The Big Home Reveal

It is time to reveal who I was penning prose about.  I am not sure Dickens would have been pleased with my efforts, but my intentions were good.  I did find personal hobbies and details of all three women, that could blur the lines.  I didn't want it to be easy, but I thought you would figure it out. 

Home #1 is Sherry from STARDREAMING with Sherry Blue Sky


Sherry loves the shore, the ocean and sky.  I left clues with shells, driftwood, and a lighthouse door knocker.   I also used accents of blue n' white.  Sherry's poems are influenced a lot by nature.  I gave details with the birds, animals, feathers, nests, etc. 
Sherry won a gift card from me, a while ago and said she was going to buy a bird feeder, lol.
She is always talking about animals, her love of dogs and her beloved Pup. She tends to her daughter's horse.  If she could I think the woman would live on a huge farm.  She is always leaving encouraging comments and her love of animals made me think of Snow White, not your hair, Sherry! lol

 "I am a poet, memoirist, star dreamer. I love this blogging world of talented poets sharing their work. It has opened up the gates of the world to this happy, home-loving hermit."


Home #2 is Lolamouse from MouseDroppings
aka Sheri

"There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more." - The Smiths

I had to imagine some of the details, but I did find some from an interview.
Her first book of poetry was given to her by her maternal grandmother.

  I used a green door, to represent garden. And mice do squeak :D   Sheri has another blog,
  Rants from the Hormonally Challenged.  I gave hints from here and used her interview. 

Sheri I mean Lola paints, " I love the sensory nature of the activity and playing with the colors."

Sheri is a volunteer teacher for children,  at a local nature center and does hospice work.   I just thought, she would have a great sense of humor.  When I found the doormat I thought of her. I could be wrong... 

I found this on one of her blogs and thought she would be tidy and neat! :D
Cute and tidy Lolamouse!

Maybe I went to far with the garden details?!  There was a wonderful photo of her
and her grandmother, I imagined her having some of her heirlooms. I put in vases for the flowers-another hint about the book.  I didn't want to make it too easy!!! 

Home #3 is Mama Zen 

Mom to Baby Puppy. Wife to Daddy Zen. Keeper of the Geckos.

Most of us know her from here:


 Mama Zen shares her daily life on the Zen of Motherhood and shares poetry on her blog, Motherhood After Dark. 

©Mama Zen

Here is a photo of Mama Zen's Iron Angel

I used the cake because of the sweet musings on one blog and the after dark on the other.

I imagined a red door. Mama Zen has a lot of passion.   She is a gardener and I remember
reading about her grandfather being one.  Green thumbs are genetic, (me, too-lol)

 I imagined her saving n' drying seeds, her daughter-Baby Puppy's art work on the fridge and she writes about bones, in her poetry.   I had to include the turkey's wishbone for a hint :D

I ended with the dancing royal circling my ankles-since she has a Corgi!

I guess I made it more of a riddle.  I think back now, I should of done
Red Riding Hood for Sherry-her Pup was a wolf.

Lolamouse a big block of cheese, less gardening and more words.

Mama Zen more rich dark chocolate~

I hope I didn't offend anyone that was not my intention!

I fear now I will be roasted over an open

I'll be back to discuss this blogfest

I have to run and take my hound to the vet! 


E.J. Wesley said…
Thought they were perfect Ella! I'm still chuckling over the 'Clean all the things' button. :-)

Hope it's just a regular checkup for hound. We took ours in a couple of weeks ago and it was a good reminder (as always) why we don't get another dog--too expensive! Vet bills are outrageous.
You are very good with your riddles!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I'm just amazed how much background research you did to bring these characters to life.. I guess we just looked for the obvious clues and overlooked the subtle ones.

