Mary over in the garden prompted us to write a poem, about windows. We all are familiar with the expression, "the eyes are the windows to the soul." -big debate on that quote!

I use to decorate windows...  Artsy decorated windows make me swoon!  I would love to decorate windows again-I guess I need my own store ;D 

An igloo out of plastic milk jugs

These are older windows-how gorgeous is this one!!!

Photos via blogger Honey n' Fitz
found on Pinterest

These windows were done in London. I can't over the details-amazing!
Harvey Nichols – Super Natural windows, London

Yes, shopping is a fight for fashion, cyber sharks and power cord horses!  lol
I think I spied a sale sign, in another photo. Yes, that would explain the battle for a deal~

All these photos via HERE~

Spirit level raised
in retail's story
special invitation
draws your eyes in
come a bit closer
you know you want
to look further
the wonder
of the stage
is set
alluring delivery
a preview
of coming and going
trends on tightropes
like a circus
the colors, the allure whispers
seduction of wonder
can it be mine?
stage right
you enter
welcome to the show!

I'll be back to talk about a book and some art!  I now want to go shopping~ Maybe I will do some styling, while I shop ;D    (you know I will, lol)


Ella, I can see you do windows even better than those!
Kerry O'Connor said…
These images are amazing - there are so many creative people out in the world. I'm sure you created many wonderful displays. Your poem touches on the buying/selling/returning frenzy of the season. So much energy goes into attracting the next customer.
Mama Zen said…
"trends on tightropes
like a circus"

I love that!
Hannah said…
I can see why you'd love to do this,'s right up your ally!! I love your poem and presentation, as always, my green loving friend!! xoxo
Mary Ann Potter said…
Poetry perfection, Ellen --- beautifully presented. Loved the photos. Magical.
Misha Gericke said…
I love your poem! It perfectly captured the feel of a display window.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
No way - the igloos out of milk jugs! These ideas are all amazing. I agree, I know you could do even more beautiful windows than these - I see it on your banner which changes so beautifully so often.

The bottom two photos are wonderful but my fave is the igloo.

Loved your poem, too. Got you in the mood for shopping, hey?
D.G. Hudson said…
Window Art - love it.
Mary said…
Ella, I enjoyed all of the pictures of, there are some talented window dressers in the world. And your poem.....I like the idea of windows being coming and going attractions & how you suggest that the windows draw people IN to the store.

As a child, my family and I used to walk down my hometown's main street on Sunday (when stores were closed) and do window other words, just walking and looking. There was nothing to buy; but really this a wonderful memory now. (It could not happen today as there are mostly malls and not downtown shopping streets....and today there is hardly a day the stores are not open). I think you have to get back into doing windows, Ella! I enjoyed your entire post.
nutschell said…
I love these pictures! Wish i could see one of those beautifully decorated windows right now :)
Grace said…
I appreciate alluring previews and store windows, I can't resist them ~

Also I enjoyed the pictures specially those by the decorated stores ~ We can do a prompt for them like Margaret's dolls, just a suggestion ~
Ink in the Book said…
The window art is amazing! How inspirational:) As for your poem, I really felt like I was reading an ad. So wonder you felt the urge to go buy something. Or design something...
vivinfrance said…
I love window shopping in Paris where the art of window dressing is raised to dizzy heights, specially at Christmas - they erect raised board walks adjacent to the windows so that little children can get up close and personal with the displays.

Your poem expresses the excitement beautifully.
Peggy said…
How I enjoyed your post. I have not thought about decorated windows in a long time and they used to be quite the thing around the holidays in some places. It must have been fun to decorate them! Thanks for the reminder!
Elise Fallson said…
Love these images! Especially the dress, beautiful. I think you'd like Paris especially during the holidays, they have some amazing window displays. I also enjoyed your poem, loved the imagery and how you ended it,
"you enter
welcome to the show!"
perfect. (:
Susie Clevenger said…
Window dressing to capture your wallet, your eye, your the photos and your poem. Beautiful
Jinksy said…
I did window display at college, and know the attraction of it as an art form! Loved the Igloo Bottles - so clever. our poem caught the allure. :)
What cool windows! I'm not sure I've ever seen a shop window so elaborately decorated, at least not one that caught my eye or stuck in my memory. I need to look in shop windows more often. Wonderful poem in tribute!

