Daughter's Dilemma

I picked up my daughter from school yesterday. She wanted to help me get groceries. No, she really hoped I would go to Starbucks, lol.   We did-I had a few gift cards to get.  Then she said, the girls in the guard are swapping gifts.  I knew she had received some nail polish and Lindt's chocolates.  She said, "well, not everyone is giving gifts.  Some of the guard is swapping."

           "Some?  Oh, no-if you are giving gifts, you will give to everyone. You are the         Captain, you can't be selective."

           "What can I get?"  she looked puzzled.

            As I walked around the store, it struck me like lightening. I know get the Rainbow Skittles in the Candy Canes.  You all performed carrying the Rainbow Rose flag.

                "Really?  Oh, good idea."   she laughed and ran around collecting the candy canes.

                 "I have another idea."  I laughed. 

                 "No, Mom that is enough."

                "No, its not-I need black felt and some ribbon."

She followed me to the tiny craft area and I grabbed what I need. "What are you going to do?"

                 "You'll see."  I laughed.

After getting groceries, putting them away, and getting dinner, I snuck up in the FROG,  to begin.   I ran downstairs with the first ornament.   She looked stunned.

                "Mom, you don't need to do this."

   What she didn't realize was I did!  I did need to make these girls, something special. They do not get  a lot of recognition from the school.  It is all about football,  the band, the cheerleaders, and than the guard.  They won more trophies than the band, yet...at the pep rallies the cheerleaders didn't include them in the fun.  No, I need to make these. They have done an amazing job, this year!   It won't take me long.   I felt like an elf, as I worked on making this simple ornaments.  I do hope these girls like them and remember the magic they created.  Making these ornaments created magic in my heart! 

I made mini flag ornaments.  I hope they will always remember-the memories of their performance and the bond that they shared!   They had an amazing year :D


And your touch on anything is really special, Ella!
Mary Ann Potter said…
These are beautiful, Ellen, and Iknow they were inspired! You have such empathy for what folks really need. Your daughter is one blessed girl for having you as her mom!
Bossy Betty said…
Fantastic! Such a special gift!
Gail said…
How creatively wonderful. They will always remember these.
Renee said…
You know those girls will save those treasured gifts for a lifetime! so sweet!!
D.G. Hudson said…
Those girls will remember. My daughters are still swapping photos of parties at our house when they were in elementary school with friends on FB. Their parents didn't take copious photos like I did.

This must mean you're an accomplished sewer and a Elf.
LTM said…
what a great and memorable idea! You're right it's something they'll never forget. And you're so creative and make such beautiful things. I'm sure the ornaments were gorgeous.

Have a wonderful holiday! :o) <3 555
Sherry Blue Sky said…
They are absolutely beautiful - and so connected to the presentation they made with the rainbow flags. I have NO CLUE how you make so much beauty out of odds and ends. But I so admire the results. Breathtaking. Your daughter will be happy, being able to acknowledge the girls in this special way. No gift could be better. You ARE an elf!
Your project is so full of heart.
Merry Christmas xxxxx00000
that was very creative, Ella!
And thanks for nice comment at DEZZY'S CHRISTMAS MAGIC today :) Please send a report if you decide to make the cake :)
Kay L. Davies said…
You are amazing, Ella. Your creativity just overflows!
Luv, K
Ella said…
Kay-Thank you, so are you! I want to hear about more about your writing days! ;D <3

Dezzy-Thank you :D I will...it really looks fab~ I love cinnamon. So sweet of you to share!

Colette-Thank you so much! <3 I love your new cute photo!

Sherry-Thank you! It isn't hard-it just takes time~ Thank you, I did wear an elf like grin during the magic, lol. We all have magic, to share! I know you share, with many ;D

Leigh-Thank you! They were cute and did look like their flags! My daughter most of the girls were thrilled and a couple were stunned. I was pleased-so was my daughter ;D I hope you have a wonderful holiday, too! enJOY those girls <3 555

D.G.-I'm like you, with the camera!
How fun...special memories captured is magic! No, I'm not accomplished at sewing, but I had fun~ I do have a photo, I 'll have to find it...I really look like an elf, lol ;D

Renee-Thank you! I hope it will be a memento of those special performances. They worked hard, practice some days was four hours, after school. I want to have a party for them, but flu season needs to end. Ooh, rainbow food...lol

Gail-Thank you! I loved making them :D

Bossy Betty-Thank you! It wasn't much, but it tied their memories in an unique way~ :D

Mary Ann-Thank you, you make me tear up a bit. I struggled to be a mother. I almost died, my first pregnancy-my daughter thanks me everyday for being her mom. There is no better gift! Thank you <3

Alex-Thank you! ;D I wish I could do more...there is next year!
Liza said…
Sweet and thoughtful present.
Ella said…
Hi Liza-Thank you!
Happy Holidays to you and to everyone! <3
Mama Zen said…
What a sweet idea!
Cynthia said…
That is so thoughtful of you to take the extra time to do this for your daughter and her group.
Morgan said…
Love it! <3

And I hope your holidays are wonderful, Ella.
Tamara said…
These are adorable. I love them and I'm sure the girls will too. What an awesome idea!!

Your daughter is very lucky to have such a great mom. :)

Hope you have a great holiday!!
Anonymous said…
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Christine Rains said…
What a special gift! Happy holidays.
Ella said…
Christine-Happy Holidays to YOU! Thank you :D

Tamara-Thank you! The girls really were surprised-so fun!
Happy Holidays to YOU! ;D thank you~

Morgan-Thank you! I look forward to catching up on your blog~ ;D
Happy Holidays to YOU!

Cynthia-It felt like a must! I wanted to make something that would be appreciated, and it was!
Thank you! Happy Holidays to YOU!

Mama Zen-Thank You! Happy Holidays, enjoy your puppy ;D
kaykuala said…
So sweet of you to have done them for the girls! Your daughter is so lucky to have been blessed with such a talented Mom! Those girls would treasure them, certainly!

Btw Ella, thanks for having visited my Easel and Colors, sketching blog before this. This is as good a time as any to ponder for what to do in 2013. It would be fun to have sketches with poetry. I had a few before of pencils and pastels. This time I've to think of a new medium, fast and convenient to do.Yes, I'll do just that Ma'am. Thanks for 'prodding' me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and the family!

you are such a wonderful mom, considerate person and creative wonder! i'm so happy to know you in the blogosphere, Ella!

wishing you a new year filled with many happy surprises and much love and laughter and hugs and smiles!