Daughter's Room

I haven't forgotten the art and book I want to share.  Honestly, I can't find one of the mags, I wanted to share with you. (sure hope it didn't get cut up-yikes)  I am cleaning and reorganizing- knowing me, I tucked it in a special place.  I do think I have squirrel tendencies, lol.    While I was moving things around, I mentioned to my daughter-I think it is time to redo some of your room.  
                "What does that mean?"  she pondered giving me a fish kiss look.

              "I think we need to make this room look more like you, make it yours."

               "Oh, I know you will do art and want me to put it in my room." (why do I keep hearing that?  I haven't put my art in any one's room- a few things near the China cabinet, that are small!)

                "No, that isn't it.  We take down all the stuff animals,  wash them and put funky frames up with cool magazine ads.  We will use ads for make up, hair, jewelry and fashion-that you love." 

                "Ok, but I still don't know what you mean."  she declared, hands on hips.

                 "I know, but give me a chance and you will have full veto power."
                                                          Now she smiles!

When she saw the frames,  she became excited.  So, here is one step of the process.   I bought these fun, vibrant frames at Target last week.  They were regularly $15-$20, I grabbed them for $4-$6.   I bought her a Vogue mag, for inspiration and told her to grab some of her other mags.  Now cut out what draws your attention, captures your eye.   I did one and told her,  "you do the rest."  

;D  I know this one looks familiar, lol

This is a side angle of Adele's face, in the Fuchsia frame.

Funny, how one idea gives birth to another.  I gave her a pair of shoes for Christmas, and on the box it says Diva Lounge.  I told her this is what you are creating.  You love doing hair, make up, and fashion.   She laughed and thanked me~

 I found this at the thrift shop.  It was over some of my garden photos. I took it down and decided we needed this in her room for impact.   Here,  I am painting it Metallic Black, to frame her photos.   

I know it looks messy now, but I'll be back to show you how it came out and a few other ideas.   She is loving her new look....more to come! 


Was she worried you were going to take over the design of her room?
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, redecorating! What fun. Love those frames, Ellen. And Vogue magazine is perfect for high-fashion funk!
Ink in the Book said…
I love this idea. And I have one of those scroll things...In fact, I'm looking at it right now. Hmmm. Mine's already black. Wonder if I would like it white?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh what fun. You have such cool ideas and the pictures you have already done are stunning. I cant wait to see a shot of the room from the doorway when it is transformed.
E.J. Wesley said…
She's going to have the coolest room of all of her friends. And she'll remember it as being even cooler when she's older and thinks about how her and her mothers spent time together making it happen.

Very awesome project on so many levels. :-)
Johanna Garth said…
You're the coolest mom ever. I love the direction her new room is taking!
nutschell said…
Always fun to redecorate a room! I love all your crafty ideas :)
Grace said…
This looks so fun Ella ~ My daughter is planning to decorate her room this summer and I plan to share some tips with her ~
scarlett said…
You're such a cool mom! I love these ideas, it's going to look fabulous!
Laura said…
what an awesome and energized Mom you are Ella... I'm totally impressed!
Anonymous said…
Such a wonderful gesture, though mothers will do anything for our daughters.

Mary said…
I am sure she just loves these changes to her room! She must be so thankful for your wonderful ideas and help.
Anonymous said…
The only way to get my daughters to clean their rooms are to give ti a new look.
Morgan said…
So much creativity in one house! Amazing. :D
Susan said…
I love this! I did this sort of ting in home decor when a teen in 4-H, but you make it an in house affair.
Ella said…
Susan-Thank you ;D Yes, that is the plan, lol

Morgan-You are sweet :D Thank you!

Stephen-;D You are a smart man! This is creating a snowball effect at our house. Perfect time of year, for a few snowballs, lol.

Mary-I have been thanked a few times. Today she has exams, after we are going thrifting! I bought her a few things, but we love the hunt for a bargain,the unique and odd.

Yvonne-:D Yes, our children teach us many things!

Laura-You are sweet! I just want to show her that she can use what she has and style it fun! Thank you ;D

Scarlett-Thank you, so are you! ;D

Grace-Oh, you will have fun! How old is she? :D

Nutschell-You are right! It really does elevate our mood! A great way to chase the winter blues away ;D
Thank you!

Johanna-Thank you! I do see other things I would love to create, but I'm limited by my client's preference, lol. So, far-it is going well!

EJ-Thank you! I know she will remember. I make suggestions, then do one example and let her do the work! So far she loves it ;D The coolest thing I did as mom, was I told my son he could have friends over for a LAN party. I think there were 12 teen guys. Yes, they brought their computers and gamed for 24 hrs. There was lots of pizza, soda and laughs. My son and all the teens thanked me more than once! It was crazy n' fun! The neighbors were wondering what was going on?!

Sherry-I'll do my best! It is on a budget. I did go to Dollar General yesterday and bought a pant hanger for her jewelry. ;D I keep hearing Tim Gunn from Project Runway say, "Make it work"....lol

Inky-Do it! Spray paint would be easier! Just be cautious-I have been known to spray and get it elsewhere... Let me know how it comes out :D I kind of miss my scroll over my photos, but I will find something else! Mine is a taupe color, but I think white would be cool! I thought about painting it Neon pink, but with all the black frames and she has a black n' white bed spread...I went with black.

very lovely ornamental frames, Ella!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
At least I would trust you to do something nice. When I was a teen, my mother decided I needed my room redone. That meant she went in and tore down every poster and I came home to bare walls. Not fun.
Ella said…
L.Diane-I am sorry! I had friends, who had that happen~ So not fun...

Dezzy-Thank you! Yes, we are having fun bargain hunting and redoing ordinary items ;D
Anonymous said…
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Amanda Trought said…
Ella, firstly, happy new year! the room change is a great idea and it will look great. Sekani is doing a declutter and reorganise his sleeping and study space. Looking forward to seeing how the frame comes out, Blessings, Amanda
Ella said…
Blessing to you Amanda :D and Happy New Year!
Yes, I do think it helps to declutter and create in January! This month of fresh starts always motivates me to grow! Grow is my word for the year...I have much to do, reach for and learn~
Thank you, I look forward to seeing your art and how your journey unfolds! @>------------
~Sia McKye~ said…
Frames are gorgeous! There are so many things you can do that look like a million bucks but cost less than a hundred. My mom used to encourage us to do things like that. My mom was great with taking a lot of nothing and making something fabulous.
Ella said…
Hi Sia-Thank you! Yes, it is amazing what we can come up with that $aves ;D
My Mom did that, too! I think our moms performed magic~
Tamara said…
These are awesome ideas!! How old is your daughter? Make sure to put up pics when her room is done! I want to see...

You should so before/after pics. Those are always fun. :)