Shannon at The Warrior Muse
Marian said…
oooh, very nice! so much more than window dressing :)
Dorthe said…
Ella, that is most fantastic windows... and while reading your poem, I imagined the big stores,the light, the windown -almost dragging me inside- and at last the big swallow when entering the warm wind- blowing doors!!!
Wish you a most wonderful new year, dear.
Kay L. Davies said…
I've seen the milk jug idea before, and loved it, but this window-dresser really is an artist. As are you, my dear Ella, as are you. Pictures and poetry, beautiful.
These are wonderful. Delightful post!
Susan said…
Window shopping was a favorite game of mine until I started being able to buy--now that I cannot buy anymore I am tempted to go back to it. Your poem is like a carnival barker, "step right up!"--but more seductive. The pictures are fabulous. I want more! Have you considered a window photography tour, just until you're a dresser again?
Melanie Schulz said…
Love those! So creative
Kim Nelson said…
Your window displays are amazing choices, Ella. And the notion of staging and watching the show is a clever one.
scarlett said…
I LOVE that anthropologie display, that is so cool!
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I have been down for the count!

Scarlett-Thank you! I know I want to work there ;D Let me clarify, I want to do their window, lol.

Kim-Yes, Kim they have a wonderful reflection ;D lol Thank you!

Melanie-I know they are amazing-you are right :D

Susan-Thank you! Go here and check this out:
I love that idea-Thank you Susan! :D

MadKane-Thank you so much ;D

Kay-You are sweet, but I didn't take these! I have yet to visit their store-but I am planning a trip! :D

Dorthe-I love your description, so cool..I was walking through the door with you! YOU could write poems ;D

Marian-Yes, window seduction ;D

Shannon-I am happy to think of you window shopping, now! :D I will be by..I'm so behind~

Jinsky-How fab! I bet you had fun and made some marvelous displays! I also did this while in college :D

Susie-Yes, you know how to wrap it up with a bow! Yes, lol

Ella said…
Elise-I hope to visit your France, someday! I can only imagine how grand they must be :D I love your photos-do take more~ Thank you~

Peggy-Thank you! Yes, I would love to go to the Big Apple at Christmas time and see this magic :D

Vivinfrance-This must be amazing...! Wow, I would love to see... I have seen live window displays. It was fun...someday! Thank you for sharing!

Inky-Thank you! Wish we could go shop, lol ;D

Grace-I agree this would be fun! :D
I love that idea~ Maybe...

Nutschell-Me too! Wanna go shop? lol

Mary-I loved what you shared! I love memories, like that~ I am thrilled to walk downtown and window shop. We don't have anything close to this, but I still love to go :D Thank you so much~

DG-Thank you! It is fun :D

Sherry-I love all of them! I know right...the green ones are fab~ I love their magic qualities! YOU won't look at a milk jug the same now, lol. YOU are too kind ;d
Thank you!!!

Misha-Thank you so much! How kind of you~ ;D

Mary Ann-Thank you! Wish we all could go window shopping ;D How fun...

Hannah-Thank you my green sister!
We know were our roots grow <3 ss/tt @>----------

MZ-Thank you! It does feel like a circus at times, doesn't it! ;D

Kerry-I believe it is a skill set and art form that is used to market our appeal and draw us in!
;D Thank you!

Alex-Thank you! YOU make me smile~
I don't know, but I'd love a chance, lol ;D

LTM said…
WOW! Those windows are amazing!!! Simply stunning. I love the horse and the snow globe and the milk jugs...

And I love these lines:

trends on tightropes
like a circus
the colors, the allure whispers
seduction of wonder
can it be mine?

Very cool~ <3 *hugs* 555
Tamara said…
haha...okay, I'm laughing now cause I'm reading this after reading the "wow" post and I hear myself saying, "Wow" at both the windows and the poem. I'm starting to think I probably use that word a lot.

And these are some crazy window. My faves were the igloo and the red shirt over the shadow scenario that reminded me of peter pan and the lost boys...
Anonymous said…
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