Over in the Garden

Today in the Garden, Kerry challenged us to write an open letter and turn it into a poem.  I had many ideas, but this one kept nagging at me.    I thought I would share my letter first. I think it explains my poem :D

Dear World,

Did you hear, Mother Nature has gone gaga over a Toad.  He is from Houston, Texas.
I guess his name is Sander.  The word is he's her lucky charm.  I heard he is a few cards short of a deck, lol.  What a guy!

I guess she is addicted to gambling...  Did you suspect?   I guess it is Black Jack. No, not Jack Black, tee, hee.   I heard she is tossing Bleeding Hearts .  Have you seen the size of those Spades?!    They like to drink n' play Gin n' Rummy.   I am not one to gossip...  I know you are thinking, what is the big deal?!   Well, she is gambling on our weather!   Didn't you think it was odd the whole 52 weeks in a year and 52 cards in a deck?  And 4 suits=4 seasons.   I know she holds all the Aces-it is sick!   And let's not forget the Joker we get every March, in like a lion out like a lamb?!   Yeah, guess where Stephanie Meyer got that idea!    Yeah, March and April all about the Ides and a Fool.  

And did you ever wonder about the #21?!   I mean there are many clues, our seasons tend to be announced on that day.   Yeah, her favorite number and game!  All these signs and we were clueless.  Yes, the first day of a new season and she n' Sander are off.   I just wish she would be above board.   Maybe she will be kind and pull an ace up her sleeve.  We might get lucky and get a sunny day!   Let's hope she is careful with those  wild cards.  Maybe, just maybe we might get lucky in spades.   So, far her house of cards has been dreadful.    I just wanna warn you-I think she is wearing her Poker Face. 


Eco Ella

my poem:

Bleeding hearts
follow suit
wild cards marching in
 on the Ides
charmed green velvet clubs n' spades
surface above boards
Magic act too soon
April's Fool shows up to juggle
Lambs Ear bit 
by Jack Frost
Mother Nature's
we gamble 
do what suits us
She in turn might toss
us  a
 Wild card
It is time to kiss
 the Blarney Stone and a few Toads!

© Ellen Wilson


That was fun to read! It sounds like a great writing exercise/prompt!
That was creative! Too bad it wasn't Jack Black.
Kim Nelson said…
a comical twist, Ella.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love this line of your letter: Yeah, March and April all about the Ides and a Fool. So cleverly put, and your poem seems to grow naturally from the letter. I have also been wondering what is up with the seasons, except over here we're having our hottest days at the end of February with the middle of Autumn 3 weeks away. Go figure.
Susan said…
Witty and right on, letter, poem, music . . . I feel that I just took a walk uptown to feed a modern blues with a bit of company.
Marian said…
Oh that breaks my heart, lambs ear bit by Jack Frost. Sometimes it sure feels like the end times.
Margaret said…
Great imagery and frosted Lambs ear - so sad.
Anonymous said…
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Helen said…
... and a Happy Wearin' o' the Green to you!!! Loved this!!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your poems always have sass 'n bounce, Ellie.........an enjoyable read - it looks like a spam comment up above........I get a lot of those.
Mary said…
Oh my, is it time to kiss the Blarney Stone already? Time passes so fast when one has fun.

Shelly said…
I really liked the letter and poem, of course. Very cool!

Hugs and chocolate,
no one can read her poker face....
Emma Major said…
wow, two for the price of one, very creative
Hannah said…
While you bring an air of humor you still address the concern at hand and creatively as well. Very balanced. I enjoyed your letter and your poem, too, Ella. xoxo tt/ss

Love your "hope" flower header picture!! So creative!!
Mystic_Mom said…
Love! Love! Love! Love!
Susie Clevenger said…
This made me smile..I am in a fog of grumpies...I needed some humor to clear it.
poetrygal said…
Great to read Ella fun too.
This is Yvonne who has just started another blog to see whether different email addresses will work. I lost all my followers on the last blog and was informed they were blocked. So far it is working but have only 2 followers plus myself so would appreciate if you could spread the word around.

Enjoy your week-end.
Mixi said…
Wit and humour combined to devastating effect to deliver an important message. This made me smile and think at the same time.

Very clever!
Nick Wilford said…
That was fun and clever!
Melissa Bradley said…
I adored this! What a terrific challenge and you rose to the occasion as always. :)You are one of the brightest spirits out here and I hope to own your poetry in a complete volume for my shelf one day. Hint, Hint..:)
Ella said…
Hi Melissa-Thank you! You are so sweet~ Someday I might stop by your neck of the woods. We will fly a Charlie Brown kite and go have tea! ;D Wouldn't we have fun! I have to warn you-I never act my age and might dare you to do something wacky!

Hi Nick-Thank you ;D I had fun writing it! Happy Sunday to you~

Mixi-Thank you :D We can't fool Mother Nature, but she can sure do a number on us!

Poetrygal-Hi Yvonne! I hope all your blogging difficulties work out! I will mention you, next week.

Susie-I am glad I made you smile! I am sorry you are have that-it seems to be going around! I'm blaming it on Mother Nature. ;D
Humor does help! I usually use humor myself and take photos!

Hi Mystic MOM-I miss YOU! I hope you are doing well :D

Hannah-Thank you! Yes humor does seem to grab one's attention. My Dad always used humor, for many situations! Yes, it does make one wonder... Thank you SS/TT <3

Emma-Thank you! I had a bit of fun, with this one~ :D

Dezzy-YOU can say that again! ;D

Shelly-Thank you-perhaps we need to bribe her with hugs n' chocolate, lol ;D

Mary-I know hard to believe, isn't it. I have an aunt born on St. Patrick's Day. They named her Patricia, lol. She is full of Blarney~not kidding!

Sherry-Yes, I do have a sassy side, lol! Yes, there seems to be a few of those lately?! Thank you :D

Helen-Thank you! Tis me favorite color, while me eyes are smiling ;D lol YOU are fun~

Ella said…
Thanks Dolnoslaska

Hi Margaret-Yes, we must watch out for that tender one ;D Thank you!

Hi Marian-Yes, it sure does ;D We must watch out, for those tender ones~

Susan-Thank you so much! You rocked my day! @>---------

Kerry-Thank you~ I so enjoyed this prompt :D Yes, it is pretty crazy everywhere~

Kim-Thank you! :D lol

Alex-I know right-I love Jack Black, lol~

Tyrean-Thank you! I did have fun~
You are kind :D