Valentine Ideas

First,  I want to say thank you to my poet friend Sherry aka Wild Woman ;D  We did a Collab poem over in the Imaginary Garden.  I think we brought it~  Thank you dear friend, for daring me to write a poem, a few years ago.  I am not sure how fate lead me to you, but I believe it was meant to be!   I really think you are Mary Oliver's sister-maybe someday you will reveal the! 

Second, thanks to all of you, who have  been kind to me-I am so behind on commenting!  I owe you big time~  I am trying to play catch-up, though it will be a challenge.  Hubby called and is on his way home. Daughter doesn't have school on Friday and well, Monday is a Federal holiday~   I will challenge my inner owl and stay up late...ssssh, don't tell! ;D  Are you a Morning Lark, Hummingbird or Night Owl?  I'm more a Hummingbird~ 

Third, I wanted to share with you some ideas for Valentine's day:  

This one is a bit nuts-no, really!

My daughter's boyfriend doesn't like chocolate, but LOVES Pistachio nuts!  I bought a box and some nuts!   I had to share the chocolates of course-fun!   

Another idea, it is berry sweet:

YOU could decorate a pretty dish or plate with fresh or thawed Raspberries.  YOU add Milk, Dark or White chocolate chips. How cool would it be to arrange them in a heart shape!    These were fresh when I took the photo, this past summer.  I do have some thawing out now to create one.  Damn, someone is home-off to hide the food prop! ;D
 L@@K over here!

I press flowers, but you could use a card or image from The Graphic's Fairy, for this idea!
Just do a search for Valentines and there will be many images to choose from!
I took some pressed Baby's Breath and wax paper and stitched a heart on my sewing machine.   I am going to glue on some words, for a poem!  But you could do the same with an image or glitter inside with the words, melted crayon-lots of options!

Here you can see my heart isn't perfect...but I like it this way-a reality check!  I cut it out and glued on the words.


You could take some cupcake liners and make a Rose:

I started with a red liner and twisted it into a ball.  Next roll another red one around it. adding tape to secure.  Now add 3 pink liners and some pink tulle and then pale pink liners and white tulle.   Funny, I prefer the back of the rose vs. the front?!  

 YOU just have to play!  I don't think sentiment should be expensive, but it should be fun or memorable, or BOTH!

What do you like to get for Valentine's?   What do you like to give?

I think I might make Cream Puffs, if the weather permits!  


A big bowl of pistachios! Now that's my kind of Valentine's Day gift.
And thanks for reminding me - I have Monday off. Three day weekend!
Ella said…
Alex-enJOY! I guess I can't share <3...all kinds of odd symbols showed up! Hope you and Mrs. Ninja have a happy one! Yes, this is my kind of V-day gift! ;D
Janet Martin said…
Ella, Thank-you for sharing your ideas. Every visit here is a treat!
Mary Ann Potter said…
These Valentine treats are so special, why not declare Valentine's Day every day? Love this post, Ellen. I'm going to find some raspberries at the store tomorrow and stuff 'em with chocolate. Happy Day to you.
Tamara said…
i don't generally celebrate Valentines day, but I love these ideas. Especially the raspberries and chocolate.

And the pressed flowers are so pretty! Nice job on that. :)

Happy Valentines!!
Yolanda Renée said…
Love the raspberries and with dark chocolate, so good for you!

Wonderful ideas, thanks for sharing!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Mark Means said…
Some great ideas. Replace the pistachios with cashews and I'd be so there! :)

As for the birds, I'm very much a night owl!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Thanks, kiddo, but YOU are the one who "brought it", when I had definitely misplaced it! you sprinkled your dazzle around and the words took flight. You are young, and your stream of consciousness is still able to speak. Mine looks like something that requires a plunger, hee hee.

Now YOU can definitely make a rose out of cupcake liners, but I wouldnt have the foggiest idea. The choc chips in raspberries is a cool idea tho. I could do that....... if I had raspberries and chocolate chips.
Arlee Bird said…
I seem to be always behind anymore.

I probably won't get so creative for V Day. I will fix dinner for my wife though. But I do that every night.

A Faraway View
An A to Z Co-host blog
Renee said…
You are making me hungry! You made everything look so elegant and original, love the raspberries. Yum.
Renee said…
PS: Love the cupcake liner idea too!
Mary said…
Love the idea of raspberries with chocolate chips. You have such a creative mind to think of all these clever ideas.
Ella said…
Hi Mary-I found this online and loved it! The rose is mine and I have been putting Pistachios in boxes since college. My Mom n' brother love them. Do you remember they use to dye them red?! lol
Thank you :D

Renee-I can't decide which side I like better, lol. Thank you Renee-the Raspberries rock! A pretty plate with these mixed with different Chocolate chips, shaped as a heart! ;D

Lee-Light some candles! What a lovely gesture! I bet you are a great cook! Light some candles and get something great for dessert! ;D Behind is normal...just have fun!

Sherry-No, it was a blurred event during a Hurricane that produced our poem, lol! ;D
Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate works, also!
Young-my inner child is...
I'm in the middle of the muddle, lol Thank you!

Mark-I can so be a Night Owl, but more that way during summer. Winter I'm a Hummingbird ;D
Yes, that is a great idea, too
Thank you!

Yolanda-Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day to you!! :D

Tamara-It isn't big at my house, but I try to do some little gestures to brighten the day! I think we need this holiday in winter, to remind us and color our world! ;D
Thank you~

Mary Ann-I know, it shouldn't be one day, but any day we feel like expressing ourselves! I love that you said that :D
enJOY your treat! Thank you~ I like the simple stuff that makes a statement!!!

Janet-YOU are sweet! I bet I have missed a lot, on your blog! I will be by :D Thank you~

love those raspberries, I'd do them with white chocolate! Nom nom... Or imagine blackberries with white chocolate!
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