Thanks for a wonderful challenge, Ellen.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh you are very clever. I only guessed Lolamouse, the squeak helped big-time! Something in my brain recognized the shells and wind chimes but I was all "nah, it couldnt be me, my kitchen is green". Hee hee. I TOTALLY LOVED this prompt and all the fun of the guessing. Something different and a total hoot.
Hart Johnson said…
I love this project! What a fun idea to give some buddies a little attention in a fun way. I will go check them out, as I haven't met any of them yet...
Mary said…
What fun you had with this, Ella! Though I did not participate, I enjoyed what you did.
Kay L. Davies said…
I can't believe I guessed Margaret instead of Sherry. So much for my theory that I'd know Sherry anywhere because we went to different schools together, and have yet to meet.
So I only guessed one and it was wrong. I guess I'd better write a reveal for mine, although I've already told you who I picked.
Ink in the Book said…
OoHHhh! I wished I hadn't of missed these posts! Lovely work!!

And Ella, I *love* your blog header. I would almost beg for one similar for my blog. I'm in the mood for a new background anyway:)

You are so creative, in many ways!
Lolamouse said…
I feel really silly now! I didn't recognize my own Mousey Hole! You really did some research! I wish I actually had that doormat-too perfect!
Margaret said…
I love your explanation! Hope your dog is OK!
Morgan said…
Ella, you are SO CLEVER. I can't believe I lived without your blog for so long! ;-)
Ella said…
Margaret-I wanted to blur the lines, so we would see others. We poets have a lot in common ;D Thank you!
Yes, my dog is fine. He had lost weight and I was concerned. He also had routine shots. Hope Moxie is doing better!

Lolamouse-You are so adorable ;D
I did, lol~ I know I love it, too~
You are a great sport @>-------

Inky-I have missed you! Thank you~
Thank you! It is easy, go by some snow in a bag at a local big box store. Pile it on a plate and add some bling-tah dah! ;D you are too kind, but I love it~

Kay-Most everyone did :D I think we will try this again! Remember it was suppose to be fun~

Shelly-No hugs n' chocolate?! lol

Mary-Hi, Thank you! I had fun... :D

Hart-Yes, they are intriguing! And we know what their kitchens look like, lol ;D

Sherry-You were right! Yes, the squeak was my best clue for Lola, I mean Sheri ;D Yes, it was different and fun~ Thank you!

Kerry-Thank you! I chose subtle so we could see how much alike we really are ;D It was suppose to be fun~

Alex-Yes, and I get to test that theory on you on Monday ;D lol

EJ-I know, it was cute :D Buster is fine, thank you! He needed the heartworm/flea pills and Distemper shot. I was thankful, my son could go. Typical scene hound is happy till he gets to the door of the vet and then sits down and doesn't want to enter the building.
Dogs know-my bet is the scent of the place. For me the dentist does that. It makes me want to drag my butt somewhere else...eeeewww, lol

Ink in the Book said…
Thanks Ella! But a photographer I am not. *sighs*

Sorry I have been away so much. It's been such a long 3 weeks and I see no break in the bend. And to top it all off, I reinjured my foot and have been stuck in the bed again.

I just haven't felt very chirpy lately and have not wanted to spread my gloom. And look at me. Here I am moping on your blog. Can I have a Kleenex?

I hope your weekend is shaping up into fantasticness:)
Ella said…
Inky-I know all about moping! Someone backed into my car on Turkey eve. T-day I woke up at 6am and felt odd. I had the flu. Then I ate a few Jordan Almonds, damn trolls ended up coming home with me and had my face swell up, hives and anxiety attacks! lol
I'll give you a whole box. I wish I could bring you a funny movie and we could laugh! We need to laugh-(((hugs))) @>---------
And today, was suppose to be my craft day. I have some things to make-hubby is home. My muse hides, when he is around. She likes to be alone and dance with her ideas...
Mama Zen said…
Oh, wow! I didn't even guess!
Ella said…
Hi Mama Zen-tee,hee!
I did blur the lines-so we all can see fragments of ourselves :D