Create a New world

Turf Bay ~ Jacek Yerka (2006)
Creative Commons

Kerry over in the Imaginary Garden asked us to pen a poem about a fantasy type world. She shared this!   Jacek Yerka!  I'm intrigued.....aren't you?!

Kerry fills us in on the term Worldbuilding.   It was a term coined in the 1970s,  during workshops of  Sci-Fi writers.  It refers to the process of creating a fictitious world, in which the writer's imagination may roam free.  You can read more  here:   Wikipedia.

Kerry shared this link of the Top 10 Fantasy worlds in Literature. 

 Intriguing- I am working on an outfit, for my daughter.  She is going to do a colorguard performance based, on Alice in Wonderland.  My daughter is going to be the Queen of Hearts.  I feel quite challenged.  My daughter is the type, who every Halloween has decided she didn't like her costume.  She gets this gene, from her father.   I like to dress up and love Halloween.  Every year since the tender age of three-Halloween has become a battlefield.  I have asked her, "do you like this or that?"- I feel like I'm cursed.  I want to create an updated, steampunk and funky.  She wants  more regal and we are butting more than heads.  Augh...  The thing is this isn't a play, it is a moving performance, where the crown must remain intact, while dancing and twirling a flag.  Then at the end, she will remove the crown.  She wants gold and I want a crown made out of cards.  She wants glam.  The gown can't be long and she will be barefoot.  We will have to meet in the middle, muddle, the puddle of shiny fabrics, the world of bling-rhinestones, and make it work! We have only agreed on two items so far.   A basic black dress to add the items to and the tights...yikes!   I told her yesterday-I am letting you pick, but your Colorguard teacher wants something new, different. You have to be willing to be playful and not think of the traditional costume.  I think I am going to make her a Lady Ga Ga type crown-so not traditional, lol.

                                                                                    Source: via Kat on Pinterest

Emerald eyes I see spike 
and grow on my watch
who gave you this bitter pill-weed
time to transplant your
bleeding heART roots
and repaint the garden
roses 1/2 baked
tarts half grown
you turned my world upside down
tick, tock clock...
time for a spot of seredipitea
no creativitea
come with me
where we will draw new lines
  of normal 
plant ingenuitea
in rainbow hues
our map with wonder
 will collide
with your volcano views
listen to the echo of your heart
in the green sea
right there you hold it,  I mean
tea in your cup...
put it to your ear
hear the old thoughts
Let's plant new memories
in the sepia glitter
the storm is coming
the air is sticky n' sweet
gummie worms in the new
patty cake 
let's mark it with a 
C and
craft a new world
just you n' me...
Quick get your shovel
we must dig up the plant of despair and doubt
now plant those
Ruby Red slippers
and see what grows...

© Ellen Wilson


Kerry O'Connor said…
I'm sure your daughter will look amazing in a costume of your devising, Ella.

I love the exploratory approach to your world and all the -teas. It is playful and hopeful:

Let's plant new memories
in the sepia glitter...
Hope you and your daughter can come to terms.
Excellent imagery in your poem!
When you hear 'worldbuilding' you tend to think of fantasy and LOTR. Ironic that it was coined after those books were written and by science fiction writers.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh I vote for Lady GaGa, it would so rock! The image of the child in a jar is remarkable....and your poem is - one of the best you ever wrote. A total WOW.
Created several images here and I also like the tea's :)
Mary Ann Potter said…
An amazing poem! Loved the photos, too, especially the one of the bottle filled with wonder! You are so creative; this costume you're making will be fabulously perfet and perfectly fabulous!
Kim Nelson said…
Like a look at the heart and soul of an Alice/Dorothy hybrid! Clever.
Fireblossom said…
Oh my gosh! That picture with the tree and child inside the bottle is AMAZING!
Wanda said…
The blending of your two styles shall make for an intriguing costume.
hedgewitch said…
time to transplant your
bleeding heART roots
and repaint the garden
roses 1/2 baked
tarts half grown

I love the topsy turvy quality of this whole piece--it's very Alice in Wonderland, which is a hard world to even begin to capture, yet it's also something distinctly your own. Really fun, and you would be the best mom on earth I think, to go to for a costume. Loved it!
Shelly said…
I loved your poem and all the different analogies from Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz.

Hugs and chocolate,
Peggy said…
I like the creative feel of this piece and the wonderful images. I had to laugh at your battle with your daughter--reminded me of the conflicts I had with my kids. One year they were both in a school production fo Wizard of Oz and I wanted to make their costumes wild and colorful. My son consented to wearing my idea of a wild outfit for the wizard but my daughter wanted something gingham for Dorothy. The teacher doing the play did not go for my ideas either--wanted traditional. Oh well. Sometimes people are just not as fun as I want to be!
Margaret said…
Honestly, with a subject like A.I.W.L., meeting in the middle will be perfect. Adorable poem and PLEASE post a photo when it is done.
Kay L. Davies said…
I hope you can come up with a compromise for the costume, but in the meantime the poem is all Ella, all wonderful, with all those teas.
Morgan said…
I swear this is the most creative blog around... I love it, Ella. :D
Cynthia said…
I'm sure the hybrid of steam punk and funky and regal and glam would be something very cool. Maybe you can post a picture here when you're done.

