Wonder Wednesday

If  you are here for IWSG see the next post~  I had a prompt over at Poets United today.  I wanted a comforting type prompt.  I thought about Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Who doesn't love comfort and kindness?!  A strong pairing and just what I need once the colors of Christmas are past.  January is a sad month for me. A month I need more comfort, than most.    My poem is based on reality.   I had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and spent three weeks in a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska.  The Navy would not allow me to return to Adak Island.  It was too far away from the mainland, if I had any type of problems.   Yes, I was kicked off the island.  Hubby had to return.   The biggest issue was my vision had not returned.  When you blood sugar goes as high as mine did, well it takes time for one's vision to adjust.   I could see normal again and didn't need glasses or my contact lens.  The side effect didn't last, but my eye glasses still did not work.  Now, I have to fly home and I can't see clearly.  Who wants to be in an airport with their vision shifting, trying to find the right gate to board the plane.  A kind woman helped me.  She was my guardian angel that day, and I am forever grateful. 

Soaring wings take me home
their silver is tarnished
kiss my hubby good bye
quiet chills me
silver streams of light
halo the sea of people
foggy outlines of human forms
swarm in a sea of 
colored confusion
I approach a gate
numbers blurred
all day long
I drift in a fog of
blurred colors
with limbs reaching
around me
I am adrift
in shadows

altered light rims
around me
like a rainbow aura
her face like a
timeworn map
she smiles
and speaks to me
"Do you need help?"

She guides me
her hair wispy n' white
her glasses aligned 
twinkling blue beacons
takes my hand
and points
numbers encompass me
She flew with me from
Seattle to New Jersey
Angels are everywhere
look for the comfort
of timeworn blue
their auras

Thank you, I can't thank you
YOU were
my guide, my angel on that
day in another J month
where the darkness
and blur
Angels do walk


D.G. Hudson said…
That must have been scary, but someone noticed. Not everyone is stuck looking at their devices. Glad it turned out well.
Glad you had an angel.
Of course, you ARE an angel.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is so touching. Trust an aging woman to notice, and help:) I love "look for the comfort of timeworn blue - their auras outline their soul". Beautiful.
Susan said…
Wow. Scarey days, lonely and scarey til a brightness stood by and was truly an angel. Nicely narrated so I could feel . . .I hope that whatever makes January sad is changing with time. Writing is good.
Yolanda Renee said…
What a beautiful tribute for an helpful earth bound angel.

Hope you are well soon!
Naturally Carol said…
Ella these are beautiful, flowing, grateful words and touched my soul. Wishing you all the best for a happy and abundant New Year!
Melissa Bradley said…
I don't say this often because well, I am a cynical bitch, but I do believe that there are angels out there among us. Terrific poem.

Happy New Year and huge hugs from your blog sis in Chitown. :D
Listening Daisy said…
Your poem is the breath of an angel. Happy New Year
Libby Meador said…
I don't do New Year's resolutions but this inspires me to want to take more notice.
Emma Major said…
Angels truly are on earth, there when we need them, we need only ask for their arms to support us
Ella said…
Emma-Hi, yes we do need more of them!
Love your comment :D

Libby-Oh, what a wonderful idea! I love this, to see the world through these eyes. I have at times, but could do more~ Thanks Libby :D

Listening Daisy-Thank you! I wish I had done it different, but emotions painted their view~ :D

Melissa-Thank you! Happy New Year to you and a huge hug and smile
(((hugs))) ;D Yes, if we don't see them, perhaps we can be one for someone else~ I never would think of you, like that~

Naturally Carol-Happy New Year to you~ Thank you! I kind of want to do it again, but I'm leaving it alone...

Yolanda-I thanked her,but it didn't seem enough... Thank you!

Susan-Thank you! Time does help heal... ;D Happy New Year to you!
Hope you are still writing...

Sherry-Yes, she was an angel! Yes, I do think the wisdom comes with timeworn eyes ;D I know you know... You have angel skills~ Thank you!

Alex-Thank you! And you are a god-a rock one ;D

DG-It was a while ago and less devices! Today, who knows if anyone would have noticed?! Before I was diagnosed, I was seeing double. Yes, it was...
aprille said…
We are sisters under the skin in this. I so know what you went through.[And still are going through I presume.] You were lucky. I was too. My angel was a very alert optician lady. Who says there are no angels?
Your lines made me shiver all over again.
Ella said…
Oh Aprille! (((hugs))) I'm sorry you shivered and I still live with a chronic disease, but my vision is okay. It is fear outlined with eating. Numbers control, when and what I ingest. It is a game-I tire of, but will continue to toss the dice! I am happy you were lucky too and if you want to share more-email me! I am so glad you had an angel!
I do agree with so many who went before.... angels meet angels ... positive finds positive ... Comfort, kindness and from me deep appreciation for your sharing :)
Kim Nelson said…
I believe in angels, too. I've felt presences that fill the bill and know of connections between worlds/dimensions.
Lovely, Ella!

I think you have met 'the milk of human kindness.' I firmly believe in guardian angels:)
Life would be very different without a place of shelter or a helping hand, when we must nedd either.

Happy New Year,
Susie Clevenger said…
I know it must have been frightening. How wonderful an angel appeared exactly when you needed one..miracles are everywhere. Beautiful piece!
rch said…
Thank goodness there are some people who care, have a great new year.
Mary said…
Very nice, Ellie. I do think there are angels in the form of people here on earth....you definitely met one of them.