My thoughts n' prayers are will all of those bracing this huge storm!  I called Mom, she has 18" of whiteness and it is still snowing.  She has power, but my brother a few miles away-does not.   I know Mass. was hit pretty hard-2 to 3 ft of snow!  My friend Renee said 1/3 of the state doesn't have power!  Ouch...

I'm trying to play catch-up!  Fate aligned and I went out to lunch with my family this week.  A very rare ocurrance.  Son had an early day of college, hubby was home and daughter had an early release day.  Great time, lots of laughs, but later I became sick.  No one else-just me. Last year, they were sick and I didn't catch a thing.  This year I am the sickly one...I guess it is just my turn.

 Do you have the blahs?  YOU know you just want to snuggle up and watch movies or read! (This is what I am reading, in case you were wondering).  I know growing up in snow country, New England, cabin fever spreads fast n' furious.  I kind of thought not being in that environment, I would be immune-not true!   Lack of sunlight, cold temps and I feel like I'm stuck in a tunnel of tired.  So, when Joy over in the Garden provided the mini challenge, my thoughts went towards lush green!

The rules are simple: write a short poem (or single complete image ) of three to five lines (or more if ambitious, but this is a mini-challenge.)  Choose your lines and subject carefully as you are now going to deconstruct that poem and use each line as the concluding line of a stanza. That is, your first line will end your second stanza, your second line will be the last line of your third stanza, and so forth. Each stanza should have the same number of lines as your original poem. If you wrote a three line original poem, you will end up with a four stanza cascade. This sort of structure will give a slowly building, cascading effect to the piece, hence the name. Hence: This is a modern form Cascade poem~

Here is my short poem to deconstruct:

Swollen green pouches filled with infant stars
Laced with soft Satin memories
Courage scented with infinite possibilities

 Now my poem: 

Hidden Stars

Dreams of hope tucked in spring's whispers
potential clusters gather n' hug
Swollen green pouches filled with infant stars

Stored splendor reborn
dancing in morning star's light
Laced with soft Satin memories 

Cathedral view shines, as petals unfurl
receptive soul longs for
Courage scented with infinite possibilities

© Ellen Wilson

I hope if you are fighting Cabin Fever you will find a way to gather joy!  I'm off to face the brisk wind, with my hound and gather some insight!

We have a movie from Netflix to watch, later on.  Have you seen  
Perfect Sense

In the preview, she wants him to tell her something secret about himself, something no one else knows?   ;D     Ssssssh, don't tell-one of my secrets is:  Sometimes I write poems, from the books I read!   Now, you are wondering aren't you...which book is this poem inspired by?!  lol  


Your deconstruction is beautiful.
Sorry you're the one who is sick now. Make sure with everyone home they wait on you hand and foot.
Sorry, haven't seen that film yet. Still working on reaching the end of NetFlix.
And I can't believe some places got three feet of snow! Hope your brother has a way to heat his house.
Grace said…
We are under a foot or two of snow ~

Love the pattern and courage of possibilities ~

Enjoyed the trailer too, so romantic ~
Mixi said…
"Courage scented" - words filled with hope and strength and gumption... Loved the entire poem, and especially these two words!
hedgewitch said…
I am so sorry to hear you were sick Ella. You would never know it from this poem, which is a lovely jaunt with the form. I'm so glad you felt inspired to try it. Your first stanza is a great example of where to start with a stand-alone poem, and your ideas are nicely developed in the cascade. Thanks for playing!
Anonymous said…
A beautiful way of looking at a flower. I'm sorry that your sick but glad you have family around. And now what book? k.
Anonymous said…
Lovely flower and lovely poem!
Marian said…
very fun and beautiful, reminding me that spring will come. indeed, we got a couple feet of snow last night. but! we! are! fine! xoxxoo
Unknown said…
such a beautiful poem - love the last line! Hope you feel better soon!
Lolamouse said…
In the deep of winter, I often need a reminder that spring will arrive soon. I get the winter blahs something fierce! Sorry you're not feeling well, but you managed to construct an uplifting and lovely poem regardless!
Renee said…
Beautiful poem! Sorry you are the sick one this year, feel better soon.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I also find some of the books I read very inspiring. I would have thought your beautiful photo of the rose inspiration enough for these beautifully fragrant lines of hope.
Beautiful photograph and lovely poem full of hope. I, too, am longing for spring (2 feet of snow here in NY). Stay warm and feel better :)
Shelly said…
Spring will be here soon. Well wishes to you. Hugs and chocolate!

Nick Wilford said…
A great feeling of hope in this poem, a great job especially considering you're sick! I can't do anything like this. Hope you feel better soon.

We had a bit of snow in Scotland this week but nothing like what you're experiencing. Hope everyone stays safe!
Helen said…
Your lovely poem will inspire anyone suffering from 'cabin fever' ... and the rest of us who aren't.
LLM Calling said…
that's really gorgeous, well done
Wanda said…
Your beautiful words are sure to brighten anyone struck with cabin fever. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
Anonymous said…
makes me think of a stained glass window for some reason...maybe i saw one like that some time in my life

journey with a new friend
Kateri said…
This is beautiful--both the words and the photo!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Such a beautiful cascade, Ellie. I have come to believe the three line stanzas work better than the four, which I used. Love all the beauty you splash all over your poems.
Other Mary said…
Sorry you aren't feeling well, but your poem is just the medicine I needed to help my case of cabin fever! Thanks :o)
Susie Clevenger said…
Love the beauty and hope in this...Feel better soon!!
Beautifully done!

I'm still recovering from shoveling. :)
Mrsupole said…
What a beautiful way to describe the blooming of a new rosebud. They are definitely filled with infant stars. And snow is not something we know too much about her is Southern California, well unless you live in the mountains. They get lots and lots of snow.

I seriously cannot remember hearing about that movie, but I think if someone asked me to tell them one secret about myself, my first thought would be, "Are they trying to find something to blackmail me with?" Maybe I am too cynical but I think some secrets are best kept secret.

Thanks for sharing a beautiful poem and the info about what seems to be an interesting movie for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you are having a week filled with many roses and maybe some chocolate.

God bless.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I have been suffering with sinus issues, since the other virus. I will be home later this evening to comment and visit you~ ATB
Miranda Hardy said…
Very lovely poem. Great job on the construction of it.

I used to get cabin fever when I lived in Indiana through college. I'm a southern girl and need the sunshine.
Ella said…
Mrsupole-The movie was sad-I don't recommend it! Oh, my...Yes, some are best kept under wraps and some are worth sharing, when the time is right! I will share a secret soon ;D

Thank you! I wish for you the same-such a lovely sentiment!

MadKane-Thank you! Oh, do be careful...I know that battle, all too well!

Susie-Thank you :D I'm working on it, but the weather needs to behave, lol.

Other Mary-Thank you, you are sweet! Yes, seeing green hope does help, me too! ;D
Ella said…
Hi Miranda-Sunshine really makes so much difference in mood! I loved being in Hawaii and Florida ;D
Thank you so much~

Sherry-Thank you so much! I have a thing about #3-so I had to go with it! I love this form-yours was well done! I need to work more on the style~

Kateri-Yes, looking at flowers does brighten one's mood! Thank you so much :D