hope everyone had a great holiday and feels restored by the fresh slate of  a new year.   Over the holidays I had to take my daughter, to get new glasses. Yeah, we were busy, wisdom teeth out and now new specks!  During her eye exam I was  reading magazines, in the waiting room.   I discovered an article in SELF mag called Green with Envy.  I thought mmh, this might be a good subject for IWSG.   (go check it out ;D) Alex Cavanaugh is the founder, our Ninja Captain leader :D

 Does the green eyed monster visit you, often?   Recently,  I felt the stings, the  thorns of jealous, while my face burned a bright shade of pink. Maybe those were hives? Anyway,  I had recently given someone some advice and this person is now getting noticed more than me.  As I dealt with my emotions,  I realized, we have no way of knowing what any publisher/editor is looking for.

I have known people in my life, who were gifted with musical abilities.  My Dad played guitar and was talented, but this one guy, who frequented our weekend guitar parties was amazing.  Yes, X factor amazing!   My Dad asked him..."would you if the chance arrived?"  He said, he would, but it didn't happen.   Maybe he didn't put himself out there enough, maybe he was happy just playing for a local band, maybe the limelight bothered him or maybe it was the wrong offer.  Who knows?! 

As I reviewed what I had been published for...I stopped comparing myself to others. I thought no matter what, I could teach my art and that is something I can feel good about.  We all make mistakes, get tossed off course by a green eyed monster.  The best thing we can do is remain true to who we are.   So no matter what,  I can live with my good, bad and ugly moments.   Cheers to a fresh slate, a new start and kicking the green eyed monster's but and seeing the world anew with fresh eyes!   ;D   We don't want to end up like you know who!

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Cynthia said…
Great post! While we might quietly look at someone and wish we had something they had, I'd bet there's someone out there who envies us for something too.
Mel Chesley said…
You know, I had to put jealousy aside. There are times when I just wish like mad my life would be different, but I made these choices. As for my writing? I refuse to compare myself to anyone anymore or let someone else's work make me feel inadequate. Mine is just as good, but different and variety is the spice of life!
There is room in this world for all kids of success. We just need to do the best we can and be the best US.
oh, Tom Hiddlestud and Chris Hunksworth
Miranda Hardy said…
Envy isn't a great thing, and somewhat present in all if us. I try to be happy for the successes if others and know one day, they will be happy for me too.
Old Ollie said…
Sage advice. I too oft feel like I am okay at many things, but not a great at any one thing.
E.J. Wesley said…
"The best thing we can do is remain true to who we are. " Absolutely correct Ella!

I'll confess, I'm not one to be envious of others when it comes to writing success, etc. I'm so mired in my own struggle most of the time I don't have time to worry about what others are doing.

I do, however, worry about what I'm NOT doing when it comes to blogging, connecting, etc. quite often--especially when I'm surrounded by such phenomenally talented and productive bloggers. That's when I really have to focus in on what I do and try to appreciate it.

Happy New Year btw! Hope 2013 sees you shining all the brighter and living your dreams. :-)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, EVERY TIME I come onto your blog, I am struck by how beautiful you have made it - it changes so often and is always artistically beautiful. Love today's white offering. You definitely have a gift. I'll bet people would love your classes if you taught one.
Candilynn Fite said…
You know, Ella, I think we all kind of feel this way in particular moments in our lives. I think it's normal or maybe, I'm just trying to feel normal. ;) Giving that green eyed monster a swift kick is a good idea though. It makes us better human beings.

Wishing you all the best in 2013! Love the header btw, it's gorgeous!
stu said…
Yet a little judicious envy can be a great motivator to try harder.
Yolanda Renee said…
I'm always finding something someone has done or achieved that I'm envious of but not jealous of. The two words mean something very different to me. I tell someone I'm envious when I admire them or their accomplishment. Jealousy is a destructive emotion like Loki who it carried to the extreme.
I have too many other shortcomings to let jealousy be part of me. :)
Ella said…
Hi Yolanda-I like what you shared!
I usually don't get jealous, so it surprised me. It was the tone I believe that threw me and then the dance of doubt arrived! Well said and thank you for sharing! I usually get a moment and move on. We all have talent and an unique voice :D
Happy New Year to you!!!

Stu-Yes,it does get the creative juice flowing again ;D I so agree!
Happy New Year~

Candilynn-Thank you! I do think if it is short lived than we are fine. If it lasts longer than we have an issue~ I do agree part of the human condition~ Yes, a good swift kick usually does the job, lol. Thank you :D Happy New Year to you! Yes, I wish you the best, too! I think it is going to be a great year~

Sherry-Thank you! I would love to do just that. I might just do that ;D YOU are so sweet~ I love your blog, as well!!1

EJ-Oh, yes, that dance! I know that one, too. Usually I try not to compare myself and just do my thing! Thank you that was a lovely wish! I hope you have a star filled year, yourself ;D
Happy New Year!!!

Ollie-Oh, yes...I have felt that way, usually when I watch the Olympics! I think we need to celebrate our gifts :D We have to keep trying things, so we know for sure ;D Happy New Year!

Miranda-I am generally happy for others, but once in awhile the green eyed monster bites. I usually talk myself out of it and keep going. I love your view~
Happy New Year!!!

Dezzy-Yes, some eye candy for you!
Happy New Year~

Alex-I say that a lot ;D Thank you for sharing Captain! I think you are going to rock 2013!!!

Mel-Great view ;D Yes, we each have an unique voice and the only way to improve is to continue~
Thank you! Happy New Year~

Cynthia-Another insightful view ;D
You are right! Thank you for sharing~ Happy New Year
Ink in the Book said…
Hey sweet friend! I love who you are and what I know about you through our writing and your art! Be the best YOU and you will find no regrets, no wish-i- was/had and no green eyes!!

Best, best wishes this year. I hope all your dreams come true!!
Ink in the Book said…
Lovely typos can be embarrassing. That should be "your" writing. All the same, you are still lively the way you are. No green needed:)
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I've given advice to writers and authors for years, many of whom do much better than I ever did. But that's the reason I do it. They might as well avoid the pitfalls I fell into.