Regifting Poetry

No, I am not going to discuss regifting, lol.   I am going to give the gift of poetry. Over at Poet's United we are to share a poem by another poet, that spoke to us.  It felt like a gift...
 I am going to share three poems, that spoke to me.  I love so many poets and there is so much talent-it was difficult to select.  I could honestly pick a fav of every poet I have read online and in books. These poems, that have inspired me, made me ponder and have touched my soul.
 I think of these poems, as pearls of insight and wisdom!

Some poems make me feel calm and peaceful, like the first gently snowfall of winter. I know it isn't always gentle, but here online I can pick, lol. 

“I love snowflakes simply for the reason that each one is unique; nonidentical to zillions of crystallized counterparts.  It's a difficult notion to wrap your brain around, and yet it reminds me that amidst the innumerable stories told throughout the ages, a distinctly new one rests on the tip of an author's pen.”
Richelle E. Goodrich

  This poem made me see the scene, made me feel. I was smitten the first time I read her words.  I knew this would be my first poem.  I can still remember how I felt, when I read it the first time.   She is a retired high school English teacher, I wish she had been mine~
Her art, her words-she is so talented!  She is always inspiring and brilliant, in her delivery and insight~
                      Artist. Photographer. Writer. Reader. Dreamer. Farmer.

 Mary Ann Potter, I hope someday we meet and go on a morning walk! :D

"The Factory Girls by Candlelight"

Light cancels, obliterates here,
where paper and thread,
dust and heat,
paint flakes on cracked window frames
measure our pale hours.

Elbows and souls chafe into grey,
near-dead hands stuff into deep-pocketed aprons
of old white,
the color of shadows.

©Mary Ann Potter

YOU can read of her gorgeous poems HERE!

I love your voice Mary Ann, please write a book~

 the starcatcher

Hope does whisper over here. I am always in awe of her talent, her voice!

I am talking about Carrie Burtt!  Her blog Hope Whispers is so filled with sentiment and grace.   This is a bit of Carrie's bio: 
"Someone once said to write about why the sky was blue,so I did,and now I can't stop...."    
I love Carrie's view of the world!  Here is one of her poems, her talent  makes me smile and gasp.  She is filled with wonder and fills me with HOPE! 

Hope never abandons you, you abandon it."  ~George Weinberg

There is no place that it does not breathe
it can survive in a cardboard box
a lion's cage
 a train wreck
a coal mine
yet there is a hunger in it's belly
that yearns to be held whole
it will travel far
or it will hold still
like a photo
it's greatest strength
is where our weakness abides
in the time of need
it lingers
yet like a ghost
you may not see it unless
you are looking with your heart's eye.

© Carrie Burtt

CARRIE, your voice is a gift, please write a book!  

 I discovered her talent, at Poets United. She now tends the Imaginary Garden.   She is an inspiration, a teacher, who guides other poets. She allows and encourages us, to play with form. Sometimes I want to rebel-some forms are tough!  She is a school teacher, in South Africa.  I have learned a lot from Kerry, her voice in both poetry and speech amazes me. I love her blogs, but I am going to feature her blog Skylover.  She has given me a chance to express my soul.  She is a remarkable talent and inspiration!                    
She has a beautiful voice and collects fireflies!~  

Kerry's bio:  "I have fallen in love with the sky And made a secret pact with the moon, I lift my face for the wind’s kiss And fall asleep to the sea’s tune. I write love-letters to the stars And caress the tallest tree, I embrace bright shafts of sunlight And love the rain that falls on me."

© Jaime Clark (photo via Kerry's daughter)


Portrait of the artist as a raindrop:
I adhere to the deep secret of moss.
The dampness encourages me to grow
in hidden ways.
I give birth to strange mushrooms
of infinitesimal thought,
pale and convoluted and delicate.

You may think me dumb and dull,
because I will speak of the way I see
a glint of light run along a sunbird’s black beak;
shackled to my ink, I write it into lines,
and add besides, that feathers
are the perfect colour.
I have yet to be born as a snail
and unravel my spirals of thought
in thin trails of night silver.

