Today I wrote a prompt, over at Poets United. I thought I would make it a game. Think of a destination you would love to visit and write a poem.  Your poem will be like a postcard. Then don't tell us where, just offer us clues. Tomorrow, after all the guesses you will reveal your postcard destinations.   I told the poets they could even go fantasy like and travel to the moon.  I decided to write two poems:  one actually destination, the other might be out of this world or maybe it is fantasy.   You decide... please leave me a guess!  ;D


At  Plato's Closet
(daughter's fav thrift shop)
I always lose her
She is a Pisces
swimming up and down aisles
like a goldfish
Aquamarine blue, Turquoise and indigo blue
surround me
she SEArches
she finds a necklace with a star
I'll find my way I can go the distance
it is about location, location, location
we pose near the pillars 
on our way out
she has the gift
a genetic key
to find the unique
C'mon Angela it is six 
time for us to fly
The Greek

Did you guess right?   It is a place I wonder about...  


Too crowded, tourist trap
5 lanes of traffic
surrounded by blue
bask in the dancing palms
sugar sand and people
are royally sweet
their language unique
Chakra rainbow 
umbrellas the
who is here
melting pot 
spirit is



Mary said…
#1 - I haven't a clue.
#2 - thought about Hawaii, except for the 'tourist trap.'
Cynthia said…
I believe I saw your blog mentioned on another site as a nominee for an award!

I love riddles. Here are my guesses:
#1 -Athens, Greece? I hear the water there is beautiful...or perhaps some fantasy land where there are mermaids?

#2 The reference to chakras makes me think of India or some other Asian country...

Am I close?
I'm just going to admit I'm clueless and cut my losses now. The first one is really fun and 'springy.'
Ella said…
Alex-Hi, the first one my or may not be real, but I hoping. I think they are my people, lol.

Cynthia-Oh, thanks! I have been knee deep in wrapping paper and cookie dough. No, not really...I went to the Dr, yesterday and caught a virus. I'm changing my diet and hoarding Vitamin C. Feel better, now so got online.
#1-No, but there is a link to keep going...

#2 No...

You are close on #1 ;D

Mary-ok, lol Maybe?! :D
Ink in the Book said…
Umm...I'm guessing #2 is in the Caribbean? Let's see. White sugar sand...maybe Destin Florida?

Arlee Bird said…
I'm going to guess Atlantis for the first one.

Don't know the second--Hawaii?

This sounds like a fun thing to do.

A Faraway View
Sherry Blue Sky said…
#1 - no clue - a Greek restaurant?

#2 - Hawaii - BECAUSE of the words "tourist trap". Or could be Tiajuana?? Costa Rica?

just have to wait till tomorrow, like any other Christmas child:)
Beautiful! Love this place!
Anonymous said…
#1--the Parthenon? and #2 Goa Beaches? Really liked both poems with their unique and fun clues :)
Libby Meador said…
#1 Atlantis?

#2 Florida Keys?
I'm guessing India on the second one too!
aprille said…
Ella, wherever it is, I want to be there.
Thanks for a beautiful and cheery post.
Ella said…
Hi Aprille-I loved yours :D

Robyn-ooh, I loved to go there, but no...

Libby-YES, Atlantis!!! :D Well done!

Wordcoaster-First one is kinda close, lol Thank you!

Jual Baju-Thank you! I wish I could visit ;D

Sherry-You are funny! Yes Hawaii is right...oops Need to go mention you...on the guess post-oops!
You are fun :D

Mary said…
Ha, it was me who mentioned Hawaii first..........if you check above.
Ella said…
Oh, are right! lol
You want chocolate, lol ;D
Sorry Mary! @>-------

Arlee-You rocked it ;D !!!

Inky-Those both sound great! ;D
#1 could be the uncoscience. And maybe Atlantis is ...