, thank you! :D

Mary-Thank you! She loved it, I even put it in a paint can, lol. It was a nice meal, a day late is not big deal in the scheme of things ;D

Robyn-lol, yes, that sounds about right! I am cursed by turkeys, lol. Hope you had a great holiday weekend! ;D

Libby-Thank you! I think next Thanksgiving Eve-I'll stay home!
I loved what you said, so beautiful~ Thank you! @>-------

Alex-Thank you! No, it wasn't-I thought I was immune. I had been exposed 8+ times, when I was a kid. Everyone in the neighborhood had them, but my brother n' I. I was wrong... Yes, I agree :D
My brother got them later, when he was coaching basketball. A kid on the team caught them and passed them on.

Momosan-The worst of it for me was I lost a lot of my hair. I didn't realize how much, until I put my hair up and went shopping. I got all these sad looks and stares. I kept thinking why are people gawking at me. When I looked in a mirror I discovered why. I didn't wear my hair up again, till it grew back. I did feel awful and looked a wreck, but I was so happy I didn't ruin Christmas! Thank you~

Tamara-Thank you! I was in a Poets United book. I think I will just have to do my own book. You are so kind~ @>------ You can see it on their web sited, free.

Julie-It is about the one with us, isn't it! So, one day late fits, doesn't it... Thank you! I hope you are doing well~ xxx @>------
I'm impressed that you were still able to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner only a day after you were sick. It must have been awful having chicken pox as an adult. I loved your Rainbow poem.

Ella said…
Hi Julie-I still felt off, but there wasn't much around to eat, lol. It was strange and awful~ Thank you ;D
I hope you n' yours had a wonderful day!
Laurie Kolp said…
I'm sorry your Thanksgiving started out like that.

Love the poem. You are so creative and artistic, everything straight from the heart.
Donna Shields said…
Hope you're feeling better.
Wanda said…
Hoping you feel better soon dear.
i hope you're feeling better, Ella! the day you have your meal doesn't really matter, it's celebrating family and love and gratitude together. {and good food!}

i LOVE that you gave your mother a rainbow!!! your creativity is awesome!


Ella said…
Dani-Thank you! I am better and I so agree! Well said ;D
She loves to garden and I knew it would make her smile~ <3 (((hugs)))

Wanda-Thank you! I will be by...
I hope you are doing well :D

Donna-Thank you! I am...just feel a day off ;D

Laurie-I was shocked, so was my family! We made the best of it and we won't forget the Thanksgiving of 2012 ;D Thank you, so are you~

SaraV said…
Hi Ella! Hope that you are feeling better, my oldest son used to get sick almost every year before Christmas...I empathize. A lovely garden/rainbow poem. I love flowers (and rainbows) that was a perfect gift :-)
LTM said…
GORGEOUS! I love that poem! It reminds me how at my parents' this weekend the sweet olive was blooming. Mmm...

Fave lines:

arranged with
colorful thoughts
spaced between
peat moss

I love how thoughts and moss sort of rhyme there. :o)

Chicken pox! Holy cow. That's a tough one to get as an adult--or so I've heard. Sorry for the car misadventures. Here's to an uneventful Christmas! :D <3 555
Kristin said…
Awe, I am SO sorry about Thanksgiving! AND I TOTALLY am with you - we had to cancel too as we were all 3 sick - and ended up with some last minute grocery items for the meal. . . .
I said the same for Kendra - okay, a turkey for Christmas it is :)))
Beautiful photo and poem. You make me sigh :))
Candilynn Fite said…
Sick and wrecked car? Yuck. Hope things are better this week! Loved the imagery in your poem. Thanks for sharing. :)
Ella said…
Hi Candilynn-Thank you! Yeah, I wish I hadn't left the house...but one makes the best of it. I know cuckoo!

Kristin-Oh, you all were sick...that is awful! This means a fab Christmas ;D xo Thank you! I so love your Santa-turquoise eyes...gorgeous!

Leigh-Yeah, If I ever write a memoir, no one will believe it...lol
I told my Mom she should of named me Lucy! She now calls me that, ;D
Oh, pretty sweet olive...I know your mind is churning, lol I can see it! <3 555

Hi SaraV-Thank you! Oh, it is so hard to be sick at Christmas! I hope he is a healthy adult to make up for it~ I know I love flowers, too ;D