Hannah, over in the Garden asked us to write a poem.  She asked us to explore the Prairie and Steppe area.  I chose the Prairie Warbler.  I was thinking of the families in Newtown, CT.   I went to You Tube and found this video.  I was surprised it was from Connecticut.  My heart n' prayers go out to all , who have lost their hope n' joy today~  It is so sad-I haven't stopped watching the news, since I heard...

Wrapped in yellow sunshine
against a blue quilted sky
love songs echo in
the wind
blue stars peer
through scattered red cedars
 musical tweets
grace of golden wings
among thimblefuls
of dandelions 
aligned with pure
squeezed sunshine
in Tangelo dreams
the earth is
 my yellowish green cap
protects my dark eyes
 I  linger in the
overgrown fields rather
than the prairies
for what life

© Ellen Wilson


Isadora Gruye said…
Tangelo dreams indeed. I like that you choose such a small creature to focus on for this challenge. This poem did just to the hollow boned tiny thing. Viva la
This is a great posting It’s exactly what I was looking for. I like your article.
Talli Roland said…
What lovely words, Ella.
Grace said…
This is lovely to read in the morning Ella ~ I let the musical tweets heal my broken heart ~
It is beautiful, Ella.
And such a horrible tragedy.
Mary said…
Beautiful, Ella.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Very beautiful. I find I am at a loss for words during this very sad time...
Renee said…
Beautiful poem, I love the last part of wishing for yesterday. This is such an elegant tribute to such a terrible tragedy.
Kerry O'Connor said…
...wishing for what life offered yesterday...

This song is so bitter-sweet given recent events.
Kay L. Davies said…
What a darlin' little bird you chose, Ella. I love your poem and the song of the warbler is the perfect accompaniment.
Margaret said…
The last line tore my heart, especially in light of what happened in the elementary school. Just superb writing!
kaykuala said…
Great choice of video and such a beautiful poem. Something nice to think about at this testing times. The tragedy was awful and shocking!

Daydreamertoo said…
Beautiful... The song of birds is always uplifting. Lovely poem Ella.
Yesterday is just...beyond belief.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautiful, heartfelt, and really hits home, especially your closing lines. I keep thinking of the parents of those little kids. Unimaginable.
Helen said…
Ella, your poem is beautiful, gorgeous.
Susan said…
Great video! It's still singing as I write. I love how we who aren't present get to brighten our day with similar images. And your poem is fresh air, a voice of a constant hunter in aware of the color he brings into the colorful places he loves. Nice.
Such a beautiful write Ella! Wishing for what life offered yesterday!
Elise Fallson said…
What a tragedy. I have no words for it, but your poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Ella said…
Hi Mad Kane-Thank you so much :D

Elise-I know, words can't reach the pain...thank you~

Audrey-Thank you! Yes, we need to live each day more fully~

Susan-Thank you! :D I knew when I saw the choices~

Helen-Thank you! I love birds...

Sherry-Thank you, me too! It haunts one's soul...

Donna-Thank you~ :D

Bren-I know and the more we hear, the more we still don't understand....never will! Thank you~

Hank-Yes, I so agree, so difficult...Thank you!

Margaret-Thank you! I know it is hard to imagine and so raw~

Kay-I love Warblers. We had two build a nest in my hubby's boots.
Yeah, they are beautiful birds!
Thank you~

Kerry-Yes, it is a sad song...Thank you!

Renee-Thank is a gift!
No one should steal it...

Mary Ann-I understand-Thank you~

Mary-Thank you! Gosh, so many of you are teachers-it really is horrid...

Alex-Thank you! Yes...

Grace-Thank you!

Talli-Thank you~

Jual-Thank you! I look to nature, a lot...

Izy-Hollow says a lot! Thank you...

Laurie Kolp said…
Love this, Ella... especially:

among thimblefuls
of dandelions
aligned with pure
squeezed sunshine
in Tangelo dreams
Scriptor Senex said…
My favourite lines were -
"among thimblefuls
of dandelions
aligned with pure
squeezed sunshine
in Tangelo dreams"
until I got to the last line.

So many tomorrows gone. So sad.
Ella said…
Hi John-Thank you! I agree-so sad!

Laurie-Thank you! I wanted a child like view of color~