Happy Holidays to you and yours

Life has been busy, for all of us!   My daughter had her wisdom teeth out a few days ago and had an allergy reaction.  She wanted this done-I am not the mean Mom!  Winter guard starts soon and she wanted this behind her.  She is doing fine now~

I wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday!  I thought I would share this amazing group of talented kids.  My daughter found them and they have an unique sound. I guess the best way to describe their sound is to say its all their own. ;D



Mary Ann Potter said…
Merry Christmas, Ellen! I really enjoyed these videos --- an amazingly talented group.
Mary said…
Merry Christmas, Ella!
Bossy Betty said…
Thanks for the good tunes. So glad your daughter is doing well! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Ella, to you and your family!
Grace said…
Merry Christmas to you and your family ~

What a group of talented kids - thanks for sharing ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, such talented kids!!!!! Thanks, Ellie.......Merry Christmas, kiddo!
Kim Nelson said…
Glad your daughter is doing better, Ella. Hope your holiday season continues to be lovely and love-filled. I am off to NYC in a couple of days, so will be clearing up Christmas and preparing for the new year. Blessings!

Janet Martin said…
Thank-you so much for sharing this music. I need to see if my girls have heard them. I'm glad your daughter is doing well. Thank-you for continuing to share and bless.

I have nominated you for the Inspirational Blogger Award!

Thank-you again.
Tamara said…
Merry Christmas Ella! Glad to hear your daughter is feeling better. Thanks for sharing the videos, I plan on watching them with my kids later when my son is done playing video games. :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
Susie Clevenger said…
Happy Holidays Ella!! I heard this group on the Singoff (which by the way they won.)
Wanda said…
Happy Holidays Ella. All the best to you & yours
Kristin said…
OOOOOH, that's awesome! LOVE the "As long as you love me" one the best - thank you for sharing and thank you for your sweet Christmas wishes - I hope yours was a wonderful one!
Happy New Year, xoxo!
thank you so much for sharing these videos, Ella! i LOVE a cappella singing and "The Carol of the Bells" is one of my favorite songs! hope you don't mind if i share that on my blog. {smile}

Laura said…
May this New Year be one of realized dreams… even those we did not realize we were dreaming!
Ella said…
Laura-Thank you! I am hoping the same~ I am sending you great thoughts and a wish! (((hugs)))

Dani-Hugs....I will be by I know I have missed a lot! xo

Kristin-xo Thank you! Cheers to a wonderful fresh start...

Ella said…
Wanda-sorry, I had a hiccup!
All the best to you and Cheers with our fav Cherry Coke, lol

Susie-I know ;D They really are amazing~ Same to you!

Tamara-I hope yours was amazing :D

Janet-YOU are so sweet! I wish you would write a book :D ATB 2 U
Thank you!

Kim-Blessings to you! Hope you had a wonderful time in NYC

Sherry-I know right! I hope you had a wonderful season~ :D

Grace-I hope you and yours made wonderful memories~

Dezzy-I know your home smelled amazing! YOU are a talented baker ;D
I know I have missed a lot...I needed time away~ I hope you had a very Merry! :D

Bossy Betty-Thank you! Yes, we are glad this is behind us~ I hope you had a wonderful season :D

Mary-Thank you for all you do and I hope your holidays were warm n' bright!

Mary Ann-Thank you! I look forward to the New Year and hope you and yours had a wonderful time~ :D