Evil Trolls

Have you seen them?   At first, they appear, shiny, pretty n' cute.  These trolls usually hang out at weddings,  They symbolize the bitter of life and sweetness of love.   They traveled over from Sulmona, Italy.   In Italy,  these trolls are given out when a baby is born.   Celebratory trolls?!   Augh...

They ended up in my grocery cart and came home with me.  I spied them at the end of the produce aisle, over near the nuts.  Sometimes they lurk in the wedding aisle, over where there is bolts of tulle, invitations and fake bouquets.  Maybe because hubby really likes them they jumped in. They hid, huddled near their cousins M&Ms.  Did you know M&Ms were made during WWII.   Yes, soldiers wanted portable chocolate....

 One M  stands  for Forrest E. Mars Sr., and one for Bruce Murrie, the son of Hershey's Chocolate president William F. R. Murrie.  More info Here

 Hubby found the trolls lurking and set them free.  I grabbed a few and held them in my hand. Thinking of all the times they found me at the movie theater.   This was the only place, we would meet.    I decided to eat just a few.  I knew I'd end up walking or riding the bike-that's what I do.  I wasn't thinking a few would lead to an allergic reaction, but they did.  Maybe food intolerance?  I have been trampled by trolls.  They left me with hives and anxiety.  Sometimes we just can't revisit our childhood favs. 

I have sweet memories of days, when I could enjoy them.  Now, I have hives,facial swelling and anxiety.    I call it cheap botox, lol.   My face is swollen and my chipmunk cheeks hurt, thanks a lot trolls.   My body is at war-damn those trolls!   Do trolls visit you?

My trolls aren't dressed in their usually pastel colors. These are special Christmas trolls.




Hiding near the nuts - priceless!!!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, how I love those "trolls"! Chocolate for me is the answer to almost every question! 8-)
E.J. Wesley said…
Tis the season ... for candy! :-D Stay strong Ella! lol
So sorry, Ella. It's not fair. Out, damn trolls! Out, I say. PS I haven't had that problem, fortunately.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
In MY mind, trolls are brown rubber and have green hair........hee hee. So I had quite the mental picture there for a bit! Love it!
Jeremy Bates said…
I will eliminate as many trolls as humanly possible over the holidays. Relax, I have everything under control here.
Mary said…
Oh no, and these trolls are such pretty ones!! What a bummer that they cause such problems...shame on them.
Anonymous said…
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Susie Clevenger said…
Trolls..they visit me no matter the season, but it seems this time of the year they come so well dressed and in such pretty colors I invite them in..Love the story!!
Ella said…
Susie-lol, love this-well dressed!
How dare they...tee,hee ;D Yes, they are hard to resist~

Mary-Yes, shame on them, lol! I know there will be more break ins and outs as the season marches on....oh, my...lol

Jeremy-Thank you! It is good to know you are in control! lol
I could use some help ;D

Sherry-Oh, they come in many forms. The sugar coated ones are the hardest to resist, lol... :D

Robyn-I'm happy for you! Tis the season for trolls n' elves, so keep a look out, lol~ You are cute

EJ-Yes, tis true ;D I don't mind them visiting, but I hate it when they whisper my name! lol

Mary Ann-You know, chocolate should be the top of the food pyramid! Isn't it the food of the Gods?! ;D Oh, another question...run go get chocolate~

Alex-lol! You know they also seem to lurk near the movie section! They are out of control! ;D