That's quite a painting. I wouldn't want to live at the edge where the bridge splits up!

Ella said…
Cynthia-I will post a photo, when done! She had her first practice and was so excited~ I am willing to go with what she wants, but the head of this amazing project is in her 20s and I know she wants unique n' drama! Wish me luck...I am not a seamstress. I can upcycle and that is about it ;D

Morgan-Oh, you are sweet! :D I can't wait to hear more about your book~
I will be by! I have missed so much-daughter had exam week and only one exam. My house was busy n' loud-her room isn't done, yet...
but we did do a few more projects. ;D thank you~
I don't think they want steampunk...back to GaGa glam...

Kay-I wish we could all have tea :D
An serendipitea party! Thank you (((hugs)))

Margaret-Thank you! I really can't sew, much, but I am good and re arranging and creating accessories. Now all I can think of it my head is that song-Mad World! ;D I will-thank you!

Peggy-Thank you for sharing! My son was always easy going. His favorite costume was to dress up as James Bond. He had been every superhero, but gadget toys were the new thang. This particular year daughter wanted to be an angel. James Bond and an angel- as we walked around knocking on doors, I thought kids aren't dressed for Halloween-they look like they are going to Sunday school. Daughter wouldn't wear her wings or halo, she took them off. She had on a beautiful white, lacy dress...funny how kids are! Yes, where did the fun go?! ;D

Shelly-Thank you! Hugs n' chocolate bread for you ;D

Joy-Thank you! I had fun-hope the costume will be, too! It is a process and I want it done. I will be doing lots of tweaking... ;D
Actually these days I feel like Alice-especially when I have to crawl through a tiny door into my attic-I'll take a photo! It is weird, lol

Ella said…
Wanda-Hi, I think I have been out voted. I will find a few ways to make it unique, lol ;D

FB-I know right! :D
I want some of that magic elixir!

Kim-Thank you :D Yes, it will be unique...

Mary Ann-I love your clever tongued comment ;D Very cute...I don't think it will be, as I wish..but I will go with the flow!
The problem is she keeps changing her mind~

Tatius-Yes, a few, lol Thank you-I love your dog, so cute :D

Sherry-Yes, Lady Gaga would rock it~ Well, I think I have her in agreement on the crown being in Gaga fashion. I did tell her nicely, you know you could do your own costume. Go to the thrift shop, buy a dress, cut it up and add some big bling. I have glue, felt and feathers. She said, "no"... Yeah, what was I thinking?!
It will be Halloween at my house for three months-yikes! Thank you~

Alex-I know it is ironic! I am so happy, for this world of 'wordbuilding' and scfy ;D
Thank you~

Kerry-Thank you! ;D I know I will feel like Alice, as I journey onward with this unique project! Yes, I need to go find some sepia glitter ;D

Helen said…
How very delightful .. these lines were my favorites, though it was difficult choosing ...
'time for a spot of seredipitea
no creativitea
come with me'

(Oh how I enjoyed making costumes for my children and grandchildren)
Ella said…
Oh, Helen I would love to hear about your favorite, sometime over tea of course ;D
Such a fun poem! Ruby Red Slippers would bring some fun things to the garden!
Good luck with the costume.
Ella said…
Hi Robyn-lol, yes they would wouldn't they ;D I always wanted a pair. In the original story of the Wizard of Oz the slippers are silver! So glad they changed them to Ruby :D

Thank you!!!
Hannah said…
"Let's plant new memories
in the sepia glitter"

I love this!!! The whole poem is such a delight!! So many spectacular visions...I love the roots of heART...and the green sea!! Ella you're such a creative spirit...I'll sit down and have a spot of creativitea with you!!! ♥!!
Ella said…
Hannah-When I come home we will have a spot of creativitea! I will come find you ;D <3 @>--------!!!!
Thank you so much!
jasmine calyx said…
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jasmine calyx said…
Great job! This was fun to read.
Ben Ditty said…
This was a nice escape :-)
Ella said…
Hi Ben-Thank you! ;D

Hi Jasmine-It is fun to revisit some of my favs-thank you! :D
kulasa said…
"Quick get your shovel
we must dig up the plant of despair and doubt" beautiful...I wish we could do just that in the real plant dreams and wait for them to grow... I wish I had a daughter I could dress up and play with :) yet I too am thankful for the two boys I was gifted by high heavens...

thank you for inspiring me to imagine and "plant new memories" love that...
Anonymous said…
Love your poem with all of its slightly skewed but vivid imagery. The word play is fantastic. A wonderful and delightful read,

Ella said…
Hi Elizabeth :D Thank you! It was fun to play with vivid~ Nice of you to stop by~ I will visit you soon~

Kulasa-Me too! Dig up those roots, before they took hold! Boys are wonderful, too! YOU can still dress up and play, with or with out kids!
Thank you so much! :D