Rain me a thing
          Rain me a glow worm
          Rain me a butterfly
          Rain me a curling leaf of fern.
Under storm clouds, I will sing the song with words
I do not understand, in B Flat Minor.

©Kerry O' Connor

Kerry, where is your book?!

I'm waiting... ;D

I had a difficult time choosing poems!  These three women are amazing, their insight alludes me~  Their poetry is a gift!!!


You're a woman of few words...
Ella said…
lol, what happened...
a hiccup...I guess!
Lolamouse said…
Sometimes I feel pretty blank myself!
Ella said…
Lola-I had a blogger glitch...tee,hee!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You have chosen three wonderful poems, from such talented writers. I still cant get over all of the wonderful writing I get to read every day. So inspiring! Great choices, Ellie! Awesome prompt idea, this busy season, to appreciate others' work!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Ellen, I am overwhelmed and blessed. Thank you, my friend, for your beautiful words. When I started writing, I really only did it for myself; now it's expanded, and I am so glad you like my work. I have one self-published book, only one copy, and I was planning to expand it and make some other changes. I will definitely do that now. Your post has made my day even better.
Johanna Garth said…
Ella, I love your blog! It always makes me slow down and take a deep breath. Beautiful poems and I too hope they write books.
Ella said…
Alex-so funny! I guess I have some explaining to do, lol. I had no idea anything posted. You crack me up...I laughed out loud, for real :D

Lolamouse-lol, really it was a globber bitch I mean a blogger glitch..tee,hee

Sherry-It was hard! I feel blessed every day, too! Thank you~ I love so many of your poems, too :D

Mary Ann-Oh, good :D Now is the time... I am happy! Thank you~

Johanna-Thank you! There is so much talent out there. It is only fair to share~ Me, too! :D
Yes, slowing down n' breathing is a big deal, at this time of year. I'm off to get dizzy in the stores...more unexpected gifts! augh... I'll be by to visit, when I return~
Kerry O'Connor said…
I'm overwhelmed, and a little weepy over here, Ella. You do me great honour to be featured on Ella's Edge. And I do agree with you about the wonderful gifts of poetry given so generously by both Mary Ann and Carrie. It makes me very happy to know that words I wrote quite a while ago have made a lasting impression, and meant something to someone far away.
As for the book.. I will say only that one of our toads is pushing me very firmly in that direction.
Those are beautiful, Ella. No one paints pictures with words the way you do.
Still funny I caught a blank page. Glad I came back!
Libby Meador said…
I come away from your blog today feeling there is hope in the shadows and in the light. A good gift.
Your choices today have given me a gift Ella--each one a gem--thank you!
Laura Eno said…
Poetry is such a special kind of writing - more personal, with its whispers that mean something different to each reader. Thank you for sharing these!
Mary said…
What a beautiful gift you have given in your blog today. I enjoyed your poet / poetry choices.
Kim Nelson said…
Thank you, Ella, for your continued generosity of spirit and for sharing these gifts with us.
Ink in the Book said…
Absolutey breathtaking poetry and I feel so inspired right now.
Naturally Carol said…
Ella thank you for your gift of sharing these with us today! I hope your Christmas is joyful and brings peace to you and your family.
Ella said…
I'll be back to comment! Santa is here...we have to fly to Virgina.
I'll be back...
Judy Roney said…
This compination of poems leaves me breathless and wanting to find more beauties like these. Thank you.
Lolamouse said…
Beautiful and inspirational poems, all. Thanks for sharing these. And a terrific idea for the holidays!
Goneahead said…
thank you - all of these were gorgeous!

Three great choices; but my personal favourite must be that written by Carrie Burtt. Such a talented lady..:)

Ella said…
I love their voices, so amazing! Their words take flight~
I am happy everyone liked these talented ladies!!!
Sean Vessey said…
Beautiful Sharing of fabulous poets!
Thank you! Thank you!
Tamara said…
Loved all of these poems. Such beautiful words. Definitely brightened my day. thanks for sharing them with us!
Ella said…
Thank you for stopping by! I knew you would love them, too~ They are amazing :D

Happy Holidays everyone!
Ciara said…
Fantastic poetry. I'm inspired!