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First off, I'd like to announce the winner of my Green Christmas giveaway!

 The winner is HART!  

Congrats Hart! Please email moi, your address.  So I can send you a bit of 
Green Christmas  ;D

 Oh, my favorite coffee beverage,  I have three:  I love Iced coffee and I'm a cappuccino gal, but lately I have been having Cafe Americano.  I would love to try, all of the ones you mentioned.  Starbucks doesn't offer sugar free, for the holiday selections.  I haven't tried them.  I do love Oolong tea, the Joy blend is my favorite.  

Now for poetic prompts, I will share the Garden prompt first.   I thought of Charles Dickens, for both sites.  He uses three methods in his writing:  florid, poetic and comedy.  I asked members to write a poem describing a house.  Dickens is famous for describing his characters, by using their humble abodes.  The poets were to describe a home of another poet and play guess who.

*Here is a link if you are curious about this book.  

Poets time to guess WHO lives here???

Home #1

coated with patina
outlines faded gray door
stones align n'
 cascade its frame
bluebird, cardinals and finches
waiting for her
wind chime of shells rattles in the
horses whinny in
the near by stables
light welcomes you 
Chai tea and Blueberry muffins
hug yours senses
and the scent of spring
embraces you on this
cold winter day
 kitchen cheers you
 blue n' white
on fridge
indigo tea set
on table
 wooden chairs 
simulated driftwood
one stacked with books
dry herbs
dangle above curtains
warm fire
in nearby study
dried bird's nest
eagle feather
and animal photos
align her collected
Does Mary Oliver live here?
animals follow her
this woman
Snow White?

Home #2
Nature swirls
painted verses
open her rustic green door
it squeaks
just a bit
colorful view
like a garden
scent of
and caramel
warms one's soul
ziplock snacks
gathered in a large wooden
keys aligned in foyer
emotions stirred
warm chocolate den
 piles of pillows
family photos
fill hallway
heirloom grandma
 bud vases
line window sill
tidy and neat
welcome mat

Home #3

Iron angels align path
of crystalline sage
Red door opens
 dark mood is
chocolate perfumes
seeps to your soul
Mud room reveals
rubber boots,
puffy coats n' umbrellas
turkey's wishbone
on sugar canister
near cake stand
Fridge covered with
books stacked
in basket
by toasty
tan blanket
on chair
dried apricot pits
n' seeds
align window sill
waiting for
spring's magic
green thumb
an heirloom
passed down
grandma's or grandpa's
Angel wing Begonia
oh, look a dancing royal
circles my ankles

Yes, time for you poets to see if you recognize
Make your guesses known in the coments!

Congrats HART!


Ella said…
Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! I wish we could all meet and enjoy tea n' coffee together! Maybe someday we can have a blog convention ;D
Melissa Bradley said…
We do need a blog convention because I for sure want to share green tea frappucinos and Cafe Americanos with you. We'd have a blast!

I love those verses even though I haven't a clue who lives there. they do sound like places I'd want to visit, though.
Ella said…
Hi Melissa-lol! I know we would have so much fun! I am going today and leave abandoned
Yeah, I am going to be elf like and leave a gift. ;D I agree-we so need to have a few of them!
I know they all sound like fun! We will have to invite them to the blog convention, lol~
I'll be by! I missed you! My fault-hives due toChristmas trolls and my hubby discovering my secret stash! I'm back to FROG duty....ick! lol
Lolamouse said…
Great descriptions! I'd love to visit all three of these Toads! I have several ideas but need to think a bit...
Susan said…
All of this sounds like very much fun. Your poems could start books. Chapter 2 of my book does this with my character Alice's home . . . but guess? Must I? Can't I just enjoy the stage settings and imagine characters in them?
Ella said…
Susan-It is all in fun ;D
Thank you, maybe I will write a book of Homes-they tell the story, lol ;D
Yes, you can...enJOY, but guessing is fun and so what if you are wrong...guess again! lol

Lolamouse-I would love to visit all of the them, too! I'm not sure if I'm exactly right on their homes, but I visited their blogs and gathered some insight! ;D
They all are amazing and talented!!!
Johanna Garth said…
Your poetry is so visual and beautiful, but not sure whose homes they are.

