Leap Frog and IWSG

Is it really the first Wednesday in December-wow, time did more than fly.   Did someone say fly?!    Sorry, I am tired.  I still have hives and am wacky.   I will be all over the place today.   I have two poetry prompts and am taking part in IWSG.   Alex, I mean Ninja Captain Alex started a support group for writers.   Check this out if you would like to join the  IWSG=Insecure Writers Support Group.  We post the first Wednesday of every month.  Thank you Captain, for doing this!  Alex is the author of the famed CassaStar series. 

I'll start with my insecure post.  I have heard the best story to write is the one you can't shake.  Lately two stories have leaped to mind.  Sorry, for the pun.  One I think I would enjoy writing, the other scares me a bit.  I guess I'm afraid of the memories it may dredge up.  How do you decide?   Everyone says write a poetry book-what do you think?  I guess that is probably where I should start... 

Sometimes I wonder how I will make and find time. I want to do it all, but no one can and do it well.  I have to narrow my focus and here today I will blog three times.  I guess, this will be a record breaking day, than I will narrow my focus! ;D   I am sure it won't happen again, until the axolotl regenerates itself.  Sorry, for some reason my horoscope compared me to this alien lizard and mentioned I should write a story about my scars?!    Go here if you want to check out yours! So, now I am rethinking the scary story.  How do you decide what to write?  What lingers in your mind or scares the axolotl out of you?!

I will be back and post,  who won my giveaway!  


I'd kill for one idea!
Write whichever one calls to you the hardest.
And I don't think you are anything like an alien lizard.
Miranda Hardy said…
I have ideas popping up all the time and it's hard to focus on one when another is screaming at you.

Write the story that is screaming loudest.
Mary said…
You can either write the story YOU want to write......or write the story THEY want to hear. Most often these are not the same story!
Ella said…
Hi Mary-Thank you that is great advice :D I think I am skipping the scar story-ick! My Mom said I could write her story. It is a good one, but full of a lot of thorns-I'm not sure.

Miranda-Thank you for sharing! It is nice to know I'm not alone ;D
Okay, the loudest-damn, that one will be the hardest, lol.

Alex-Hey,You can borrow my alien lizard! Go check our your horoscope on the site I posted. This guy has some wacky posts.
This is not your normal horoscope-it is like a trampoline of ideas~
Go see what jumps out at you! ;D
Mary Ann Potter said…
If you take a close look at almost all of my writing, you'd say, "Gosh. What memories. They sound autobiographical." Yep. Something of my past is in every one of my writings, sometimes only in a phrase or two, not necessarily in the "stories". Write what burns inside you the hottest.

By the way, I am a Kermit fan. Love the picture of my green guy with this post. Several years ago Kermit was the very special, very cool Grand Marshal for Michigan State University's homecoming parade. (I am still very green and white!)
Mark Means said…
I think you should give -both- stories a shot. Maybe the one you find enjoyable can, sort of, counterbalance the one that might dredge up bad memories.

Either way, best of luck and keep at it:)
Morgan said…
I've strangely enough never had a problem deciding... my next project has always been clear--but it's also screamed at me from the inside out, so I'll go with that! ;-)
Tamara said…
Your lucky. I generally have to work hard for even one idea, much less two. haha.

I'd say go with the one that is taking up the most brain-time. :)
Candilynn Fite said…
If you can't decide, start both. One will definitely pull you stronger. That's the one you go with first. Happy IWSG post day. :)
Tonja said…
I bet if you start with the easier one, your mind will go to the scary one. If it were me, I'd do the scary one first. If you hit a wall or get overwhelmed, you could always pop back to the other.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Your poems, coupled with your photography, would make a beautiful book.
Cynthia said…
Write the story that you feel you are most ready to write. The idea of someone else out there possibly wanting to write the story I've been dreaming about is often what pushes me to get busy on the keyboard. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!