I was penciled in to do the Art Walk-for March, at one of the local businesses.  It wasn't a for sure thing.  The clerk said, I will pencil you in, but someone else may already be selected.  The store owner will contact you.  I have been sick and haven't made as much as I hoped for.   So, I am gearing up for a show, I may or may not be in.  Store owner said, she would try to find another artist,  and I could do April.   I  said, to be fair,  "If you can't find anyone,  I will do March."   She also has been sick.    I will be missing in artion, for a bit~   I think my biggest problem is trying, to define my style as an artist.   I am all over the place.   I guess there is a book that can help those of us out-so I have been told.   I was thinking of going green, Eco-Ella and still might, but for now I need to stick with what I have, in regards to supply.

I just previewed this book on my Kindle...I think I might have to dig further to reclaim my true nature!  I know I am wacked! 

I will be back to share with you, the lettuce container gift wrap!  I have done one plastic gift, but would like to attempt another one, before I share.  Here is a peek! 

I'm laughing...this one looks like I'm being attacked. Yes, those are my fingers trying to hold up a wet plastic lid....(outtakes are funny or horrifying, according to your view)!

Ok, honestly it came out alright, but I can do better! This is why you will see not one, but two attempts~   I'll share next week, then disappear into my FROG and come back covered in glue, or glitter, or maybe moss!   Moss fingerprints or maybe Moss fingernails-my daughter already shakes her head at me.  I painted my thumbs with green nail polish.  "Why only your thumbs?"  she smacked.  

"Because I am a green thumbed poet"  I laughed. I'm going to go glue on moss just to freak her out!  


Mark Means said…
Heh, very cool....I look forward to seeing the lettuce wrapping :D
Wanda said…
You always amaze me with your creative genius. I look forward to seeing what you cook up next
Linda H. said…
maybe your style is eclectic?

Good luck preparing for the art show.

I can't wait to see more of the lettuce wrapping.
What Linda said!
I think the photo itself is really cool. Like a moment from an atmospheric scary movie.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Your creative process is fun to see here, Ellen! Happy art-making!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
An art show is a pretty spectacular Event. Keep us posted! I have No Clue what that photo showed, but it looked like possibly a murder scene???? hee hee.
Old Ollie said…
nice work Ella - artist, green thumbed poet...just keep it all coming!
I can definitely relate to being "wacked." :)
Kim Nelson said…
Enjoy that art walk experience, Ella. Every involvement amplifies our artistry!
M Pax said…
I wish I lived closer. I would love to see your art show. I really would. I hope you feel better. I've been sick too. I'm finally starting to feel better.
Love the photo. I wish I had artistic abilities. :)
glitter and moss, 'tis the best combination ever
Ella said…
Dezzy-lol, I almost spit my tea all over my keyboard! You are so fun ;D

Shaharizan-YOU do-we all are creative! ;D Look, what draws your attention? Could be baking, making something, gardening, music, writing...etc.?! Thank you :D

MPax-Thank you! It would be fun :D
I get better and catch the next thing! Time to Eat Well and fight those germs ;D Glad you are better! Take Care~

Kim-I'm not sure, if it is going to be this month or next. I'm waiting to hear word. Off to create some more, just in case ;D
Thank you!

MadKane-lol, it is the best right!

Ollie-Not old! Ollie rocks ;D
Thank you!

Sherry-Thank you! I murdered a plastic lettuce container with! I know it was wacked!

Mary Ann-Thank you! :D I have to add some zany Lucy to my art. Actually, when I get frustrated is when the odd photos appear! lol

Alex-Thanks! It could be a cover for my crafting book, lol. Crafting in the Twilight Zone! ;D

Linda-Thank you! Yes, I think that is probably the best e word! ;D

Wanda-Yes, lots of cooking and cuckoo moments in my kitchen!
Thanks :D

Mark-You crack me up-I'm really not wrapping a gift in lettuce, lol. mmh, but I could... ;D