Dress Up for the Queen

Source: etsy.com via Sandra on Pinterest

No, I am not making this, but I do love it!  Here are some of the ideas I have found that might just work :D

Here is the store, Buffalo Blue Designs that sells this unique item! 
My daughter wants gold, so I will be looking to purchase some gold lace to starch and sew on a head band.   Wish me luck :D

Another thought would be this:

 This is from a shop called Crowning Glory 00

 I am going to go search and see if I can make an necktie collar.  I'm not sure about the style, yet...this can be found at Bartinki

Perhaps more red?

Two neckties involved in this collar!  If you are curious look here:

If I could just go for it...well, I might shop here:

My version will be more thrifty...
I do like this idea:

She would want to wear these, but too long with glasses on, which she needs for 
the performance.  You can find these here!



Ella, I'm sure you could make something even more amazing!
Janelle said…
It looks like you are going to have fun with this project which ever direction you decide to go.
Vicki Sheehan said…
these are some cool finds, but i can't wait to see what you come up with :)
Ink in the Book said…
The "circus" dress is simply fabuloso. Seriously, I love it. It's perfect for one of the characters in one of my manuscripts. And the lashes may be just what I was looking for to accessorize her amazing dress.
Thanks for sharing!!

By the way, how are you doing? Staying warm?
Kay L. Davies said…
I was never able to wear false eyelashes because I've worn glasses since I was 12.
I love the dress made of neckties. I know quilters make use of old ties, and I've often thought they'd make a nifty skirt, but that necktie collar is gorgeous, isn't it? I sure hope you and your daughter come up with something you love to sew and she loves to wear. The starched gold lace sounds perfect.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, what a fun project this is for you - you can use all of your creative talents. I loved the heart teardrops. OMG.
Mary Ann Potter said…
What fun, Ellen! I know you'll find some very cool stuff.
Mary said…
Very clever ideas, Ella...what fun you are having with this.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That first one would be so fun!
Kim Nelson said…
The dress made from ties is amazing. I should make something like that when The Good Husband does his next tie purge.
Wanda said…
All very creative and cute ideas. I'm sure you're piece together something very interesting.
E.J. Wesley said…
The tall, black crown is really cool!
Ella said…
EJ-I know right! Gaga gorgeous ;D
Yeah, my daughter wants to rock the crown, lol!

Wanda-I have limits-darn it! lol
I will do what I can. Thank you :D

Kim-I know right! Oh, please do share if you go there! A tie purge sounds fun :D

L.Diane-I know...so unique n' fun :D

Mary-I would have more fun, if I wasn't limited to size, shape and dancing. It is hard to wear a crown, dance and toss a flag! It will be a challenge, for sure! I will make it fun :D

Mary Ann-Thank you! I'm trying ;D
It will be like Halloween, for three months at my house, lol!

Sherry-I know daughter loved those, too. She can't wear them with glasses, but we might be able to rock the red rhinestones?! It will be challenging n' fun! I can't paint her face or fingertips...lol. She will do her own make-up and she says it has to be quick. She has to help all the other girls get ready! The outfit really needs to say OOAK Queen!

Kay-Yes, I think the gold lace starch will work! I am going to make two crowns and let her pick. The rest is going to be a challenge. I want to sew cards on her dress-she is against it. She thinks they will fall off! Oh, you should so get a pair and just have fun :D YOU would look fab!!! I know I want a necktie dress n' quilt~

Inky-I love that I helped you dress your character, :D How fab!
Now, I really am intrigued by your story-can't wait!!! I'm freezing how about you?! Stay warm!

Vicki-You have teenage girls-you know what I am up against ;D I will make the best of it! Thank you~

Janelle-I love your attitude and yes, this is what I need to focus on the fun! Thank you~ :D

Alex-You are sweet! A sweet Ninja, that is~ I am not great at sewing-you have seen some of my MacGyver techniques. I can perform magic with feathers, a deck of cards, a glue gun and my creative spirit ;D Thank you!
Scriptor Senex said…
I looked at the Lillian Asterfield site. Ouch - not cheap. I bet you could make one quite easily.
Ella said…
Hi John-I know right! I think I need to get busy and craft a new career ;D
Thank you :D Hope you are doing well!
LTM said…
GORGEOUS!!! Wow. I love ALL of these! Especially that dress, and that necktie! So creative!

Hope you're doing FAB, my friend~ <3 555
Ella said…
Hi Leigh-I know, so fab! lol
Yes, I'm hanging in there! How is the writing in the cave going? ;D
<3 555
Renee said…
Love all your ideas! I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Ella said…
Hi Renee-How are you?! Thank you, but the more I find out about it-I'm limited! I will make the best of it and share some of my crazy contributions ;D Thank you!
if the starch is not a sufficient "stiffener" try Mod Podge ~ you're probably familiar with it already but it comes in matte, satin, glossy and i think even glitter.

ooh, that black lace fascinator is lovely and feet for royal horse races :)
Ella said…
Dezzy-YOU are fun :D

Dani-Thank you! I have some, but wasn't sure it would work. I am thinking about spray painting the lace gold! ;D She really wants gold...so much drama at my house, lol!
Thank you so much :D