Where do you find wonder?   For my last prompt, over at Poets United, I asked the poets to think about the Seven Wonders of the World, but share their own eighth wonder.  Is it a favorite place you escape to, a memory, seeing people being kind, what is the magic that you see?  

 I started reading the book, The Silver Linings Playbook.  I haven't seen the movie, yet. Have you?   Recently,  I was  making art for a challenge.   It was emotional for me, I had to write a cover letter about what I had created.  I tried to share that even though I have been in pain, I was still able to see the silver lining, in my life.  The threads of goodness, in my journey.   I think the best gift we can give is to be kind and encouraging.  YOU all do this for me and I hope I give this gift to you!
My eighth wonder is Hope.... 

I remember the day I was told I had a disease and would probably be on meds for the rest of my life.  I felt tortured and profoundly sad.   My mom knew I needed time alone and took my son to the sea.  I grew up, within walking distance to the rocky shore.  It is one of my favorite places.  When they returned,  I had found a bit of peace.  I knew I would find a way to cope, I was filled with hope.   

My son grabbed my hand, "Mom, mom come see what we found for you!"  He was so excited, his big grin and that one dimple warmed my heart.  There on the kitchen table on a linen cloth was a heart, but not an ordinary heart.  A heart gathered to remind me of my favorite spot, the home in my heart.  I cried when I saw it... I knew my mom and son  wanted to remind me no matter what,  I was loved and there was always hope.   "Don't be sad Mom, it is a heart for you to always remember the sea and not to be sad, anymore."  

 My beautiful boy...I smiled and told him I am happy, "these are happy tears."

Recently I was asked to contribute to a sewing challenge.   Many ideas came to mind, but this was my first thought. I should share the allure n' magic of the sea.   I took denim and cut out and stitched a heart. I used metallic paint, white and silver and then added some purple fabric paint.  When the paint dried,  I knew I needed to add something that would reflect the sheen and shine of treasures found on the shore.  We all have our own shore of life and our own treasures.  I used some crafter's glue and mica to add a bit of magic.  


Black tide blocks out sapphire's facets
it casts a net of gray
darkness pours through me
shadows blocking the light
Would I see the silver days of spring and the golden
whispers of autumn in my life?
Would I see my children grow up
Would they know me?
Remember me...

I cast out another net
daily sand covered treasures
 with glints of mica soon surfaced
 I saw reflections in my treasured blue, 
the milky haze
the skeletal view left me
bones of despair no longer whispered
a new tide washed over me
with curious waves and cleansing salty air
I saw the silver in the day
as the sand shifted and the tide
continued to ebb n' flow
details emerged
and layers of serenity
found me

as I weathered the storm..
pocketed memories appeared 
to collect n' treasure
as far as the eyes could see
be open to feel the sun's embrace
through the black n' blue of my dis-ease
through clouded thoughts
I could see the day's jewels
I hope you see them, too

© Ellen Wilson

This is profound and odd, but those closet to me, all have a blue birthstone. My mother, brother and son are all Sapphires in my life, born in the month of September.  My husband and daughter are born in March. Their birthstone is Aquamarine.   Me, I am green-born in May. My birthstone is Emerald and my word for the New Year, 2013-is to grow!   I am truly surrounded by a sea of blue.   What about you?  What is your eighth wonder?  What surrounds you?   Love n' hope is what I wish for you, for now and always! 


Beautiful poem, Ella! And how sweet your son brought that heart-shaped shell home for you.
Faith, hope, love - three of the greatest things in the world.
Haven't seen the movie although I want to.
I wonder if my word for the year would fit as a wonder? To give is one of the greatest joys...
Mary Ann Potter said…
You've been casting out your net for some time now, Ellen. Reach out as far as you can, just as you have with this beautiful writing.
Ella said…
Alex-Yes, I think your word would fit, as you surround us with wonder! :D YOU write with a well of wonder and share what you encounter. Now, that is a gift ;D
Thank you Captain~ I love your pick of the three greatest gifts, yes, I so agree!!!

Mary Ann-Thank you! I found it difficult to write, so I knew I had to keep going... Seeing the silver in life is a gift we all need more of! :D Thank you so much....
Kim Nelson said…
Hope has, at times, been the only ledge on which I could perch when the precipice was deep and wide. Hope. Vital.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful poem Ella, and also a great blog.
Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.
Did you have any trouble getting through to my blog as I am having people saying they have to go to Alex's blog to get the link.