As for Starbucks, never get in line behind me because I insist that they recreate the holiday specials with an Americano using complicated mixes of sugar free syrups. I know! I'm dreadful! But I go in a lot so they put up with me.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Love your new poems, Ellen! I used to give my English students a creative assignment called "Who Lives Here?" I gave them particularly evocative pictures of rooms and/or houses and had them write character descriptions. A really nice post as usual!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my goodness, what a way cool idea!!!!!!! As I read, I picked up on some of the clues but cant for the life of me remember who is who. Other than the red cardinals - Laurie Kolp???? Horses - Margaret Bednar?

Clever idea, Ellie.....a bit too clever for my old brain but will be fun seeing what everyone thinks.....
Angela Felsted said…
I like all your poems, but I am particularly fond of poem #2 because it has Snicker doodles in it. And who could resist those?
Congratulations to Hart!
I'll take all three as food was involved.
Anonymous said…
Congrats! to Hart! And I love the Starbucks classics like peppermint mocha. Tastes great with a hint of Schanpps too.
Emma Major said…
I love the poems but don't have any idea who they are, I'd like to visit them though
Kerry O'Connor said…
I would say #1 is Margaret and #3 is Hedgewitch. #2 has me stumped. My first guess was Sherry, or Hannah.. for painting in nature.
Mama Zen said…
I guessed Margaret for #1, too!
Ella said…
Okay I'll give you a bit of help:
#1 is not Margaret-I would have mentioned children.
#2 the hint is squeak, she paints and has 2 blogs!
#3 Her pet is a royal fav

lol ;D
Wanda said…
Congrats Hart. Ella each of those house sound interesting.
Susie Clevenger said…
I am pretty sure on two of them...Margaret Bednar (horses) and Laurie Kolp (cardinals) What fun! I would sure like to visit all three!!
Margaret said…
I want to BE all three! :)
Ella said…
Margaret-You might be, lol ;D
Actually I visited more than one of the poets blogs and read interviews. I wanted to blur the lines and I guess I did. :D

Susie-No,but I can see how you came to I'll be back to answer

Wanda-Thank you! I know I want to visit all of them :D

Mama Zen-Sorry, no... ;D

Kerry-No... :D

Emma-Me, too! They all have hobbies I love~ :D

Stephen-I like the way you think.
;D I bet, it does! lol

Alex-Yes, I hear you~ Actually I run around the corner and get a wrap. The spinach ones are the best ;D

Angela-I know right-I want my house to smell like cookies. :D

Sherry-I blurred the details, so it would be harder to figure out~!

Mary Ann-I wish I had you for my teacher :D You have amazing ideas~ Thank you! I do think our surrounds reveal a lot! Thank you for sharing!!! @>--------

Johanna-Hey, the customer is always right, lol! Oh, do tell-I want to try your creative drink ;D
Yeah, my hubby n' daughter hate to order for me. I'm the one that always has to get coffee. lol
I like chatting in the coffee line. We would have fun~

Kay L. Davies said…
I think your first one is Margaret (the horse gives it away, as do the horses in mine, which is also meant to be Margaret) but I can't figure out the others.
Susan said…
So the first could be Sherry; the second could be K; The third could be Aprille. This is awful! I enjoyed your poems so much! I'm glad you may use them to start off a few books or at least stories.
Ella said…
Susan-Yes, Sherry is Snow White, lol.
Go look, tee,hee...
I will do this again ;D
so fun to fool you all!

Kay-No, Sherry tends a horse ;D
lol, so fun!

Scriptor Senex said…
Though the Door sounds a fascinating book - must give it a try. Thanks.
jasmine calyx said…
I thought of Kerry immediately when reading your first poem---and all the birds and nests throughout, the tea ... really has a Kerry vibe, but I don't even know her. :)

The second makes me think of Hannah.

No one came to mind when reading the third, but I only really know a few of the Toads. Your poems are all very good, Ella. I am really amazed that you were able to do this using such details; you must know these poets quite well. :)
Lolamouse said…
Duh. I can't believe I missed my own Mouse House! Now that I read it again, I see some of myself! The doormat is definitely me!