L. Diane Wolfe said…
The denim sea shell is beautiful.

Eighth wonder? Peace? A chance to slow down, get rid of some of the stuff in my life, and live again.
Mary said…
Yes, Ella, hope IS a wonder; and it is something we must always keep close to our heart at those rough times. Yes, there ARE storms to be weathered...but we can get through them and see the sun! Enjoyed your perspective today.
Lolamouse said…
Such a beautiful poem, Ella. Aren't kids amazing in how they always seem to know what to say or do to lift our spirits? Love your artwork-keep on creating!
rch said…
I like blue and often surround myself with it, and I try to recognize the gems when I can, beautiful jewels such as this poem should be treasured. Thanks for your time and energy.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a glorious post this is - brimming with hope and wonder! I always get a lift visiting your blog - your art inspires, your poems offer positivity and hope, and you always have something meaningful to share. This story of your son bringing you a seashell heart is precious. Your poem is wonderful. Interesting that you are surrounded by blue birthstones......and that you are green. It was lovely reading this!
Libby Meador said…
The blue you speak of, yes, float on that, they won't let you sink.
kaykuala said…
I wonder what is one born in August! I like blue just the same. Nicely Ella!

Ella said…
Hank-Your birthstone is beautiful!
Thank you :D

Libby-Thank you, for this lovely comment ;D

Sherry-Thank you so much! Yes, it was a beautiful gift~ I know it is kind of unique, all that blue. Thank you Sherry, for always being so kind! @>-----------

RCH-Thank you so much! :D I enJOYed doing it and I look forward to being on the other side of the coin~ You are sweet!

Lolamouse-Thank you! Yes, they have amazing insight, don't they :D
Thank you so much~

Ella said…
Having computer issues...I'll be back. We have ordered a new modem-Yah!
Susie Clevenger said…
So beautiful Ella. My oldest daughter has fought illness for so many years, lost a kidney to cancer, and yet she is the shining star for all of us. We never know what we can do until we are presented with the necessity of doing it.
Lovely story, lovely images, lovely poem.
Vicki Sheehan said…
a really lovely story...brought tears to my eyes. looking for that silver right now.
Listening Daisy said…
This is an amazing poem! You are more like a diamond then a emerald, a multicolored rainbow!
A beautiful poem and a beautiful fabric creation too.

For inspiration I look to nature. Walking my dog in the woods, watching the sky, snippets of things from books I am reading. Any of these things can be a springboard to get me started.

Yesterday, it was the fog which inspired me....

Have a wonderful day, and keep writing those lovely poems! xoxox
Candilynn Fite said…
What a lovely and inspiring post. Your poem was beautiful. I love the line, "A new tide washed over me." Thank you for sharing this part of you. :)
Susan said…
Where is my comment? I think I forget to publish it! Well, Ms. Ella, I think some of us have greater challenges than others and when these overcome and see the silver lining we all stand up and take notice. We all benefit from the pattern of your life; I want to read the book you could write. I love the poems that come from this place like this one, patterned carefully and cut in layers like that heart. Thank you, and thank you for all your welcomes here and in the Garden. Your enthusiasm for life is catching!
Brian Miller said…
your son bringing you that heart made me smile....it is heart warming...a treasure to keep for sure...your poem is lovely as well ella....
Anonymous said…
Such a beautiful poem and background story - you must be a very loving person to have these loving people in your life! Thanks for telling about them and so beautifully.

Ella said…
Karin-Thank you so much~ I enjoyed your interview! ;D and I'm drinking more tea!

Brian-Thank you! I can see the day, as if it was yesterday. My boy is in college, now. I see more treasures daily, through my children's eyes. ;D

Susan-Thank you so much, you made me gasp, when I read your words! I think we all stir that pot called enthusiasm-your last poem about the burdock gave me a funny memory!
Thank you Susan, I look forward to the book you are writing-keep at it! <3 @>---------- I am touched!

Ella said…
Candilynn-Thank you for visiting me!~
I'll be by soon :D

Canadian Chickadee-I love what you shared! Yes, this is how it all works. We gather insight throughout our day! I love the fog :D
Thank you!

Listening Daisy-You are a treasure!
Thank you...that was beautiful :D

Vicki-Yes, keep looking it is there! Thank you, I cried writing it~ I know, no matter what my kids truly will remember me~ :D

Rosemary-Thank you! I love all that you share on PUnited~ :D

Susie-Your daughter is a star! :D
I know some of her story~ I don't understand the why...but it is what we have to deal with that makes us unique! YOU have been a wonderful Mother! (((hugs)))
My mom has struggled with me...too. I have had a lot of close calls~

Janet Martin said…
touching, inspiring and beautiful. God bless you as you bless others~
Tamara said…
Beautiful poem, as always. I love blue birthstones. My daughter is a sapphire, but i'm garnet (red)

I love that your son brought you that heart--such a sweet gesture! And the replica you made of it came out so pretty...
Ella said…
Tamara-Oh, so lovely! Garnet is a gorgeous color ;D You are filled with passion! Thank you so much~
I loved it, too. I have it on my night stand!

Janet-God bless you! YOU have an amazing voice~ Thank you ;D